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My Other Activities

Updated on June 23, 2017


This chapter highlights some of my current activities. I will be posting items as things develop. I welcome comments and feedback.

-September 2015


One of my on going activities since 2003 is my volunteer work at the Westchester County Archives. My main duty is to scan photographs from their collections. Most of the photos are from the 1930's on. I always believe in preservation of our culture and history. By digitizing these photos, we make them available for the public and we preserve them for the future. These items are one of a kind originals. A real fear of libraries and archives is some catastrophic event such as fire or flood that could destroy the collection. Once digitized, these items are preserved for the long haul.

To date, I have scanned over 14,000 images. It's amazing what one can achieve just two hours a week.

Personal Investing

Recently, I've been spending more time managing my IRA. In the past, I have been more passive in my investing strategy. I follow most advice from financial planners by diversify and balance my investments. I have come up with my own unique strategy combining some hedging along with some traditional investments of mutual funds, ETFs and quality stocks.


I am also doing more reading and I have committed to reading one book per week. I tend to read about history, technology and science but occasionally will read a book of fiction. I must confess I don't read cover to cover. To save time, I just browse through a book and select chapters or sections that interest me.

Writing on HubPages

My writings started years ago when I joined Squidoo. Now, I am continuing on HubPages. My major subjects are Politics, Religion and Technology and Science. Having written over 100 hubs, I came up with a way to organize my writings into "hubbooks". Basically, they are hubs that are related to one topic like chapters in a book.

Lately, I am concentrating my writing to target millennials. I believe they are our future and I need to do my part to guide them. My hubbook on this is "A guide for Millennials."

Digital Photography

One of my hobbies is digital photography. My expertise is also in digital image processing. A few years ago, I wrote a guide on "Image processing for the Web".

Little Bits and LEGO

My latest interest is littleBits. I received a birthday present from my family this year. It is a Deluxe Kit from littleBits. I am starting to tinker with it and find it very interesting. It is a great learning tool for kids. It is a LEGO like toy but the components are electronic building blocks. Some people have developed ways to integrate Little Bits with LEGO parts to create new models. It's a great way to use your imagination.

I plan to write more on this topic as I learn more about it.

Family Tree

Years ago, I started a family tree on Tribal Pages. Since then, I've been updating it on a regular basis. The Lee Family Tree.You can request the password by contacting me.


As you can see, I try to keep busy and make the best of my time here. I also like to help people to gain knowledge. When I come across something useful, I would share it usually on HubPages. I also like to think of myself as a problem solver. When I have ideas to fix something, whether in society or personal, I would write them down. Often, they are a reminder to myself even if no other person read it. I'm always open to comments and suggestions. Thanks for checking in. Peace.


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    • jackclee lm profile image

      Jack Lee 23 months ago from Yorktown NY

      Thanks for your kind words. I am happy being a part of the hubpages community.

    • breakfastpop profile image

      breakfastpop 23 months ago

      You are talented and interesting , and I am thrilled you are a part of the HubPages community.