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My take on the Reverend Wright issue

Updated on March 4, 2012
Obama's old Buddy - Dr. Reverend  Wright
Obama's old Buddy - Dr. Reverend Wright

Presidencial Election 2008 Some of my works including this one are published on other sites.

We all make mistakes and President Obama is no different. Honestly during the time when Reverend Wright issue had been escalated, I did not know that the Reverend had two PH.D and was a militant of the United State Army. Having known that, how could anyone say that the Reverend is anti American? As the reverend stated "different does not mean deficient", that's very interesting.

As a Haitian American, I can tell you from experience, some American born have the tendency to make fun of those who are different. I can associate with some of what the reverend spoke about, mainly because as a country, our leaders haven't been totally honest to our citizens.

I agreed that the Reverend did go a little too far in the way he expressed himself. But in a way, that's his nature, - we should remember that he's "different but not deficient".

However, I don't think he hate this country as some people thought he did. I just think he dislike what we have stood for. Our presence in the world had changed under George W Bush and still not yet reverse.

For example, if you were to go to Europe or even next door to Canada, you would find folks who hate this country and it's not a recent thing. Nonetheless, it had gotten worst during the last 8 years under George W. Bush. Now that Barack Obama is our next president, hopefully his policies can help change how the world views us.

Barack Obama having denied being associated with Rev. Wright comments, did cause him to lose some votes. As a Church member, Obama sat in his lectures for many years, listening to the Reverend, now for him to have denied listening to some of his comments when the pot got hot, would have definitely caused the water to boil over.

Apparently, the Reverend had more outrageous comments that were not mentioned in that televised speech he gave. People did question whether Obama had heard those comments. It did appear to me that those remarks from the televised speech were nothing compared to those remarks he gave in church before.

Therefore, since Obama denied Rev. Right because of the comments he made during his speech, then the question why he didn't dump the Reverend five or ten years ago became obvious to some that an inconsistency exist. You see, this is why it pays to be consistent ....because when you're not, you out of boundary.

I believe whether the president had disagreed with the Reverend, he should not have completely reject his comments. I believe that he should have given the American people a better explanation as to why the reverend made those remarks.

Now that he has rejected him because of those commences, the American people did question his faith. Since he had created somewhat of a flip-flap, because one must remember that at one time he said and I quote "I can not deny him any more than I can't deny the black people of this country". So when people reflect back on what he had said earlier, they looked at it as a flip-flap.

I have listened to most of the Rev. Right comments and I have found them not to be discriminatory or anti American. Instead I've found them somewhat blurry to those who are not aware of historical facts.

Likewise, you can not teach an infant to walk until the baby can stand on his own two legs. The American people are not all aware of world affairs for Rev. WRIGHT to be so explicit with them. Those of us who listen to WBAI or other alternatives that are more truthful were able to relate to some of what the Rev. Spoke about, but that is a small percentage of us compare to the public. Most of what Rev. WRIGHT had spoken about in his church was foreign to most American who are not well informed.

Prof. Noam Chomsky is an American linguist, philosopher who is a superb educator.
Prof. Noam Chomsky is an American linguist, philosopher who is a superb educator.
Dr. John Perkins - Times bestseller Confessions of an Economic Hit Man
Dr. John Perkins - Times bestseller Confessions of an Economic Hit Man

Two great leaders you probably never heard about.

Quoting the Iranian president he said "the chickens are coming home to roost". That was not his saying but most Americans thought that was his. There were issues that most of the American public was not fully aware of. So to a certain extents, he was addressing an uneducated public and to be that extreme, he was bound to fail. And also some of his reasoning was back up by bible principles; as a result those of us who goes to church were able to relate other who was not religious could not.

Another important point he made was that blacks and whites learn differently, which is very true. He said that black people learn from subject matter (people) whereas white folks learn from objects.

Now, watching the Rev. delivered this speech, I could see why so many people attended his Church. The guy is a motivational speaker and funny at the same time. All the reverend did was exposing the fault of those who criticized others.

He was not being racial or disrespectful in anyway, he only spoke the truth. And yes some of us are making an effort to accept those who are different instead of trying to change them. I believe a change is coming but we must first be willing to change ourselves. We all have our own fault and advantages and we are all "different but not deficient."

I often wondered if people could have referred to Rev. Wright as being anti American, what they would have said had they been exposed to Dr. John Perkins, author of the Confession of an economic hit man or Noam Chomsky for that matter. The world foremost intellectual activist, they would have referred to those two men as being a terrorist.


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    • Dolores Monet profile image

      Dolores Monet 8 years ago from East Coast, United States

      So much so called information we glean from the media is in the form of sound bites taken out of context. I think that Barak Obama missed an opportunity to educate people about this source of misinformation. It's all created by the corporate media to keep us divided and to vilify those who question power and stand against the real bed guys.