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Political nightmares. Lack of logical insight among presidential hopefuls is disturbing on many levels.

Updated on January 15, 2016

"Seeing" is not necessarily understanding


Human eye sight

'Vision' is the physical ability to see objects around us. It is an inherent "normal" birth right afforded to most newborns, by Mother Nature herself .
Exclusions by nature include: "sightlessness" (Anophthalmia - born without eye balls) or "blindness" (inability to see due to dysfunctional eye balls).

This article is a psychological 'view' of man's ability (or inability) to differentiate between 'near' sighted, 'far' sighted, 'tunnel vision, and 'blindness', in regards to political campaigning.

Along with this natural ability to view, see, or visualize, "material" objects around us, is a psychological ability to access a more complex 'view' that puts those material objects in a different perspective. That complex ability consists of 'insight' and 'foresight'.

It is the ability to supplement the physical perceptions with the metaphorical, or metaphysical, marked by elaborate subtleties of "thought" and "expression" (Websters dictionary).

Without these two concepts being developed and processed together with 'seeing' the physical objects, there is not much logic to "the thought process" in regard to the expansion of the physical vision. This seems to be lacking, or diminished, in some human beings.

This may seem complicated, but for most people this ability to expand beyond the physical sight develops or evolves automatically. Normally the physical and abstract abilities develop together and in concert we develop our command of logic, common sense, and reasoning. This process is known as the development of our abstract thought processes or 'critical thinking' ability.

What does all this have to do with politics and leadership?

It is vital for us to understand the "vision" or the personal political 'aspirations' of those people we elect to public office. It is those personal aspirations of those who we elect to serve the "people" that will most profoundly affect everyone's lives after they are in office. If those goals are personal and not directed toward the betterment of all people, the results can be catastrophic to our personal lives, the economy, and society as a whole.

Tunnel vision -

technically defined as.

#1. a field of vision 70%, or less, from the straight ahead position that results in elimination of the peripheral field.

#2. Extreme narrowness of view point {narrow mindedness or the lacking of tolerance of breadth of vision} (Websters)

Without intentionally being offensive to the sensitive minded, this is a trait that should not be acceptable in the election process.

For example: basing a political campaign on the beliefs of one religious point of view. (hence the constitutional reference to separation of church and state).

Or basing campaign promises on extending discriminatory practices onto minorities, the poor, or the middle class by extending greater amenities to the wealthy.
This also applies to any person running for public office whose main goal is personal monetary gain with no regard of the people they represent. (according to polls more than 90% of the American people want to see some kind of changes made to gun ownership in this country.) But irregardless of public opinion Congress refuses to enact any laws that might offend the NRA. And furthering this insult there are several states that have already passed laws that ban the destruction of weapons seized by law enforcement officials, and impel law enforcement to "resell" those confiscated weapons back to the public. This is an atrocity and abuse of power by those self serving politicians who enacted those laws (written by the NRA) for payment (legal bribery). The NRA writes those laws, and in turn the politicians paid to enact them write their own laws to protect themselves from taking any responsibility for doing the bidding of the NRA.

The NRA is not the only evil entity that is making laws that harm the public.

The FDA is complicit in this travesty of justice against the American people.

Additionally, the narrow mindedness and tunnel vision of those of us who chose to elect these shysters to public office based on blind loyalty to their political parties are just as complicit as the crooked politicians and those corrupted agencies themselves.

Nearsightedness -

the ability to see 'near' things more clearly than 'distant' ones.

Nearsightedness in itself is not a bad thing. It produces brilliance in any number of individual fields of expertise {medicine, technology, science, mathematics, etc..), to name a few.
That "brilliance" of purpose is to be commended as it generally contributes a betterment to society in its own field - like a link in a chain. (a real estate mogul, surgeon, or a corporate shark, running this country? Where is the logic in this concept?)

But nearsightedness, does not a good politician make, by any stretch of the imagination, especially when those goals are centered around what they can gain for themselves from public office, not what they can accomplish for society in general.

Electing inexperienced and nearsighted people to public office is a recipe for disaster. This can be proven by what is transpiring in the States of Texas, Wisconsin, Michigan and Maine, where inexperienced 'tea party' people were elected as a protest against government, just to name a few.

Farsightedness -

This is the quality, or state, of being far sighted. The ability to see a great distance.

Effective farsightedness is a combination of both physically seeing and having foresight and good judgment.

In the abstract, it is having the ability to view the physical world in its entirety, to possess broad sweeping ideas, to understand global concepts and concerns, and especially embracing political ambitions as the ultimate goal for the pursuit of the betterment of society in general, without regard to self serving personal gains, or representing special interest groups like the NRA.


The consequences of shortsightedness is profoundly obvious in many of our political leaders. It is a total lacking of insight and foresight.

Insight, meaning having the power, or the act of, seeing into a situation; or understanding the inner nature of things, or of seeing intuitively (discernment).

Foresight, meaning the act of looking forward with prescience, or possessing the human ability to foresee the possible results, of any given course of action (critical or abstract thinking).

{ examples of shortsightedness with reference to U.S. politics: banning any religious group from entering this country, "carpet bombing" any nation, interfering in foreign political evolution for corporate or personal gains, throwing millions of people out of the U.S. because they are not legal citizens, vowing to reverse the Affordable Care Act and deny millions of Americans health insurance because it offends the insurance companies (but mainly because it was the product of a "liberal" "black" man), vowing to reverse the expansion of marriage rights by bigots who use religion as a tool for discrimination, etc...etc..etc...}.

The best recourse to combat these short comings of government is for the "real" people, as opposed to the "corporations" posing as people, to become involved in the process that will decide and define how we, as a people, want to live.

We, as a people, must decide and define the outcome of elections as either a government by the people - for the people; by any 'religious' cult; by corporate rule; by wall street gamblers; or by the wealthiest "minority" in society, deciding our fate as a successful society, nation, or as individuals.

"Greed, fraud, dishonesty, and arrogance: these are the words that best describe the reality of Wall Street today" (excerpt from Bernie Sanders' pledge to reform Wall Street")

But these words can also apply to corporate America and most politicians.

If I ruled the world

One word sums it all up

"Farther" is the best word to describe politicians and their ability to lead a nation.
When we break down this word it has profoundly different meanings that apply in referencing politicians who run for public office.
The first four letters of the word is defined as a perceived vulgarity of local impact. And could conceivable define a few of those running for presidency in 2016.
The word in its entirety envelops the forward vision expected of future leaders we choose to represent us and our great nation, and define our position in global affairs.
Dropping the middle "r" should be the mentality of leaders. A great leader is like a great father who strives to do what is best for his children and family.
Who is that "father" or "mother" ( parent figure) in our current political environment today?



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