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Living life with only one narrow point of view. This presents a unique social dilemma

Updated on December 23, 2015

Delusions or illusions?

this is a delusion
this is a delusion | Source
this is an Illusion
this is an Illusion | Source

Illusions versus Delusions

This is a Philosophical look at having only one point of view throughout one's lifetime.

These narrow minded belief systems are a detriment to a healthy, happy, and diverse society.

Are 'Personal Beliefs' based on facts, illusions or delusions?

  • They embrace either, or both, religious and/or political party affiliations.

'Personal beliefs' are often based on illogical and/or irrational illusions, delusions, and thoughts that can be deceptive and elusive.

  • Illusions are deceptive. They are perceptions of something objectively existing in such a way as to cause misinterpretations of its actual nature.
  • Delusions are dangerous. They are false beliefs that are firmly held.

Even facts can be vague, deceptive and elusive, when viewed in a way that causes confusion, or when only partial information is supplied.

But when ideas are empirically proven they cannot be disputed; whereas illusions and/or delusions can never be proven to be factual by empirical proof.

Personal beliefs that say: ''it' s my way or the Highway'' are not conducive to discussion, debate, or shaken by reality....

We are all guilty of this attitude from time to time in our lives.

Can people really grow and learn?

This article was prompted by a question asked by hubber Jessie Mugnier.

Unfortunately the discussion was closed rapidly so i could not give my two cents there, so i decided to expound on that premise in the form of a hub.

But, please keep in mind that these are not my 'personal' opinions; they are logical facts.

The question read:

"What is it about Religion and Politics that gets people so amped up?"

This is a great question, and there were several great replies posted. Each of them were true, but only to a certain extent. As with any other discussion, about any subject, one can only comment based on what they were taught to be truth. But with that being said, not all things "taught as truth" are in fact "True".

Just a brief examples regarding politics and religion:

  • If you and I are both brought up in different religious cults and different political parties, we would both believe that what we were taught must be the truth.
  • As logical intelligent adults, capable of even a minimal degree of abstract or logical thinking, and an iota of common sense, we will certainly know that, that statement in itself, cannot be farther from the truth.
  • Every religion cannot be the only true religion.
  • No political party can be the only true path to the future of any country.

Following anyone, or anything, (both religious or political) blindly is one of the most dangerous threats, and obstacles, to attaining a stabilized society that there can be.

When some people question the veracity of any religion, or an opposing political party, they are considered heretical, evil, treasonous, or any other adjective that has negative connotations to it.

And believe me, i have been called them all here on hub pages.

Ergo, societal turmoil, infighting, and wars, are the results of believing in only one point of view.

Add a little greed, and self serving to that cauldron of calamity and voila, we have today's world at its worst.

Freedom of Religion - or Freedom of Religious choice

If the arguments that 'Freedom of Religion', and 'Freedom of Religious Choice' are to be respected, then one must argue that those without any religious affiliations must be respected as well.

There can also be no arguing the fact that in order to be part of a cult/religion, or political party, that sees no other points of view; one must be subjected to years of conditioning by others, at an early age (indoctrination) to reach that point.

And here we are back to that old "brainwashing our children" idea that cannot be ignored.

We, as a society, owe it to our children to not continue to brainwash them into any form of one sided belief systems.

A truly enlightened society that lives in peace and harmony would have the intelligence and fortitude to teach their children about the diversities in life, what they represent, what they promote, and what they oppose.

Obviously this education and information cannot be delivered to the children properly and effectively in any household that holds only one narrowed point of view on religion and/or politics.

When children reach their age of awareness and logical reasoning, it should be up to them to decide which cult or political party to join with. Or to not be part of any of those narrow minded groups that wallow in self serving and total unawareness of the rest of the real world.

Religious "beliefs" are nothing more than the sum of what children were brainwashed into believing long before their age of awareness and reasoning.

Opinions based on one sided limited views are worthless in any kind of logical discussion.

These unduly learned opinions and religious beliefs cause friction, arguments and negative reactions toward those who were brought up in a different cult/religion or political party.

And none of them are based on diversity, common sense, logic or rationality.

Living in the past

We make a conscious choice of either living in the past, or the present.

If we continuously live in the past, and fear for the future, we will never learn to accept the pleasures of today and be truly happy.

Believing and building one's entire existence around books that perhaps had some significance 2000 or more years ago is extremely illogical in today's world and do not have enough, if any, logical, or factual credence, to cause fighting and warring today.

And yet, here we are fighting over inane things because we are afraid to learn about diversity and accept that there are others in this world that have equal rights to their own opinions and beliefs as long as they do not try to force them on others or emotionally abuse their children by forcing (brainwashing) those narrow opinions into their evolving minds.

When folks like me, voice our opinions based on logic , we are attacked by all sides for trying to "brainwash" the already brainwashed victims of the religious and political sects.

Living in Fear

We also make a conscious choice of either living in fear of the past which overshadows living with love in the present and dampend any hope for the future.

Man was not meant to live in constant fear or spend our lives living with unfounded guilt for things that we have had no part in.

Trying to promote the misgivings of the past and project them into our future is an exercise in futility and superstitious nonsense - nothing more than ignoratio elenchi. ( a fallacy in logic of supporting a point proved, or disapproved, by an argument proving, or disproving, something not at issue).

In other words: inadvertently trying to justify one's beliefs by arguing that those beliefs are the reasons they are true. As many do here on hub pages when they quote from their "holy" books to prove that their beliefs are valid.

One cannot logically prove something to be true by quoting from that which is in question.

It is totally illogical.

by: d.william 10/19/2012

Personal beliefs

Do you feel that your beliefs are the only true beliefs about religion and politics?

See results

© 2012 d.william


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    • d.william profile image

      d.william 5 years ago from Somewhere in the south

      Thanks for your comment. I don't know if i would go that far in my assessment of religions in general, as i do not believe in the "devil" as anything but a myth along with any other idols of worship, or common men and women raised to the level of "sainthood".

      Religions began as a way for uneducated people to explain the unexplainable to them, and rapidly grew into an enterprise of greed and control over others, using guilt and fear as their very basic premise. This has worked well for over 2000+ years, as can be seen by the thousands of different religions/cults that arose to get in on that wealth and power.

      It started with a conjecture and quickly turned into a reality for those people: When someone tells the same lies over and over they begin to believe the lies themselves, and with each generation it becomes more real until we have a global society saturated with lies and false beliefs that dictate our every action and deed. Mass insanity? Something akin to it at least.

    • AlexK2009 profile image

      AlexK2009 5 years ago from Edinburgh, Scotland

      I think the most concise statement of your argument is that religion is the invention of the devil.

    • d.william profile image

      d.william 5 years ago from Somewhere in the south

      Thanks for reading and commenting.

      I am "happy" you got the gist of the article.

      In regards to your last sentence: "...i can fully see...."; my comment to that is: " I can only hope so".

      Sometimes an in-your-face approach is best to at least light a spark of doubt in the minds of the brainwashed society. I do think that most people doubt and question, but their religions teach them that to do so is also a sin. What a major mind trap that is. A virtual 'catch 22' between logic and fear. Brainwashing is a powerful tool for control over others.

      The greatest message i try to send is: be true to yourself. Life is too short to live it in unfounded fears and guilt that religion has endowed humanity with for thousands of years. It truly is time for us to come into our own realities, live life with optimism, kindness toward others, and without fear or guilt where none should be.

    • Mr. Happy profile image

      Mr. Happy 5 years ago from Toronto, Canada

      "We, as a society, owe it to our children to NOT continue to brainwash them into any form of one sided belief systems." - You nailed the point with this sentence, in my opinion.

      "When folks like me voice our opinions based on logic we are attacked by all sides for trying to "brainwash" the already brainwashed victims." - Of course, You are attacking their belief system, who they are thus, they become fearful and we all know what that fear results in ... a counter-attack. Thus, it is my opinion that You must use great care not to offend but to free those minds in bondage.

      You wrote a great article, in my opinion but I say this as a pagan. I can fully see how this article would get religious people all worked-up (lol).

      I enjoyed the read. : )


      P.S. Will share.