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New Senate Health Insurance Bill Essentially Creates "Poor Tax"

Updated on October 14, 2009

Obama Turns Back on Poor Citizens

My face is turning blue on finding out the details of the new Senate health insurance bill. This is the bill by Senator Max Baucus, the senior Democratic Senator from Montana. And what is making me blow a fuse? This bill will fine people who don't get health insurance. Yes, I know stupid Massachusetts already does it, but now they are trying to do it to all of us. What was supposed to be a campaign to get coverage for all US citizens is now turning into a "poor tax" where the poor will be WORSE OFF than the status quo.

Obama was strongly against fining people when debating against Hillary Clinton during the Democratic primary. We now find out he is willing to compromise virtually anything just to say he passed a health bill. And the claim that people will get tax benefits for buying health insurance ignores the fact that some people can't afford the health insurance in the first place.

This bill passed through committee even though Olympia Snowe was the only Republican to vote for it. Now, let me make clear that I am not a conservative or a liberal. I am a moderate, and I decide each issue in an unbiased fashion. And this bill makes me as furious as anything George Bush ever did.

If a US citizen can't get health insurance in the first place, no amount of tax benefits will alleviate that problem. Here's a simple example. Take a man who only has sporadic work. He makes a few thousand dollars a year and survives by either having roommates or pooling with a family member just to survive. Or maybe someone is sick for a time or laid off and can't work. In some cases, the amount of taxes he pays will be less than the cost of health insurance. So even if all of his taxes are refunded, he is still out of pocket on his health insurance costs. This is crazy and could only be classified as a poor tax.

If this is the change that Obama wanted, then I certainly don't want this change. And this is what happens when you place your future legacy as a priority over the very American people that put you in office in the first place. Obama cares more about his record of passing bills to get some kind of badge of honor than actually taking care of the people. This is obvious on its face, and it's maddening that even Fox is not pouncing on this with all their might as I write this.

Now, neither party wants to look out for the poor. This bill does NOT help the poor. It helps wealthy people save money on health insurance in some cases. Of course, that was never Obama's purpose to begin with. But he's willing to compromise and create some kind of money-sucking monster that achieves the opposite result of his stated purpose.

I believe that this may be unconstitutional, as well. It's one thing to levy taxes on money you actually earn. It's different to say you must buy something with money you don't even have. Even things like child or spousal support are based on money earned. And other taxes are levied on things you actually buy of your own accord. For instance, if you buy a car, the state can force you to buy car insurance since you are using the public roads and may cause an accident.

My God, let this not pass. Until now, I thought all the demonstrations and protests have been over the top. Now is when the protests could actually be valid, and people need to contact their Senators and Representatives and tell them this is an unconstitutional "poor tax" and cannot be tolerated in a free society. The courts have made it clear that abstaining from health care, at least for adults, is a constitutional right. Obama and Congress are trying to circumvent that by charging a fee for people who choose not to or even can't afford health insurance.

For the first time in my life, I am truly feeling embarrassed to be an American citizen. If this insane health care bill passes just so Obama can wave it in the air and claim he's helped the American people, then America is not the country of freedom it is cracked up to be.


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    • profile image

      Karen 8 years ago

      I think it's wrong to force people to buy something they can't afford. My husband and I pay for health insurance through our job at a disturbing amount. I actually am considering going without the health insurance because most of what is offered is crap anyway. The only way to get decent coverage is to be on medicaid. So, why force people who don't have any money to buy something that won't cover anything they need anyway.

    • profile image

      jane 8 years ago

      and is it fair that an illegal will still get free coverage when they show up at the ER?..will he be fined because he has not bought into an insurance?.. oops, I fogot..can't do that, he's not a US citizen..maybe we can all get around this if we revoke our citizenship!!

    • Jimmy Boyd profile image

      Jimmy Boyd 8 years ago from Vernon, TX, USA

      What are you talking about? Nowhere in there did I say I was an expert. I did not propose a solution or alternative plan. I said I am appalled at the thought of being legally required to buy it. And I specifically stated that the status quo would be better. I'm not saying they should prevent exclusions based on pre-existing conditions and let people wait until they get sick to get coverage.

      LOL at saying it is supported by the insurance industry. That would be like saying the car industry would support car purchase mandates. What industry would not support mandated customers?

    • Ralph Deeds profile image

      Ralph Deeds 8 years ago from Birmingham, Michigan

      Requiring everyone to have health insurance or pay a tax is necessary to prevent people from waiting to get insurance until they become seriously ill. This provision is supported by the insurance industry.

      Everyone has become an "expert" on health care since the current discussions began.