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New and Improved the Washing Machine for Tomorrow

Updated on October 22, 2008

how much detergent can you take?

I have watched this ad for a washing machine, GE, I believe, that suggests the newest feature we need in a clothes cleaning machine, is one that will hold SIX MONTHS of LAUNDRY DETERGENT.

I would like to know who was in the focus group for that decision? Perhaps it was the CEO for Tide, or Gain, or maybe WISK? Tell me why the the next greatest feature in a washer is how much detergent it can hold. That's like a VW with a 100 gallon gas tank, but you will have to be extremely cautious as to when you buy your gas. If it was a month ago, you are currently screwed. The value of your car went down along with the price of gas.

What happens when three months from now, Tide announces the newest improved detergent that makes all others preceding it obsolete? Can you get the other 3 months worth out of that washer? Do you even want to? And worse, what happens if you are not happy with the job the detergent is doing? I guess you will have to wait six months to get something worthwhile in that detergent resevoir.

How do you feel about a washing machine that does a better job at cleaning clothes? You know, like a VW that doesn't hold a hundred gallons of gas, but gets 50 miles to the gallon.

Why even mention this? Simply because, like the campaign for Obama, it is incredible what they will sell you , and convince you that you want it, and need it. It's like Obama, in that the manufacturers can't impress you with the performance of the machine, so they impress you with something that really doesn't matter, or have little consequence to the use of the machine. And just like electing Obama, you will be stuck with a machine that holds a lot of detergent, but doesn't clean worth a darn. Hope you didn't pay too much for either.


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