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News&Views Feb 2010 Politics-India Shiv Sena -2

Updated on February 12, 2010

News&Views Feb 2010

Politics- India

BJP Opposes Shiv Sena style intimidation further
(see links below from DNA and Financial express)

BJP goes further and criticizes Shiv Sena for troubling Sharukh Khan and calling him a traitor (see links below). So BJP is continuing with its new attitudes towards Shiv Sena's unnecessary intimidations. Good!

(see Shiv Sena behaving like J&K separatists, says BJP chief Gadkari for previous news).

As I mentioned yesterday Shiv Sena has all rights to criticize Shah Rukh Khan for his statement about Pakistani Players. One can find a little hypocrisy in Shah Rukh Khan's statement too. For example he himself practically owns a team which also did not bid for any Pakistani players. Also it is quite reasonable to assume that teams may have concerns about logistics with Pakistani players participating. How much you associate culturally with a country, where ruling class is supporting terrorist and criminal activities against India by allowing smugglers and terrorists attacking India not only to freely roam around but also to provide them at least some facilities? Actually general impression and not completely unfounded is that many in Pak army top are responsible to a large extent in creating and running these monsters. In such a situation any time sentiments can run high in India or Pakistan and may require last minute changes which teams may not like.

But what it has to do with Shah Rukh Khan. He just expressed his opinion. There should be no space for attitudes shown by Shiv Sena and MSN for intimidating people just for their opinions. Worst thing such activities do is to take away attention of the country to the main problem of building facilities like education, rails, roads, housing, food to average persons, so that each working person in India can be provided a minimal life style.

Most Maaharashtrians are also by now sick of this game by such parties and can see corruption behind these outbursts.It is time that Shiv Sena presents its own plan, how it wants to make sure that every Maharashtrian gets such a minimal life style in a decade rather than these useless grimicks. Are you aware of any such talks by Shiv Sena or MSN?

Financial Express
BJP to screen My name Is Khan

BJP supports Shah Rukh Khan, criticises Sena for calling him traitor


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