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The Injustice of Man... JOINT ENTERPRISE...So you think you are Safe...

Updated on July 10, 2013

Educate yourselves, Educate your children, this could very well affect you

All the great things are simple, and many can be expressed in a single word: freedom, justice, honor, duty, mercy, hope... Winston Churchill..

Joint Enterprise an archaic 300 year old English common law.

Imagine being convicted and sentenced to years in prison for a crime you did not commit. Years of your life forever lost and the only thing in your mind while in prison is to clear your name and prove your innocence.

Justice Delayed Is Justice Denied.... Martin Luther King.

The world is not thy friend nor the worlds law....Shakespeare.

The course of justice often prevents it....Edward Counsel. Maxims

“Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere...Martin Luther King, Jr.

Joint Enterprise Law of Just Bad Practice?



This law is very unclear and very unforgiving -

for don't have to have your hand on the knife to be convicted of murder. If you are with,know or are in the proximatey of the perpetrator you too could be found guilty of the killing.

The law places a heavy burden on young people in groups. Be CAREFUL..

You need to ask yourself constantly who is in a group? COULD THEY be carrying weapons and what might they do with those weapons?

This is referred to in law as Joint Enterprise

It is a very unfair and unjust Law.. there are hundreds of innocent young men and women languishing in our prisons serving very long sometimes LIFE sentences that have been convicted of this crime..

How do i avoid being charged under Joint Enterprise ?

The so called advice the Police give is..

Think about who you are with.. and what they are planning to do.

Know your friends..

Well the last time i checked it is not a normal ability to read someones mind.. so according to the police and the law, we must be able to know exactly what someone is thinking and exactly what someone is going to do.

The police began to use this 300 year old law to clap down on the so called gang crimes, but most people charged under this law are not and have never been members of a so called gang. Most are going about their private daily lives and are not intent on causing disruption, vandalism or MURDER.

The trend adopted by the police at the moment seems to be that the Joint Enterprise law is being extended and applied in such a way that innocent bystanders are being convicted of involvement in serious crimes on totally inadequate evidence.

There are currently approximately 120 people jointly charged with or on trial for murder, the current conviction rate for this crime seems to be aroung 3 out of every 4.

Under this law.. it is UP TO YOU .. TO PROVE YOUR INNOCENCE..

Under this law .. there is NO INNOCENCE UNTIL PROVEN GUILTY.


Joint Enterprise Law under scrutiny - 'JENGbA campaign group'

life sentence.

Lethal Enterprise

You think you are Safe?

“Joint Enterprise” is the name of a 300-year-old English common law that the police have in recent years re employed to combat the so called gang violence.

Unfortunately all to often the Joint Enterprise law is used when the police cannot prove who the perpetrator of the offence was, it is used all to often against the young of our communities. Since when has it been against the law to be young, or wrong to walk with a friend of two down the road.

You could find yourself in very deep water, just by walking down the road with more than one friend or relative, if your brother cousin uncle or friend happens to get into an altercation with another person, you are there through no fault of your own, thinking that it has nothing to do with you,After all how can you be responsible for someone else's actions or thoughts.

here is an example .. of an incident that actually happened to my son.

You are out driving one evening with a friend, you decide to stop at the off license to buy some beers with the intention of visiting another friend to spend the rest of the night at their flat.You stop outside the off license and your friend goes inside to buy the beers, as it is late there are a few people milling around outside. Your friend has made his purchase and returns to the car, he stops and talks to a couple of the people outside the off license, returning to the car he asks you to please give the two guys he was chatting to a lift as they are going home which is in the same direction as you will be travelling. As you are going there anyway you do not see any harm so agree to give them a lift.

You arrive at the destination, the guys get out of the car and you begin to turn the car around to exit the cul de sac you have dropped them off at, suddenly your friend gets out of the car, you look in your rear view mirror and see the two guys plus one other having an altercation, you stop shout at your friend to get back into the car, you want nothing to do with an altercation all you want to do is get to your destination and chill out for the rest of the night. Your friend gets back inside and you drive away.

A few days later, the word amongst friends and acquittance's is that the police are looking for you and your friend.. !!!!!

Maybe it is a traffic violation, you are not too sure, and not too worried, you know you have done nothing wrong, so decide to get a burger, sit in the park for a while and plan to walk to the police station to find out what is going on... Why do they want you?

You are sitting on a bench in the park when you hear a police helicopter, you look up to see it circling above, you stand to start walking out of the park when you are suddenly surrounded by 6 police officers, they surround and force you onto the ground, you are arrested, taken to the police station and charged with murder.

Why? the guys you gave a lift to pulled out a knife and stabbed a man, the one you saw them have an altercation with. NOW THE INJUSTICE STARTS....

You are told you knew what was going to happen, you are told that you took part, YOU must PROVE your INNOCENCE.

you are taken to Magistrates court where bail is denied because of the seriousness of the charge, you are then taken to prison, where you spend many months very many long months trying to prove your innocence, No one believes you, how can you prove you did not know what was in their mind, how do you prove you are innocent?

You are offered a lesser charge, but that means you have to plead guilty to something you had no part in, but if you do not accept the offer it means you go to Crown Court and risk the rest of your life in prison, You may think to yourselves sitting there reading this, that if you are innocent there is no way you will take a plea bargain, but believe me unless you have experienced life in a class A prison you cannot begin to understand. You are bullied and assaulted by not only older more experienced inmates but also many prison staff take a great deal of pleasure out of playing mind games with prisoners, they are not supposed to of course, but it does go on. They will quite happily delay bringing forms around so that you cannot get clothes from family visits, You will be made to wait to go to the bathroom, on the pretext of some reason or another.Oh you can complain, but it gets you nowhere.The days, weeks and months pass, the longer you are in there the more you lose your identity. You feel depressed, desperate to end the injustice, but there is nothing you can do.Except wait and pray that someone somewhere will listen and believe you.

The prosecution will do all they can to damage you character, police will lose vital statements or evidence, you really are fighting for your life... your right to Freedom and Justice.

Thankfully my sons ordeal ends here, when a vital statement in police hands was found and given as evidence .. my son was found not guilty and released.

For those less fortunate, once the case goes in front of a Jury, you find that the Jury don't take much persuasion, Your life is in the hands of 12 people who do not know one end of the law from the other, they are expected to understand complex laws such as Joint enterprise in 3-4 weeks. They will be persuaded to convict you because, the standard of proof is set terribly low in the Joint Enterprise law.,there is no smoke without fire, the prosecution has done an excellent job of assassinating your character and because they just do not understand the complexities of the Joint Enterprise law.

You find you are convicted and sentenced to a very lengthy custodial sentence, .. Ok, so you think i will appeal., but you cant appeal on the basis of you innocence, because a jury never gets it wrong.The Justice system never like to admit they have made a mistake.The newspapers print that you are a murderer, they will slander your character, but you maintain you innocence, by doing this you stand little chance of getting parole, you must show remorse for your crime, but how can you when you committed NO crime.

You are in a NO WIN situation.

There are other innocent people serving life sentences because they used their mobile at the wrong time, because they were standing outside their property at the wrong moment,or even because they were being a good Samaritan.

This is joint enterprise,

It could never happen to me, that's what you are thinking, but believe me when i say.. think about it , read this and think... how often do you walk outside to enjoy a beautiful day, how often do you use your mobile, How often do you stop to chat with neighbours, friends or family, Do you know a crime will not be committed in your vicinity today?

This law is unjust and needs amending. Until such time.. BE CAREFUL. BE VERY CAREFUL.

check out these pages ...

The Innocent Victim... of Justice ....

The Innocent Victim... of Justice ....

I stood before judge and jury in court

Not one word of untruth in my conscience was fought
You call yourself justice; well that’s just a sick joke
You denied me my freedom, and stripped me of hope.
Struggling to hide the tears my eyes shed of pain
The heartache you’ve caused, the sorrow the shame.
You would not listen no matter what I had to say,
With head bowed down low you led me away.
You’ve locked me behind bars in a desolate cell
Must I live out my time in this torturous hell?
Did God not hear me when I prayed and still pray?
Is this my fate; is this the price my honesty must pay?
My innocence goes unnoticed, but the truth must be heard
I am an honest man; I spoke not one untrue word.
I am not guilty, I did nothing wrong.
I shall declare this statement, no matter how long.
You have my body, because you believe I did wrong
What you will never have or destroy
is my spirit, because my faith is too strong.
It was not God that did not listen; it was you that was unjust
You put your faith in laws that most do not trust.
I will stand with my head high, my heart filled with pride
For god knows my heart has nothing to hide.
The time will come when someone will listen to me,
When that time comes, I know I shall be free.

There is a moral to the story I tell.
Trust no one but Allah, or you’ll end up in hell.

author... Fatima Muslima

Prove me Innocent.

A Poem i wrote dedicated to my son... at the time of his great trial...

Alone I sit in Solitude
the questions scattered around
the answers continue to elude
as much as I may search they cannot be found.

With frustration I inwardly cry
How can this be happening,
what crime did I commit?
I am here, but why?

Joint Enterprise, they call it
this law that imprisons me
what did I do I do not understand
I know I should be free.

Why have they done this to me
I am an honest man,
I once believed this life was fair,
now, oppression and injustice is all I see.

What actions did I take,
that led me to this end
giving a helping hand to a brother
I thought of as a friend

open up your heart and listen to the truth
'They' say i knew what was in another mans mind
how ridiculous,of this how can i prove
what evidence is there to find?

So don't believe as I did
that justice is pure and good
for standing in the wrong place
'they' will accuse you of falsehood

'They' stand before me
in their government uniforms
feeling mighty and powerful
believing for that they were born.

'They' try to fill my heart
with sorrow and shame
But i'm an innocent man,
My pride they cannot gain.

Humiliating actions and tormenting Words
my spirit is untouched by their double edged swords.
'They' may have my body but they cannot break my mind
my soul is hidden deeper than they can ever find.

Who is there to listen to us the innocent ones
we are someones daughters and beloved sons.
No-one is interested in our anger and dispair
which is directed at a society that doesnt seem to care.

I am an innocent man
and one day I WILL be free,
I am an innocent man,
what must I do to make them see?

Listen to my plea before its too late
my heart filled with bitterness and twisted with hate.
Mans justice is no justice at all
to the innocent who in the wrong hands do fall.

author ... Fatima Muslima

Derek Bentley victim of Joint Enterprise law.. pardoned

How many more miscarriages of Justice will there be before this damnable law is abolished or at the very least amended.


If you would like to find out more about Joint Enterprise, if you have been affected by this subject or would like to offer your support, then please visit JENGbA .. by clicking on the link above...

many thanks for reading,

Before you go .. bare this in mind.. '' GUILTY UNTIL PROVEN INNOCENT '' according to this law.. FACT....


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    • muslima61 profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago from manchester UK

      Dearest Gillian, Even now after all this time, just thinking about the wrongs my son endured in prison at the hands of the police the prison guards and convicted criminals makes me weep.. This Law MUST be ABOLISHED.. it is one of the most unjust cruel laws of this land.. Lives are ruined - lost - because of someone's sayso.. how can that be justice... Keep petitioning, Keep shouting and more importantly Keep Strong, even when you feel you can't take any more .. KEEP STRONG.. the victims of this Law NEED us...

    • profile image

      Gillian Hyatt 

      7 years ago

      Thank you so much for your words they were so touching I cried at the end when you mentioned this story was about your son. My two sons that have never hurt anyone have been charged with murder under this awful corrupt law. The process you described was so useful as I realized what to expect, the lies the police feed the press about my sons trying to make them look like gang members when It couldn't be so far from the truth. Whilst visiting my sons in prison I have seen with my own eyes, the sadness of these innocent young men sentenced to 25 years or more who are innocent, sentenced on shaky evidence and I believe they are innocent. After my sons trial I intend to carry on fighting to stop this law as it has ruined my life, and my sons younger siblings, and I suffer a daily torment in my heart knowing my boys are innocent, I would never wish this pain on anyone. Sign the petition for David Cameron to stop this 300 year old law destroying young peoples lives this is worse than slavery.

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      Imagine the amount of people that may have been falsely imprisoned for Joint Enterprise.

      They are the future campaigners that will surely emerge in great numbers, asking, why were my cries of injustice ignored?

    • profile image

      Kevin Craigie 

      9 years ago

      A murderer has a trial. Those charged with Joint Enterprise dont. The Jury are frequently, as they did with me in 1991, denied their right to acquitt one and convict the sole perpetrator. This not only violates article 6 of the Human Rights Act, it exposes the Criminal Justice System for what it is, always has been, and always will be.....unless we demand change.

    • profile image

      Janet Cunliffe 

      9 years ago

      My son is Jordan Cunliffe and I know all too well how Joint Enterprise destroys innocent lives and entire families. Not enough people are aware of the injustice that surrounds them. Not enough people realise how simply leading a normal honest life, unaware and full of trust of the world around them is meaningless and pointless as long as this disgusting law remains as it is. Those who condone and promote it in its current state should be challenged and scrutinized, because their motives are either immoral or misguided. No one can ever expect even just one innocent person to serve a life sentance for someone elses crime, let alone the hundreds that are now coming to light. How many more will be destroyed before this stops? How much longer do we have to wait for Justice?

    • muslima61 profile imageAUTHOR


      9 years ago from manchester UK

      Thank you William, i pray one day that all will be as one.. May God bless you my friend ameen.

    • profile image


      9 years ago


      I have a very dear muslim friend,he was trying to sell some bits and pieces and i asked him why?he told me that it was the time of the year he gave something to charity,he dident have much so he was doing what he could to help those that are poor.I think we can all learn a lot from muslims.thank you for your kind comments my friend.god be with you.

    • muslima61 profile imageAUTHOR


      9 years ago from manchester UK

      @WILLARDEXE.... your words are so strong and true, you have summed up exactly what all of us in this position believe.. you are so right my friend. There were times i despaired but never lost faith, all we have is belief... thank you so much for your very encouraging words.. they certainly touched me..

      My son was one of the few very fortunate ones charged under this law.. he was found NOT GUILTY..


      i give all praise and thanks to Allah for this.

    • profile image


      9 years ago

      I feel exactly the same as all of you; my son also was charged with the what is to be done? For those of you that have loved ones languishing in jail you must forget about your pain and stay strong for them as they are your strength so you shall be theirs have faith you will get through this day by day and you will feed from each other, feed from the love you share. Do not labour under the misapprehension that those in power can’t see that the law is unfair they know it is. The truth is revealed in a judge’s comments when he said (I don’t have the quote to hand but it amounted to this) the law is borne out of the need to have an effective deterrent and punishment so the public can be protected. In Michael Cain’s excellent portrayal of harry brown you can understand the stereo typical image that a “gang member” instils in the mind of the general population. If my granddad was tormented by such a regime of youths what sympathy would I have for them? Now I know that chances are your son was not a gang member at all, however saying my son is innocent will fall on deaf ears because that is exactly what you would expect someone to say?

      We must be cleverer than that if we are to make headway.

      We must put our heads together and look at the problem from the opposite point of view.

      The best way to ride a horse is in the direction it is going. Be under no illusion there are good people out there, see the good that exists and don’t be consumed by the bad.

      Believe my friend,believe.

    • muslima61 profile imageAUTHOR


      9 years ago from manchester UK

      Of course Rosemarie.. i have provided the link but yess i shall add a paragraph... thanks for the feedback, very much appreciated.. see you at JENBbA... soon.x

    • profile image


      9 years ago

      very well explained, muslima - please tell people they can find out more about Joint Enterprise from JENGbA too!



    • muslima61 profile imageAUTHOR


      9 years ago from manchester UK

      Thank you so much for you comment Zubair, yes injustice is all around us, The law is made by those that have power and money, yes it is UNJUST the people must be educated, they must take time out to educate themselves of the realities of how so called civilized countries can and do oppress the people. The only thing we can do at the moment is spread the word, make as many people as possible aware of what is going on in this world and that YES .. it can and possibly will affect them through no fault of their own..

      I tell everyone... THIS CAN HAPPEN TO YOU and if you enjoy going out and socialising the possibility is very great.

    • Zubair Ahmed profile image

      Zubair Ahmed 

      9 years ago

      Very good hub, thank you so much for sharing - you are very correct injustice or justice denied is very wrong, take those people locked-up in Belmarsh prison on the alleged crime of terrorism without any access to legal representation - now that is wrong for a country that preaches freedom and democracy - in a similar case there thousands locked-up in Israel without recourse to law. If only poor people would wake up to the reality of injustices done in their names.

      Take care

    • muslima61 profile imageAUTHOR


      9 years ago from manchester UK

      .. the whole disgraceful episode so incensed me i feel driven to do whatever i can to expose this despicable law for what it is.. a sham, all it does is allow the police to become lazy, they do not have to prove who actually committed a crime under this law.. they can take you from your home at a whim, on the say so of someone else for whatever minuscule reason they may have.

      YOU must prove your innocence, you must prove you cannot read someone elses mind.. RIDICULOUS.

      IF you are fortunate, like my son to be found innocent or aquitted, you then must rebuild your life.. no one charged on this law spends only a short time in prison, remand or not prison is prison... you lose your home, your job, and many friends.. unfortunately mud sticks.. You are innocent, you are found not guilty but you still must prove yourself to many... It is an INJUSTICE of the worse kind, there are so many men and women, most very young in our prisons serving extremely long sentences.. WE MUST SPREAD THE WORD... Join groups like JENGbA.. Educate your children and friends..let everyone know THIS CAN HAPPEN TO YOU...

    • profile image


      9 years ago from Nigeria

      This is really sad. I think it is time something is done about this. A very useful hub.

    • Ingenira profile image


      9 years ago

      I thought such injustice only happened often in some under developed countries, not countries where people like to migrate to. It's sad to read it. I hope some heros will come out and fight for this law one day.

    • Freya Cesare profile image

      Freya Cesare 

      9 years ago from Borneo Island, Indonesia

      Salam, Sis

      I can't help myself but cry again reading this even that I did heard the whole story before. But you described it very well and bring me to the night when everything turned wrong for Ray.

      I think those who had been convicted like this have to sue government for their wrong accused which had caused too many damage by the time inside jail and the wrong accused like US society usually did.

      This is crazy! I hope Ray can grow out of pain from this experience. He is too young to be bitter. I wish he can have the greatest life after this, insha Allah.


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