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OBama Was Not The First

Updated on August 4, 2017

Thinking Emotionally

The now President is not the first of his kind and there is proof. However, that is not the topic today. During his campaign he made many promises any thinking person knew he could not keep. Many Presidents before him have made and will continue to make and break promises. yes, the economy is in trouble is Obama at fault. Did you expect him to correct problems that have been around for years. I don't think so. Clinton, Bush Sr. and Jr. made some tall promises. Now ask yourself were you any better off after they left office. Ex-president Jimmy carter gave a great analogy of his term in office and people forget. A man was arrested and charged with the following crimes: Drunk and Setting a bed on fire. In court the judge ask "how do you plead?" "I plead guilty to drunk but the bed was on fire when I got in it" Obama should not be held to the fire for problems others caused. Ask yourself this question.why are we really in Iraq and how much does it cost per day? That is a debt George Jr. Left. How much was squander on the Katrina fiasco? What really caused Katrina? There remains many unanswered question from the Bush Administration that need answers, One more question there is a place called the federal reserve. The question is this.  Is it federal and is there a reserve? Allen Greenspan was head of the Federal Reserve. Yet, he did not see this economic problem coming until he was replaced and wrote his book. The man who has his hand on the purse strings of the United States so to speak didn't know. This is just an article to start people to thinking. Remember Mandela in South Africa. Most people are aware of what when on there. People had huge expectation they too were let down. The people who control the money were still in place. This is what should be pondered.


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