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Obama Last Year

Updated on March 1, 2016

Barack Obama


A Black man with Power is Feared

President Obama last year in office will be the difficult and challenging by republicans who are determine to see him leave the oval Office label as a bad president.. For eight years Obama has been bombarded, disrespected, and treated poorly by a parties who wants this Afro-American him gone.

President Obama has been a target of a steady stream of hate and congressional destruction and the reason is" he is a Afro-America (Black) man". Racism is something Afro-Americans see's daily, we Know it, we live and knows what it feels like to be" Black".

President Obama has been a good president and will be until the end of his term, so much could have been accomplish if given a change.

Things that Obama has done For the American people.

1. Save the collapse of the American Automobile by making GM construct.

'2. Shift the focus of the war from Iraq to Afghanistan-reducing terrorism.

3. 2010 more jobs was created.

4 froze white House salaries.

5. Reform Health Care.

6. Created threw executive orders the national commission of fiscal reform.

7.First president to threat Insurance company's ,

8.The first president to abrogate the bankruptcy law to turn over control to companies to his union support. These are a few of Obama accomplishments.

The America people have lost track of what Obama has done for this country, he has accomplish more than any president. As Black Americans we must believe that our 44th president was a target have to believe that Our 44th president was a target because of his color.


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    • jada67 profile image

      Maxine Daniels Foster 23 months ago from Boston MA

      America has lost track of all the accomplishment of President Obama. He has done more than any other President ,jada67