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On the Country's Debt...Time?

Updated on December 10, 2016
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Author/Writer has served his communities with distinction and honor. He is a published author of short stories. He served in the US Navy.

What will we do, and where will we go? Is it time to act?

On our Government Addressing Concerns of...where to?

Let us discuss here the timing for action.

Has the time nearly arrived for all good United States citizens to begin to leave our country and go to some other country that still holds to the principles upon which our country was founded: Liberty, Equality, Justice and the Pursuit of Happiness? Is there in existence such another country?

Perhaps the time has come for a "revolt of sorts" by “We the People” to take back our government and our country from those persons who have placed us in such debt requiring the efforts of many generations to get us out from that burden of debt. Our children and our children’s children will be paying for the mistakes of our generation. At the time of this writing, our national debt and our deficit exceed the total GDP of the country. How do we pay our debts when we owe more than we are able to pay? How do we begin to pay our debt when our budget(s) is/are so very far outside the limits of our country's income? Who's running our country, the people, or the rich congressional members we have elected?

Additionally, let us speak to the changes in our society that now place more value on the “almighty dollar,” gold, and silver, rather than on the value of human life wherein we allow soldiers to die in unjust war for foreign countries who don’t want us fighting for them, much less dying. In fact, some, if not most, of these countries are killing our troops themselves. When someone from our country retaliates for the murder of our people, they require payment for their dead, but ignore payment for our dead who died by their blood-covered hands.

We must discuss the issue of how our government is addressing the concerns of the people of our country... the citizens, and taxpayers whom they are supposed to represent.

The fact is most elected officials in our country do not truly vote according to the wishes of the people (witness the manner in which the Health Care law was passed against the wishes of the majority of citizens) and how they have little intention of addressing concerns of the people, for they must truly believe that they themselves know better than we. They talk and argue cases of little import on the true problems of our age, the poverty of the people, the sicknesses of the masses, the low rate of top education in our society, the lack of good-paying jobs and careers in our country. Instead, they talk of tiny fish in far-away desert areas and how they might save these little fish from extinction, all the while ignoring the plight of farmers who need water for crops that may feed our hungry people and even peoples of other nations with whom we trade. They build bridges to “nowhere” while leaving unaddressed the issues of our deteriorating highways, airports, tunnels, and bridges that crisscross the nation and provide means of transport of goods for the improvement of our commerce. We are/were known around the world for our great and extensive highways that allow the United States to generate more goods and services to the world because we get our products to market quickly on these very highways. They leave unaddressed the issue of high unemployment, men and women without jobs or who are under-employed. We have Masters and PhDs doing work at McDonald's, at websites, and in the photo business (where anyone with a camera thinks himself a photographer). They leave unaddressed the looming matter of our national debt crisis and how we'll pay for that debt despite it being larger than our GDP. They leave unaddressed the matter of the upward spiral of the price of fuels upon which our nation depends to get products to market and services delivered. In short, they leave all the major problems for "someone else to solve" because they don't want to make the difficult decisions which may cost them their pride when they have to leave that cushy office in D.C and move back home to face their friends and neighbors, voters who once trusted these "good people."

We must elect those people who will care more about serving the people of our great nation and less about how long they may stay in D.C. where corruption of the duty of office has been so embedded into the government that no one knows any longer what is truly the business of the people. We must elect those who have served the nation in some prior capacity and know what they may face in the trials and tribulations of their new office. Those men and women we elect anew must be willing to cut government spending in a manner that really means something in order to get us from under this crushing debt we see piling each and every day, hour, minute, and second...billions of dollars that are borrowed from countries like China who really are not any friend to us. Of course we appreciate their assistance, but the elected officials who are accumulating the debt for "we the people" must have oversight and "line-item-veto" of what is being done in our collective name. Notice the example of the "party" that was held by the GSA wherein more than $800,000 dollars were wasted with no accountability. This happens because government employees basically cannot be fired from their jobs, even when such horrible waste is done with our money. These employees who work for The People of the United States of America seem to believe that we owe them money to waste for us. Nothing is further from the truth! These employees need to be fired from their positions just as you and I would be if we did such a thing with our company's money. What company would long stay in business if it were to spend money so wastefully as our government spends (throws away) our money?

Yes, perhaps it is time to consider moving to another country where money is regarded for what it is. I and my spouse have been considering such a move. But we continue to believe in our country. We have faith in the people of the United States of America that they will take action and do the right thing before it's too late.

Besides, what country would we go to that is better than the United States, even with all of its problems?

We the people of the United Stated have new hope in our incoming administration that these good men and women will do the right things, decide the hard choices, and succeed for all of us so we may live in peace and harmony with a bright future toward achieving the pursuit of happiness!


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