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Only One Life To Live Here At Hub Pages !!

Updated on August 30, 2010

Don't Imagine The Story !

I dont know whether you know this, but I have Only One Life to Live and I Have Only One Life to Give here at hub pages Credit goes out to for there image which tells us ALL.
I dont know whether you know this, but I have Only One Life to Live and I Have Only One Life to Give here at hub pages Credit goes out to for there image which tells us ALL.

My Goal -N - Determination !!

I don’t know whether you know this, but I have Only One Life to Live and I Have Only One Life to Give here at hub pages. I can never ever begin to offer any more than this as I heard the latest court’s decision going wild. There is a disturbing trend going on in our society, a trend which brings shame and dishonor; which can affect all of us. I have long been an advocate of the whole Crime meets Punishment type of thing. You know very well the rest of the story which ends and begins with you do the crime then you ought to serve the time notion. So Much so; that I remain far perplexed by the courts decision on this one case. How in the world could I possibly serve out the committed quandary of 11 life sentences? I mean how could a person truly be given any possibility of serving out a sentence so ludicrous that it bears asking ourselves how can such a thing happen and what the hell are they truly thinking. I think we need to go over what is Crime and Punishment. So I paid a visit to Crime and Punishment in Wikipedia and it stated how Crime and Punishment focuses on the mental anguish and moral dilemmas of Rodion Romanovich Raskolnikov, an impoverished ex-student from St. Petersburg who formulates and executes a plan to kill an unscrupulous pawnbroker for her money. Raskolnikov argues that with the pawnbroker's money he can perform good deeds to counterbalance the crime, while ridding the world of a worthless parasite. This murder he also commits to test Raskolnikov's hypothesis that some people are naturally able to and also have the right to murder. Several times throughout this novel, Raskolnikov also justifies his actions by connecting himself mentally with Napoleon Bonaparte, believing that murder is permissible in pursuit of a higher purpose, only to find out he "... is not a Napoleon."` I can’t predict what Napoleon would have said during his time, but one thing for sure he definitely would not have offered to give a person 11 life sentences. I rest assure he would have snuffed the life out of this person at the stroke of the first life sentence in a gallows of his choosing instead of thinking that adding more life sentences to a person’s tenure is going to make this person comprehend to what your rationale thinking should be. If you’re in agreement with this court than I say you have some serious thinking to do, because this bears to question how many lives do you think you can give and then take away before that person is at the END OF A LONG ROPE. . We the people should demand justice and justice is only as swift as the person’s who are making the proper judgment; can carry out the proper justice. If the person’s who are making this judgment cannot fulfill the justice we the people deserve, then they are not providing us with our fair share of due process under the law. I am all for rehabilitation and Lawd knows we need it in those extreme circumstances, especially in those cases where the crime only involved the use of narcotics. I believe deep down we ought to find a way to treat people with such a wound because in one time or another we all had our moments and if you haven’t had yours, well let’s just say; yours will be arriving at a door step near you. I find it highly unusual and extremely doubtful that we could ever rehabilitate a person whom you have given sentence of life too. We are developing cities of cities surrounded and built like the four walls of Jericho. Increasingly alarming statistics are now fueling our worst fears as the news below provides us with more than an insight of things.

I know what it's like to be ignored, and I think that is the big problem about the prison system: These people are being thrown away. There is no sense of rehabilitation. In some places, they are trying to do things. But, in most cases, it's a holding cell.
Lee Tergesen
** The only thing I believe he left out was the disproportionate disparity between the races incarcerated, and are staggering and we need and require a solution to this escalating problem.

The Failure of the American Prison System
Can we as a country fix the problem that is our prison system ? ... The drug problem is the main reason for the over population of our prisons and we should ...

Overpopulation « Stateville Speaks: Loyola University Chicago Edition

It is no question that our code of law has changed and progressed tremendously since ...Currently the U.S. prison population is over 2.1 million, which is 5-8 times as.... then there is a serious need for change in the prison system. ...

I beg to differ if we think we are kidding ourselves by continuing to think we are doing the right thing by adding sentence after sentence. In essence we are only making matters worse for ourselves and not doing anything at all for the individual‘s you’re attaching that sentence too. Do you really think a person is going to care after you have given them one life sentence then increasing it by a fold of ten? I know this would have no effect on me, because my life was already over after you committed me to the one. There is a regular show on A&E which sheds light on this whole issue of things and that show is known as 48 hours. If you have time watch an episode to enlighten your knowledge. Here is such a preview below…

Catch Our Young !!

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" Far From Heaven "
" Far From Heaven "


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