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Out Of Control Administration

Updated on September 14, 2015
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Nick is a US Army veteran, husband and father of three, and has a BA in History. He is a Civil War aficionado and also enjoys genealogy.


The headlines over the past few months as we lead up to one of the most important Presidential elections in decades speak for themselves. What do they say? The Obama Administration is out of touch, out of control and on it's way to another four years of destroying America.

While the United States is currently burdened with $16 million in debt along comes the headline that Obama is going to pick up the tab, at we the taxpayers expense, legal costs for defense contractors to aid them in the laying off of said contractors in the shadow of looming Pentagon defense cuts. This means tax dollars are going to be used in total violation of the federal WARN Act. Once again, just like everything he does, Obama has ignored the law of the land to further his own agenda, at the cost of the American people.

Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC) said, "This is typical Barack Obama politics -- being supportive of the WARN Act when convenient and against it when it creates political downside. This is the most outcome-based White House in memory."

Then there is the current blindness of the Obama administration in regards to the attack on the U.S. Consulate in Libya. They actually apologized to the terrorists who committed this act because they were upset about a film that originated in the U.S. poking fun at their prophet Mohammad. Now they are insistent that it was just a bunch of thugs with a knee-jerk reaction that spontaneously incited the violence. Oh please... Really?? These people that did this hate America. They probably were not affiliated with any particular terrorist group, but those groups have influence over the people of the Middle East and like it or not, the majority of those people have no problem with seeing Americans murdered.

And he APOLOGIZED that Americans were killed. Was the video in bad taste? Probably. But how many videos are on YouTube that poke fun at other religions, in particular, at Christianity and Jesus? You don't see Catholics storming the Iranian embassy because of a YouTube video poking fun at the Pope or Christians flying airplanes into temples and mosques in Saudi Arabia. So we apologize because one person (a Middle Eastern man no less) poked fun at Islams prophet and discount the videos calling for the death of Americans, that praise the terrorists when they behead a Christian child and that unabashedly call for the destruction of America and her people. All in the name of their god Allah and his messenger Mohammad.

Yes, OUR President apologized for that.

How about this - our President has held dozens of meetings with Mexican officials to provide food stamps to illegal aliens in the United States. So, we are letting those who are breaking federal law know that it's OK to break the law, oh and by the way, we'll be sure you can buy food. What kind of model does that give to our citizens who now figure they don't have to follow the rules, work or do anything for themselves because the government will just give it to them - at the cost of the rest of us who get up every morning, work 40 hours a week and mostly get by paycheck to paycheck. He is going to take what little we have and give it to the lazy. Sounds a whole lot like Socialism to me. But just like the saying goes, "Socialism is great - until you run out of everybody else's money."

Then there is the Health Care Reform Law - I don't even have to get into that fiasco that is so blatantly unconstitutional that it is sickening (he has the gall to say it isn't a tax and yet SCotUS upholds it on that very ground) - Obama's continual string of lies (government funded abortions that he calls "fabrications", his claim that he has "done more for Israel that any President ever", his flip flopping on gay marriage, and his wife's blatant disdain for America.

Now the 2012 Presidential Elections are upon us and winding down to whether we get another 4 years of Mr Obama or his opponent Mitt Romney. Neither choice is much to cheer about. And it now appears that American voters are forced to vote not for the man (or woman) who would best serve the interests of the American people, but for the man who will keep the other man out of the Oval Office. That is a tragedy to our political system and I am willing to bet NOT what the Founding Fathers had in mind when they put their lives on the line to for this republic.

The polls show a 48% split in the approval rating for President Obama, but the election results show that he is close to having enough electoral votes for a second term and is pulling away from Mitt Romney. So it looks like another four years and quite possibly in that four years we will see our nation, that has already DRASTICALLY changed, change even further and get closer and closer to this Socialist idealism. Anyone who thinks that a radical change is not in order is truly living in a fantasy world.

Be sure to vote on November 6th. Regardless of what it brings it is still one of the things that makes our system better than any other in the world.


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