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Updated on May 20, 2013


Planet Nibiru and 2012 Part 5

Channelled from Higher Beings

We live in evolving times and very interesting times. As part of my blueprint I have been enabled to channel information from off planet beings - or Higher beings as I like to describe them.

The majority of these channellings which have been received since 1994 have been made into two books both of which are still available on the net or from my website. But from time to time I have channelled information in question and answer sessions for colleagues. This particular information below was given to me September 09 and will be particularly interesting for anyone who has already researched or found the information about the Planet Nibiru which is on a 3,600 year spherical orbit and is due in our vicinity around 2012. Many are connecting this event in with the Mayan Calendar that gives warning of a different cycle for our planet beginning 2012 or rather the old present one ending then.

Question - How can we best prepare for 2012 and the coming events?

Answer - The best way to prepare is for you all to become who you really are. You do not have to so much prepare as to take control of your own reality.

We have given you much information on what is happening within the earth planes and beyond the planes of the earth but we have not yet managed to allow you to complete your own pathways. Your own pathways are your own training grounds for your next lives. These new lives will be very different to the ones that you are living now but you have not yet become those beings who can live these lives.

We are still reminding you that your lives are about what vibration you live on not what is going on in your minds. You are all creating the reality by which you live right now so what would make you think that you are not going to be able to create the reality in which you live in 2012 and onwards from that point. We cannot say too much about this subject because this is the only subject that you must learn, the subject is vibration and resonance. There is no other subject which you will be required to learn or research. For how you are is what you are going to get. You are what your vibration resonates with. If you would like to carry on on this physical plane then that is possible in some form, either within your physical body or being around within the etheric realms of the planet earth in an etheric form. This will be the case if you do not survive the physical calamities which will befall the planet earth.

We are asking you to raise yourselves up and be as you can be, that higher vibration of life spirit which will enable you to live in a slightly different realm where the calamities will not befall you.

Question - If we wish to raise ourselves up and in fact do this enough is there a time line where we will have to have reached a certain vibration before the calamities befall the planet earth.

Answer - There are in fact time lines but these do not align to your own time lines, we cannot give you specifics but we can help you to understand what is required and when it will be too late to accomplish these higher vibrations. The higher vibrations will need to be reached before the earth mass has begun to move on its own axis. When it begins to tilt at a slightly different angle then you will be immersed in a chaotic period which will not allow you to begin the ascension process. You will be fighting for your physical lives. If you are fighting to remain within a physical body then you cannot be ascending onto the higher planes at that same time. We will be instructing you when these deadlines will be upon you. You have at least another 6 months before any of the greater catastrophes will strike the earth. The at least six months will give you a "time line" for we cannot tell you how soon after this time but we do not anticipate that all will be lost before this time. When we say "all will be lost" we are not talking about the loss of all of humanity or the planet earth but that the advantage will be lost where you will still be able to complete your more spiritual missions if you do indeed require to vacate the earth planes.

We cannot ask you individually if you would like to vacate the earth planes but we can instruct you on how this can come about. It will be a case of raising your vibrations enough not just by requesting to leave. We have taught you through our information that your vibrations can indeed become much lighter and more aligned to the higher realms. If you would like to be with us, you can, we ask that you make as much effort as you are able before the major disasters in a physical sense befall the planet earth.

When you are in a dangerous situation you can only assist yourselves within the moment, you cannot begin to plan an evolutionary leap. All the steps for you to begin your own ascension process must begin now. There is no time to waste.

Question - How will this ascension process be brought about and is this a process of leaving completely the physical body so that it appears on planet earth that we are dead?

Answer - You will not be dead for you will be taking part of your physicality with you. We are not asking you to become flying spirits but that you raise your vibration enough for your physicality to still be in tact so that you are operating within a 5th dimensional energy field. This 5th dimensional energy field does not require you to be as physical as you are at this moment in time. But you will still require a physical body. By raising your energy field more and more you can align more to your light body. This light body has mobility that is far beyond that of your more physical body. When you leave the earth plane your body will not be left behind, your body will be with you in an altered state. Your friends and loved ones will not see you go for they cannot view beyond this plane if they are not themselves operating within a 5th dimensional field. As has been said before in ancient writings some will be taken from their beds, some will be taken from the fields. One will be gone and one will stay who have lain together. We do not have choices, we have only resonances that will need to be achieved before you will be able to survive upon the 5th dimensional planes.

Question - Is there anything else that you would like us to know and what is the best thing for us to do in order to raise our vibration as quickly as possible?

Answer - The quickest way to raise your vibration is to let go of these more earthly planes and the earthly desires that you have to stay here. If you go beyond these earthly desires and needs you will be with us.

Question - How to we quicken this part of our evolution and is this mostly to do with the emotional needs and desires?

Answer - These are indeed mostly emotional. The ones who find it easier to keep raising their vibration are those who have indeed taken back their more spiritual mantles and see themselves as spiritual first and physical last. The emotional piece is in the middle of these two opposites. It is the binding glue to these more physical dimensions. How sticky is the glue of your vibrational pull to these planes of physicality? This is indeed the most important question to ask yourselves. Have you separated off enough to be able to extract yourselves from this sojourn into this physical world this time? Do you have attachments that you have not yet seen to? Are there parts of your life that are still unhealed? Remember the piece of information that we have previously given you where we talk of your magic carpets that are all individual but some have tangled threads within the pattern that need to be sorted out and have tangled threads underneath that need to be cut and re tied together so that you have your own individual soul threads in tact. Do not attach yourselves to the threads of others for this is not a dual journey but a single soul journey. All souls that are raising themselves up will come willingly not led by the hand of another. These are your more emotional bondages. You will not be required to come in packs but be yourself for yourself. We speak here of things that you will not want to know but speak them we must for a soul journey is a sole journey.

Come in haste for we will receive you as soon as you are ready, we are here now for those who wish to begin this new lifetime experience. It is one which you will not regret.


21 2012

THE MAGIC CARPET EXTRACT FROM THE "One and All" manuscript spoken of above has been added as another hub today under the title "PLANET NIBIRU AND 2012 Part 6"

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    • LAURENS WRIGHT profile image

      LAURENS WRIGHT 6 years ago

      I have always thought of vibrations and frequencies being part of what and why we come to the conclusions that we do. Thank you for a great hub.