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Updated on May 20, 2013


Channelled from Higher Beings

We live in evolving times and very interesting times. As part of my blueprint I have been enabled to channel information from off planet beings - or Higher beings as I like to describe them.

The majority of these channellings which have been received since 1994 have been made into two books both of which are still available on the net or from my website. But from time to time I have channelled information in question and answer sessions for colleagues. In particular I have been channelling information on our future which is interesting for anyone who has already researched or found the information about the Planet Nibiru which is on a 3,600 year spherical orbit and is due in our vicinity around 2012. Many are connecting this event in with the Mayan Calandar that gives warning of a different cycle for our planet beginning 2012 or rather the old present one ending then.  In the last session of channelling - Planet Nibiru and 2012 Part 5, the higher beings mentioned the part in the last book which referred to our Magic Carpets - I have reproduced this part of the last book in this hub below.

Both of the books which I have previously channelled have talked of the massive changes to our planet over this current period of time, much of which has come true already. The first book talked of the two suns in our sky which has now become big news as this is what Nibiru looks like as it comes up under our own sun.

THE MAGIC CARPET Extract.........

As energy becomes your sole survivor, you will have no doubts in your minds as to how you wish things to be. It is only during confusion and chaos that you are offered many different paths to take. During the last 10,000 years there has been much chaos. This is not just the change for a millennium, it is a change for the end of the world as you have known it. It is not the end of the world per se. It is the end of the confusion, torment and horrors of an age of bewilderment.

During these last few decades, confusion has reigned to such a degree that most of you are lost and bewildered. When you are bewildered, then you will again call upon your soul pathways to manifest themselves so that you can again become peaceful. We do not always give you what you wish to hear, but we will always give you the truth. Our truth is not always your truth.

Each lifetime has given you many opportunities to see parts of your pathway. In this lifetime the whole carpet will be unravelled before you with the entire design of perfection woven there. You have seen many of the stitches and the different patterns before but you will not have seen it shown in all its complete glory. These carpets are woven with the thread of gold.

When you have ignored in a certain lifetime the lessons that were given – the stitches that were shown – then you will have needed to try another way of seeing this. It would have been offered again to you: the same stitch but from a different angle. When you first see your carpet in its entirety, looking down from a wide perspective then you will gasp in awe, for you have seen many aspects of the pattern, many different stitches but you could never have grasped the meaning of the plan of this carpet until now. Each different stitch tells a different story, each different colour moulds in a different value.

These carpets are the blueprints of your process of ascension, they spell out the design and the mirages. Each mirage can be seen as the thread is knotted and retied. Each mirage can be seen on the reverse of the carpet, it does not show when you look down upon this perfect design, but if you look on the underside you will see the times that you pulled away from the path and made your own way, on somebody else’s carpet maybe or even separate from humanity. As you make your way back to the design then the thread is re-tied. It does not matter when the thread is re-tied.

The important thing is that the design be complete. Is your carpet design complete? Can you see the knots underneath? There maybe things now that you know are not complete. Look underneath your carpet and take responsibility for those ends that are not secure. You may not be looking very closely.

Each design was woven at the beginning of time. It was woven within the etheric energies of the cosmos to be made manifest when the time for ascension approached.

Take up your carpets and fly! They will hold you. They will comfort you. They will protect you. Do not fly if you have not checked the underside of your carpet. Any untied ends will unravel and delay your journey.

If you see that there are ends that are not tied then begin to consider how you can mould them together. It is very important not to have unfinished ends.

Some ends have a need to be trimmed and neatened before they are joined. Do you know how to do this? It is important that the finished article is complete.

In order to trim and neaten you will require a guiding hand, or a guiding heart. There is nothing that cannot be healed with a compassionate heart. Each compassionate act will seal the ends of your threads, each forgiving movement will complete your design. Do not tarry on your path. When you carpet is finished you will be complete again.

As soon as you are able to fly upon your carpet then you will also be able to show others how to fly.

We will be instructing you on how to be an example to others. It is not so difficult. We will be giving you all of the information that you require. You do not need to know where you are going, just how to proceed along the right path. It will be very difficult to find a pathway which you do not know exists. This is the only requisite, that you are aware of the existence of the pathway.

As you begin to fly you will become aware of the alternative dimensions that exist within the universal energy flow. These dimensions have always been with you but you have not always been with them. It is all to do with existence – existence within a limited domain or a universally broadened one. When you are given your passport you will be able to choose many different destinations. They will not be as your present choices within the one dimension but multidimensional. This passport is the best passport you will ever be given. It does not limit you.

Up until this point you have been severely restricted by the energies which have been present upon the Earth planet. Now these restrictions will be lifted, you will be lifted also. As you lift so you will rise up into the unknown quarters of this universe.

Many have been speculative about what is indeed possible, but they have always restricted their speculations. It has been as if it were not possible to dream enough or large enough. This has been due to the adverse energies present. Now the adverse energies will be lifted, you will be lifted also.

As the lifting occurs so will the lifting of the planet Earth herself. It will be as if energy molecules have expanded. Indeed many energy particles will be changing and reversing their impulses. This will be explosive.

Each energy particle contains its own nucleus. This nucleus will be moulded within the particles of the universal energy continuum. As energy passes through an energy continuum it will be reversed, therefore each particle will carry out its own metamorphosis. Each energy particle will be affected. As the effects descend within an ever-increasing crescendo then energy particles will be affected. It will be very difficult for us to give you the exact changes within the sphere of nuclear physics but we are attempting to exchange with you the very basic information. Each molecule will be changed as energy descends within the sphere of the Earth planes. This is occurring as we speak but in the near future everything will begin to quicken.

As the quickening occurs so the quickening will occur for many more people. Their molecular structure is changing. Their energy momentum will be affected.

It is a time of great expectation. Many who have remained dormant will be revived. During this time an energy explosion will be experienced. Each energy particle will be expected to respond to the energy being forced out from the universal energy continuum.

It is not an experience which can be avoided. The only avoidance available is that of avoiding the truth of what is actually occurring. It is very doubtful that all will be awakened but we are expecting that there will be a considerable amount of awakening.


Manuscript given by these Higher Beings in the early 90's giving all details of our evolutionary journey

WHISTLE BLOWER Pete Peterson telling you things you may not know.....

WHISTLE BLOWER Andrew Basiago who was a part of Project Pegasus since he was a small child.

Manuscript given in early 90's Mentoring from these Higher Beings on this evolutionary process


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    • Jennifer Lynch profile image

      Jennifer Lynch 4 years ago from Stowmarket, Suffolk.

      Very interesting and really resonates with me especially since I have recently started saying to people, it is just a stitch!

    • profile image

      tugbo200-5 7 years ago

      I have no desire to stay in this world but it looks as though I have no sayso,I've read where the cards are already dealt for your fate before your born.Oh confusion, confusion let go of me.........

    • msorensson profile image

      msorensson 8 years ago

      Oh.. so very true. You put the thoughts perfectly.

      Thank you.