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Updated on May 8, 2011

 Police reform and security beef up in Nigeria has been on the lips of all and sundry for the last ten years or there about with little or nothing to show for it.

Police in Nigeria are not living up to their expectations and this failure to meet up with the responsibility of policing in a society has been directly linked to under funding and corruption. I wrote this article as my contribution for this year’s public servants day. In this hub are some suggestions on how to move the Nigeria police force forward


Adequate funding: funding is one of the major problems of the Nigeria police force. Lack of funding has too many implications ranging from encouragement of corruption and inability to acquire necessary policing security equipment. If the government can inject the right amount of money into funding the Nigeria police force, then there may be hope in the quest for the police reform. Imagine what a police officer who is under paid will do when he is given bribe. Mass illiteracy is a major problem in the Nigeria police force.

Provision of facilities (communication, forensic tools, cars, etc): success in the preceding point should ensure that facilities such as the latest communication gadgets, crime fighting equipment, forensic tools, softwares for data analysis, etc. Nigeria police force will be much more vibrant if these facilities are provided to the Nigeria police force.

Training: training is what the Nigeria police force needs to after all the above is made available. Yes, you need properly trained men to handle equipment. You will still not get the desired result even if you have the most sophisticated equipment. It is annoying to understand that average Nigerian policemen do not know how to make use of basic computer program or how to pull a trigger when the need arise.

Absenting from partisan politics: playing partisan politic is a dangerous game for the members of the Nigeria police force. You cannot expect a person with interior motive to be fair in their dealings when they have interest in politics. For the Nigeria police force to be effective, they should totally absent themselves from politics of any kind.

Recruitment of qualified personnel: recruitment into the Nigeria police force should be strictly based on merit and qualification. You cannot recruit unqualified people into the Nigeria police force and expect to effectively curb crime. I know people of questionable character that are recruited into the Nigeria police. Until this method of recruitment is changed, you cannot get what you expect from the police as law enforcement agents.


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Creation of public awareness on the provision of The Police Act: it is sad to note that a lot of Nigerians do not know the provision of the Act that governs the police. This explains why a police man would just molest anybody on the street because it is obvious that we do not know what the law says concerning our right as citizens of this great country Nigeria. Remember that ignotant of the law is not an excuse. The law is there for you to get yourself acquinted to it.

I strongly believe that if all the above steps and some other suggestions that are everywhere are implemented, Nigeria police reform will not go like most other reform projects that have been embarked upon by past administration. President Goodluck Jonathan should live up to his name and bring in some goodluck into every facets of governance. Together, we must move Nigeria forward.

Long live Nigeria!


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    • profile image

      Patrick 5 years ago u no dat civil defence of yesterday earn more dan a police coruption in npf is tomuch each state pay diferent salary,npf continue cuting dere salary

    • profile image

      Musamozeey 5 years ago

      No manpower

    • profile image

      Nathaniel ezekiel 5 years ago

      Lets be ourself. If u get the picture u wil knw wat to luk at that is to say we are growing to a terrorist nation wit many terrorist group wich practic terrorithsm in nigeria and also securities of nigeria too hav to improve their work by any means of which police is one of the major force that suppose to look after this problems. And their salary should b improve to end bribe . I suggest the uniform should b change may b it is the uniform dat penetrates their mind

    • profile image

      Adeshola 5 years ago

      Nig police really need reform.let start 4rm training school & college across d country, xpose those on traning in modern way of combating crime,prompt paymnt of their allwy, gud & hiegenic meal instead of 50naira a meal square 4 recruit on training.there is need change inorder 2 get d best 4rm cops, God blessd NPF

    • profile image

      Friday 5 years ago

      Sincerely,the iGP should enact a proper way of handling most especially the fun system.we don't just start typing articles with out considering the rate of risk in which the present police system is facing.Many police have gave up their lives in the curse of saving life and property and yet government have not impose any means of improving their fun.why?

    • profile image

      MUSA KUCHITA 6 years ago


    • profile image

      Abdonis dss. 6 years ago

      If govt would send all those corrup senior police officers on retirement.nig police will be ok.

    • profile image

      seth 6 years ago

      the IGP should do something serious about this new recruitment, let the officers not start corrupting this fresh ones with the usual bribery standard. i had it starts right from the training college. they seize they training allowances so corruption simply emanates.

    • profile image

      chidima chide 7 years ago

      I can not say police is bad due to the poor salary ane allowance are paying them. look at the other contry the way they takecare of their securties they were well look in any aspect. pls. something on it.

    • chinweike profile image

      Chinweike 7 years ago from Glasgow, UK

      GIWA, It is my pleasure to always help and that is why I have written this hub so that all may learn and help the police so that the police can help us.

      This is an old slogan that has gained lots of bad impression from people.

      I know someone who in an attempt to help the police landed himself in trouble. It happened the criminal he spotted and reported to the police has connection in the police and the whole allegation were turned against the person that reported.

      Nigeria police should be totally restructured if we are to e any headway.

      Giwa thanks for your contribution.


    • profile image

      giwa 7 years ago

      please help us to find solution about all this police talking bribe they are spoiling our country help us so that we can help you

    • chinweike profile image

      Chinweike 7 years ago from Glasgow, UK

      A friend of mine suggested that nigeria adopt the community police system that is in the USA. I don't know if that would work for Nigeria, what do you think?

    • chinweike profile image

      Chinweike 7 years ago from Glasgow, UK

      KIM. thanks for the comment. Nigeria police really needs to be reformed. And this shouldn't be done the normal paper way that we have been known for in the past.

      I am glad that you got some thing from the hub.


    • profile image

      Kim 7 years ago

      This is so useful because I had no idea the Nigerian Police Force was this bad noting that this article demonstrated the ways to go about reforming the Nigerian Police Force for the better.