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Pakistan Retaliates & the Taliban Have Their "Tet" Offensive

Updated on May 9, 2011

It was expected. Both events, after the assassination of Osama Bin Laden by US Navy Seals. Pakistan is being quietly furious at themselves for being such incompetant fools by allowing the al-Qaeda leader and his family to live there since 2003. During the summer months, al-qaeda used it as a "get away" spot. Now, Pakistan is worried that the US has some documentation proving elements of the Pakistani Army or Intelligence were aiding and abetting them, paid by Osama. Money always talks loud! Pakistan is also trying to convince its own people that they were actually in "cahoots" with the planning of the US mission in some low level way. Some idiots there continue to claim Osama is not dead claiming some US conspiracy. You know, if Pakistan had no nukes, the US would not need Pakistan for they are more trouble than they are worth.

So, in the spirit of retaliation, someone in Pakistan released to the public the name of the CIA station chief in Islamabad. Like monkeys, every Pakistani points their finger at someone else as who released it, previously a secret for security reasons. American officials are demanding to speak with the wives and others taken from the Bin Laden raid, which Pakistani have been questioning. Nyet, is their rely.

The Taliban took a lesson from the North Vietnamese Tet offensive in 1968, which completely took America by surprise. While it failed, it shook the public confidence about the ability of America to win the war for years afterwards. For the Taliban, with the help of insiders ( of course!) the city of Kandahar, home of the Taliban, caused mayhem and murder for 32 hours before it all petered out. In the two days, the city did fall to its knees despite American troops and their Afghan police. The attack was much smaller scale with about 60 Taliban wearing suicide vests and in vehicles stormed the Kandahar key government buildings. Another 40 men occupied the electric plant, a three story shopping mall, a school and main hotel. Both sides claim different losses: the US states only 22 were killed, the Taliban claim 116. There is a good chance BOTH sides are lying. 

Reading in between the lines, Afghan and US officials clearly are impressed that the Taliban strength in large operations is improving, as the attack was a surprise, much like the much larger Tet Offensive in 1968. It is not a good omen for the remaining American forces.


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    • perrya profile image

      perrya 6 years ago

      Thanks for the comments. Who knows who knew what in Pakistan. But Pakistan seems to play both sides when it benefits them.

    • mtariqsattar profile image

      Tariq Sattar 6 years ago from Karachi

      Hello Mr Perrya i have read your article, would like to comment on what you said regarding Pakistan and its lack of viability for the USA.There is no doubt that Pakistan has witnessed problems of its security in recent years in particular, which have been attributed largely to the presence of ISAF and NATO forces by almost every pakistani.

      Pakistan didn't create those insurgents, how ever they used them against INDIA in perhaps forget as to who created those jihadies in eighties in times of Russian invasion of Afghanistan. These insurgents, extremists call them what you like;attack Pakistan and USA for their former patrons have abandoned them,both USA and PAKISTAN have been so.

      USA and china: and there could possibly be the cold war between the two in coming decades; and you i presume know about Pakistan and china being the ally-therefore Pakistan has more utility to the USA than just being the unstable, Islamic nuclear country.

    • Writer David profile image

      Writer David 6 years ago from Mobile, AL

      Insofar as Pakistan, their reaction is one of a kid who has been humiliated by a big bully in the schoolyard. They are untrustworthy, a paper tiger even with nuclear weapons. They lack the method to adequately launch whatever nuclear weapons they have. Exploding a nuclear device under laboratory like conditions in an uninhabited wasteland is very different from actually launching the device. I'm not sure why we don't pay more attention to India now. I'm sure Obama MUST have his reasons.

      The Taliban offensive in Kandahar is a bit surprising. The Taliban has suffered greatly from the surge and unrelenting drone attacks from above which they can't even hear. The drone attacks have been particularly hurting the Taliban's ability to launch a military offensive of any significance for the two years they have been used. They will launch terrorist strikes as they did in Kandahar. But, what that does is demoralize the people. That is their intent. Their only hope is to out wait Americans as they did the Russians. Militarily, they have no hope of winning. But, they can sustain terrorist attacks on the population, and make guerrilla attacks on the U.S. military. It is a sound strategy and one that has worked in the past for them. The question is, will President Obama still withdraw U.S. troops with a viable Taliban presence? That appears to be his intention.