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Pakistan's Army Fumbles Taliban Attack at Secure Airbase

Updated on May 24, 2011

I wish we could have something nice to say about the Pakistani Army, but we don't. Maybe never will. Like many third world armies that that US or Soviets have tried to create with billions simply go to utter waste despite positive spin. Just look at history: the south Vietnamese Army in Vietam collapse within a month in 1975, the Afghan Army collapsed after the Soviets left in 1987. Pakistan's Army is simply pathetic at fighting, period. Even in 1965, when they tried to conduct a surprise attack based on WW2 plans that Rommel used in North Africa upon India, it failed. They should be paranoid of India's military, it is WAY better.

Suffice to say, the Pakistani Army's response to the Taliban attack upon a secure naval base at Mehran, was buffoonist. Why? well, heck, 6-10 Taliban warriors, highly trained no doubt, armed with RPGs and  AK-47s, used ladders to scale a fence into the "secure" base containing some US aircraft and caused mayhem and destruction in their "shoot and scoot" operation. These Taliban were skillful enough to force Pakistan to commit over hundred of its soldiers including commandos and marines to find and kill them.

Hey, it only took 15 hrs! LOL. The whole farce lit up the Karachi sky. The good thing is that no nukes are stored at this base. The bad news is that nukes are a mere 15 miles away at Masroor AFB and if 10 Taliban can cause this much havoc at a "secure" base, the US has reason to be concerned about the safety of Pakistan's nukes.

Pakistan's Interior Minister indicated that the small Taliban force conducted hit and run attack that simply bewildered Pakistani forces because explosions were going off all over the damn place. The "invaders" actually even took control of one building on the base before some blew themselves up. Obviously, these Taliban fighters were more highly trained than much of Pakistan's army elite forces because they eluded them for 15 hours.

The night raid destroyed one $36 million dollar P-3C Orion aircraft given to Pakistan by the US. These Taliban were not from Afghanistan but from within Pakistan itself.

Need we more proof of what a waste this is? I think not.


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    • drdspervez profile image

      drdspervez 5 years ago from Pakistan

      Perrya thanks for your veiws and efforts for writing an informative article .