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Patriotic Peacock

Updated on February 17, 2011
Patriotic Peacock, rickzimmerman 2010
Patriotic Peacock, rickzimmerman 2010

“I tell ya, it’s enough to make even this all-American bird bird-brained!

Tea-partyers and birthers, Foxes and Beckses, idiot’s that can’t count the costs of war, but sure add up all the pennies for poverty! Give the elite the meat, and save the gristle for the middle class! Get rid of anybody that’s not the right religion, color, race, origin, voting habits, or position on a regressive income tax! Have a back-yard barbecue of snail darter and warbler and barn owl and polar bear — don’t mind the toxins movin’ up the food chain!

If you’re educated, you must not have a brain, ‘cuz we all know the gut is never wrong, even if that gut has gotten where it is on cheez doodles, burger fat and the ranting of closeted televangelists! Hey, the violence and extremism and ignorance and xenophobia of the Know-Nothings of 1854 worked so well, why not bring them back from the grave 150 years later?

Why do you think I’ve got this pair of muck-trompin’ galoshes on?”


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    • rickzimmerman profile image

      rickzimmerman 7 years ago from Northeast Ohio

      Thanks, BB & CM: I like to let my strongest feelings leak out a little at a time. (For the muck also sayeth "Don't tread on me."

    • CMCastro profile image

      Christina M. Castro 7 years ago from Baltimore,MD USA

      I would Have to say to Mr. Peacock- Watch out where your feet do tread!!! LOL :D

    • burning bush profile image

      burning bush 7 years ago

      You suggested I would like your patriotic peacock and I do. Its short and sweet.