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Planned Parenthood: Why Should People Support It?

Updated on November 30, 2015
Obama supports and admires Planned Parenthood
Obama supports and admires Planned Parenthood | Source

Why should people support Planned Parenthood? They shouldn't !

Planned "Parenthood"?!

Planned Slaughterhood was initially established in 1921 as the American Birth Control League, and changed its name in 1942, pretending to support parenthood.. It is a slaughter house instigated to murdering babies as a sacrificial sacrament to the devil. Margaret Sanger was the mother of this monstrous institution.

Destroying Parenthood

The name Planned Parenthood doesn’t make sense, nor is appropriate for this institution. This organization supposedly identifies itself with the planning of families, yet on the contrary, it facilitates the destruction of the conservative, fundamental family. It contradicts its claims of supporting women's' health, as it fails to promote its true intentions of killing babies. Additionally, it benefits by obtaining surplus amounts of money, not only from the abortions performed, but also from selling the mangled, massacred bodies of the innocent babies, as well as promoting promiscuity and irresponsibility without immediate consequences.


Behind the Scenes

Delving into the devilish background behind this institution, it is apparent that the message it conveys is not what it seems. It doesn't tell the whole story. Willingly bonded to satanic occults, which sacrifice babies to the devil to grant wishes, Planned Satanic-hood is a link in the chain providing an avenue for casting spells in the favor of those participating in the satanic rituals.


Abortion is a Dark, Drowning Abyss

Planned Parenthood declares it offers services centered around women, and supposedly 3% of its services are allocated for abortions. This is false because it performs a significantly greater percentage of abortions, and it obviously doesn't care about women, children, or families. It should not offer abortions whatsoever because abortion does not help women, but cripples and demeans them. The process overall not only kills babies, but also desensitizes people, societies, and the world. Nothing good comes forth from abortion. It creates a ceaseless cycle which continues downward in its dark and drowning abyss.

If you murder the baby, you don't have to take care of him or her. This kind of thinking is the Problem! The Baby is not the mistake!


It is iniquitous how Planned Parenthood exploits children in its attempt to kill other children through abortion. Babies aren't against babies!


Actually Planning Parenthood

Parenthood can be planned through responsible actions, preparedness, and the actual, intentional planning for parenthood. The Planned Parenthood institution tolerates, as well as endorses eugenics, and should be called Destruction of Parenthood. It is planning for the perfect race which does not exist. Hitler supported eugenics as well, and his corrupted perspective led him to ruthlessly annihilate many innocent lives. They share the same beliefs and obtain the same results, except Planned Parenthood monumentally has, and continues to achieve more massacres.

Bias Advice Against the Defenseless

Planned Parenthood does not defend or protect innocent lives, but rather instigates malicious endeavors against the defenseless. It encourages women and underage girls to receive abortions in order to fund its satanic organization. Instead, it should present other healthy and beneficial alternatives, such as those offered at actual healthcare facilities and pregnancy centers which truly care about mothers and their babies. Planned Parenthood disregards those significantly life-saving avenues and opts for malicious murder instead.


Truth Revealed

The truth is finally revealed with the issuing of the eleventh video created by the Center for Medical Progress. These disturbing videos delineate the unscrupulous crimes of Planned Parenthood abortionists behind the scenes, tearing living babies’ bodies apart to sell for profit. The credibility of this ruthless information cannot be denied.


It Supports Child Abuse

It supports child abuse, and if another life is created from this, it persistently pursues the baby until the baby is dead, and allows the same process to be continually repeated. Killing the baby doesn’t solve the problem. Two wrongs don’t make a right. Many loving families would love to adopt that baby. It is essential to prevent the child abuse, not murder the conceived child who wouldn't have been derived from the child abuse if the child abuse hadn't happened in the first place. It is not the mother or the baby's fault, therefore, they should not be punished, but true justice should be served.


Can’t Take Back A Life Once It is Created

The only choice that should be made is if people want to have children. If they go through the process, they cannot take back their detrimental actions because a life is created. They cannot justify those irresponsible actions through the extermination of babies. People need to take responsibility for their actions. Abortion does not solve the underlying problem pertaining to excessive acceptance and liberal living in defiance of God's Ordinances. If people choose to act recklessly, they should have to accept the consequence of a potential baby. The conceived baby deserves the right to live, regardless of the circumstances regarding the baby’s and mother's future health situation, such as potential special needs. Adoption is always an available and selfless opportunity.


Susan G. Komen is Affiliated With Planned Parenthood

It’s not a coincidence that the Susan G. Komen foundation is affiliated with Planned Parenthood, especially after it was bullied into donating its funds to the sadistic clinics. October is cancer awareness month, with pink as a representative color for the fight against cancer. It was also used for the “pink out” instigated through Planned Parenthood. Money that is raised and donated for cancer research also "ironically” finds its way through the doors of Planned Parenthood into the bloody hands of abortionists.

A Few Sickening Facts About Planned Parenthood

Over 7,000,000 Babies have been ruteessly murdered since Roe VS Wade
Babies are mercilessly mutilated and sold
Bullied Susan G. Komen into giving it grant money
Supports rapists by not reporting child abuse and child-trafficing
Promotes promiscuity without consequence
Discriminates against those with Special Needs
Rascist, supports eugenics
Destroys Lives

Do you support Planned Parenthood?

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Why Should People Support Planned Parenthood?

Those are just a few reasons why people shouldn't support the evil Planned Parenthood. There aren't any morally justifiable reasons why it should be supported.


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