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Poisoned household products - A terrorist's Goldmine

Updated on November 19, 2015

Life in a "B" rated movie

Can we ever feel safe again in this country, or in this world, against the threats of harm that might come from any direction, at any time?

We seem to be stuck living in a "B" rated movie plot every day of our lives.

Poisoned consumer goods on our grocers shelves

Do you feel safe and protected when you buy your groceries and supplies?

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Consumer Awareness

The average American consumers are blind to the threats on our lives, our lifestyles and our very livelihoods.

Most people feel safe using their medications, and basic essentials supplies.And i suppose that worrying unnecessarily is fruitless.

However, we should remain vigilant and aware of any unusual reactions, or symptoms we have, that are not readily explainable.

No-one wants to think we are in constant danger of attacks by our enemies from abroad, let alone from within our very own borders.

Routes of Administration

As a nurse for many years we learned the best routes to administer medications and the efficacy of each route.

1. Orally: pills, syrups, capsules, etc...

2. Intramuscular: Medications via Needles/syringes injected directly into the muscle tissue.

3. Trans Dermal: : Patches with medications inside, creams, oils, ointments - applied to the skin for absorption into the system.

4. Intravenously: Medications in a liquid solution run slowly into the body via access to a vein, either free flowing, or precisely by dosage and volume amount via electronic pump.

5. Subcutaneous: use of a small needle to inject medications just under the skin

6. Rectally: using suppositories, or oral medications, inserted directly into the rectum. This is the most effective and most rapid acting mode of administering medications (other than the Intravenous route).

We all know the signs and symptoms of negative reactions to taking medications via each particular route - all but rectal that is, as this is a seldom used route of administration.

Our rectal mucosa is the fastest absorbing and therefore a better medium for a concentrated dose to be given at one time when the intravenous route is contraindicated, or not possible.

Toilet paper varieties

wet wipes
wet wipes | Source
variety of colors
variety of colors
plain white
plain white
printed paper (from China)
printed paper (from China)

Toilet Tissue

You may, or may not, be familiar with the past adverse effects of "colored" or "printed" toilet tissue.

Various rashes, causing itching and discomfort that are caused by the dyes used in those types of bathroom tissues have been prevalent in the past.

Other unsavory additives to bathroom tissues can also cause itching, burning and rashes that are easily infected by dirty fingernails scratching the area of discomfort.

These are usually a result of poor or unsanitary manufacturing conditions.

The rectal area, being a dark, warm, and moist spot, is a perfect medium for germs to set up their housekeeping and proliferate freely.

So the necessity of making our toilet tissue as sanitary as possible is imperative to prevent such problems.

Bathroom tissues are either the normal dry paper rolls or wet sanitary cleansing pads to clean and protect the skin with each use.

Terrorists in America

The terrorist mindset

Now comes the really "scarey" part:

Imagine being a 'terrorist' and knowing these simple facts about how easy it would be to infect, or harm, the users of medications, or foods, in all their forms.

Like the recent recall of Cholesterol lowering medications made in India or Pakistan that had tiny shards of glass in them. The potential for death is immense, but the targets would be limited to those who have a doctor's prescription to buy those particular medications.

Or the Tylenol scare of a few years ago when bottles of over-the-counter, tainted Tylenol was discovered after poisoning several people. The origin of that incident still remains unknown today and/or speculative at best. But still the targets were limited to a small geographical area and only affected the users of Tylenol itself.

Any halfway intelligent terrorist knows the limitations to the effectiveness of poisoning one particular type of medication.

So, thinking outside the box, they would look toward the method and means that would effect countless numbers of victims simultaneously.

Poisoning plain "white" bathroom tissue that is easily damaged by the now so sheer thinness of the tissue paper itself affords more value, and effectiveness, than any other insidious method of attack.

Since all of our 'personal' items are now outsourced to 3rd world countries by American Corporations to ''enhance their net profits" - it is the 'perfect storm' scenario.

Every person, no matter their stature, wealth, ethnicity, or religion, uses toilet tissue.

A slow, or moderately, acting agent added to the bathroom tissues could effectively infect millions of people before anyone would ever even suspect the cause of the pandemic, and the chances of it never being discovered is phenomenal.

Protecting the Consumer

Government protects corporate America from disclosing ingredients, or additives, to everything manufactured in those outsourced 3rd world countries, as well as our own.

We might even go one step further and explore the possibility that our now outsourced toothpastes, and mouth rinses, just might be contaminated as well.

I seem to recall that in the not too distant past there was toothpaste from China recalled because it had high levels of some contaminant in it.

"Profits above all else" - the current corporate mantra, is only the beginning of the end for the innovative new age terrorists.

by: d.william 11/26/2012


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