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A Political Statement

Updated on April 11, 2017

Failing Americans

Last Tuesday Bashar Assad's Allegedly attacked his own people with a poison gas and than bombed the clinic they went to seek treatment. 74 people was killed 16 women and 23 children approximately 350 injuries. Donald Trump said he was devastated at what he saw, beautiful little babies grasping for air with no thought of women. No child of God should suffer and be murdered like those children was, that's when I chance my mine.

Why was President Trump allowed to Order a U.S strike without congressional approval? Was Ivanka Trump the daughter of the president involve in making his decision?

President is slapping himself on the back because he made a decision on his own to bomb the Airbase in Syria. Washington DC John McCain, Paul Ryan and others are praising Trump for his action in Syria, will Trump take more actions against Syria.

Donald Trump is an unpredictable an person who lies to get what he wants, can trump be trusted with millions of lives in his hands.Donald Trump is a man who will use this tragedy to benefit himself because nothing else have worked.

Trump president back is against the wall, his rating is low, his new health care package was pulled because the bill was bad, he accursed Obama of wire tapping his hotel and is being investigated for his involvement with Russia.

President Trump is unpredictable and believe in doing things his way, he lies to get what , his back was against the wall his rating are down, he needed something make Americans believe in him. Donald Trump made a statement to Democrat, congress, Republicans and to the people that he don't need their approval.

The people in Syria begged Trump for help what will he do if those beautiful little babies and their parents wants to migrate to America.



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