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Popular Conspiracy Theories

Updated on October 1, 2016

If You Believe, They Put a Man on the Moon


The Moon Landing

Although this conspiracy theory has been mostly debunked, there are still some people who argue that the moon landing was a hoax by the US government to assert their victory over Russia when it comes to space exploration.

These conspiracy theorists claim that the moon landing that Americans all over the country watched at the edge of their seats, was no more then a pre-rehersed studio taping that involved no space exploration at all.

They cite altered pictures and videos, missing design blueprints, and faulty recordings as evidence of the forgery. Despite this, most Americans still believe that Buzz Aldrin and Neil Armstrong did in fact walk on the moon that famous day in July.

If you are fascinated by conspiracy theories and want to find out more, this is my favorite book on the subject, providing deeply analytical insights into the r

The Asassination of John F. Kennedy

The assassination of President John F. Kennedy has been suspicious to the American public since the moment the shots were fired.

Lee Harvey Oswald, the man who allegedly shot and killed John F. Kennedy, is at the center of these conspiracy theories. Did he actually pull the trigger? Was there a second gunman? Was the CIA involved in John F. Kennedy's death because of the Bay of Pigs? Was it a mafia hit due to a crackdown on organied crime?

These are just some of the questions surrounding the death of the beloved president. 70% of people alive for the assassination of JFK do not believe that they have all the facts, even today.

Protocols of the Elders of Zion

The Protocols of the Elders of Zion, also known as the Protocols of the Meetings of the Learned Elders of Zion, may be one of the spookiest conspiracy theories.

Put as simply as possible, the Protocols of the Elders of Zion is a conspiracy theory revolving around world domination by the Jewish people. However it goes far deeper than that.

The Protocols purports to document the minutes of a late 19th-century meeting of Jewish leaders discussing their goal of global Jewish hegemony by subverting the morals of Gentiles, and by controlling the press and the world's economies.

The Protocols of the Elders of Zion is still widely available today and even now sometimes presented as a genuine document, whether on the Internet or in print in numerous languages.

Zeitgest Movement

New World Order and the Illuminati

The New World Order is a conspiracy theory believed by many people that one person, or one body of people is trying desperately to take control of everything.

Those who believe this conspiracy theory argue that we are under the rule of people trying to create a totalitarian world government. The intention of this government is to reduce the world population, create complete and total control over every person on the entire planet.

According to conspiracu theories, the NWO seeks to eliminate the middle class, uniform all laws under one legal system, remove laws constricting firearm possession, create a world government police force. The obedient and subservient will be rewarded, while the rebellious will be starved and put to death.

Connected to the theory of the New World Order is the idea of the Illuminati.

The Illuminati, which translates into the people of the light, is the bloodline of the New World Order. The Illuminati make up a major portion of this controlling elite, consisting of 13 different bloodline families.

Some people believe that the Illuminati still exists today, and that the group has extraordinary influence over some of the world's most powerful governments.

One thing considered “evidence” of existence is the presence of the eye on the pyramid of a one United States one dollar bill. Many believe that Freemasons have a heavy influence in the development of the New World Order.

One of the Biggest Big Pharma Conspiracy Theories Surrounds the Notion that Vaccines are Keeping Americans Sick


The Paul McCartney Conspiracy Theory

Many Beatles fans believe that there is much we don't know surrounding Paul McCartney, including whether or not he is actually alive. Conspiracy theorists believe that McCartney died in 1966, and that the Beatles replaced McCartney with not only a look alike, but a sound alike as well.

So how could anyone believe that someone who is still very much alive is actually dead? Maybe its not too far from believing that someone who is actually dead is still alive, such as Elvis Prestley and Tupac Shakur.

Big Pharma Keeps Us Sick

There are many conspiracies surrounding large pharmaceutical companies.

The biggest theory is that big pharma is keeping people sick in order to increase profits.

Other accussations against big pharma include that they hide cures for diseases they claim are incurable - working against the good of the public.

Some people claim that vaccinations produced by large pharmaceutical companies are actually harmful, rather than helpful.

Some parents go so far as to not vaccinate their children, out of fear that they are being lied to about the components and effects of the particular vaccine.

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Roswell, New Mexico and Area 51

Are we alone on this Earth? Are we alone in this universe? These questions have puzzled us for ages, and probably will continue to puzzle us, bringing us to our last conspiracy theory, Area 51.

Located in Roswell, New Mexico, Area 51 is a United States military installation located roughly 100 miles north of Las Vegas.

Although researchers were allowed access to the location in 2013, there is still a veil of mystery surrounding Area 51.

"Area 51 is a riddle," author Annie Jacobsen wrote in a 2011 book on the secret installation. "Very few people comprehend what goes on there, and millions want to know."

Do You Believe in Extraterrestrial Life?


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