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Problems with the Western Press

Updated on October 24, 2012

Western Media

Fact or Fiction?
Fact or Fiction? | Source


It is one thing for governments to lie to us but when the supposed free media blatantly support or condone these lies, where does it leave us?

In July of 1988 a United States Navy vessel shot down an Iranian civilian aircraft, killing approximately 290 civilians. There was only a little about this in the western media. There certainly were not screams to insist on the families of those killed to get closure.

Yet when in December of that same year terrorists blew up an aircraft above Lockerbie in Scotland, the press never ceased. Did this repeated call for closure ensure justice was done? That is doubtful, as the resultant trial probably convicted the wrong man.

At the time of this incident, Libya was not in the favor of the west and so it was probably this that caused them to become the possible scapegoats.

What convicted the Libyans was evidence received from a Maltese shopkeeper whose evidence was crucial to the prosecutors. Years later it came to light that the United States paid the Maltese man $2 million to give his statement.

Let us here remember that the Libyans always claimed their innocence and again years later, it came to light that a Palestinian known terrorist had claimed responsibility for the attack in vengeance for the American attack on the Iranian aircraft.


Palestinian terrorists were supported at that time by Syria and at that time, the US and the UK were anxious not to upset Syria as they were seeking their help in the upcoming confrontation with Iraq.

So it would seem that Libya became the scapegoat. Especially when we now realize that at the time of the investigations, that many countries took part in, the evidence collected by German investigators clearly showed a Palestinian link but this was conveniently ignored.

I speak of these incidents not to try and stir up old wounds but to give a little background for what more recently happened, the fall of the Libyan leader Gaddafi.

Not many in the west were upset when Gaddafi was killed; after all he was supposedly the man behind Lockerbie and according to the western press a tyrant. So let’s see what exactly it was that he had done.

When he came to power the literacy rate in Libya was 25%. At the time of his death it was 87%. During his leadership he achieved in bringing free education and health services to the people. If there were not correct medical services in the country, he would not only pay for the treatment abroad but would also pay the flights and give cash for expenditures whilst away.

If you were a graduate but could not find a job after graduation, he would give you payments equivalent to your standard of qualification until you did find work. A newly married couple would be given a house, free of charge and half the cost of a new car. If you wished to become a farmer, he would give you free land and a cash deposit to buy equipment and seeds. He had made it law that no bank was allowed to charge interest on a personal loan.

Gaddafi was responsible for building the world’s biggest irrigation system, bringing water to the dessert.

Now I am not saying that Gaddafi was all good, for instance he did allow terrorist organizations to have training camps in his country but is that so much worse than the US. The US Presidents invited Gerry Adams, the principle money raiser for the Irish Republican Army (IRA), responsible for many bombings in the UK and the mortar attack on Downing Street, the home of the Prime Minister, to dinner at the White House every St. Patrick’s Day right up to 9/11. They financed and taught Ben Laden and other Arabs in terrorism activities to use against the Soviets in Afghanistan. The names of these Arabs were kept on what was known as “The Database” by the CIA and the literal Arab translation for the database is Al Qaeda.

So what was it that Gaddafi did that was so bad?

Gaddafi was convincing other African and Middle Eastern leaders that they should create their own currency, one that was backed by real wealth of oil and gold. Opposed to the “virtual” wealth of the US Dollar, that is a fractional currency: one that has only got the wealth to support 1/10th of what is circulated.

At the time of his death he had already convinced most African leaders and many of the Middle Eastern leaders were starting to listen to him. Had he lived and succeeded in introducing the new currency, few dispute that it would have seen the demise of both the US$ and the Euro.


What I am saying is that it is only with hindsight that we seem to know what was really going on. This is not supposed to be the case when we have a free and competent press. The media are supposed to research and question all that they are told and when they have what are reported to be “award winning investigative journalists “working for them, we should be hearing something akin to the truth.

Unfortunately the real truth is a lot different. The media seem to only report what they are told to report and make up awards to fit into their own pattern of reality, perhaps the best at rearranging the wording on a White House press release. Certainly there doesn’t seem to be much real investigating going on, at least not until the Government gives them the “all clear” years later.

So we are intentionally misled and blindfolded.

It is the “nature of the beast” for politicians to lie to us: that is part of politics. However the idea of having an unbiased and free press, is that they investigate, research and then report on the truth of the politicians, that is how it is supposed to work. What is happening today though is: the politicians tell us what they want and we are tricked in to believing them because our “so called” independent press concur the politician’s statements regardless of their validity.

This today puts us in the situation where we are being blindly led in any direction that the politicians want to take us.

We shouldn’t really be surprised though, as the same few elite that own the western media also own the politicians and so at the end of the day we are all being taken to a place where a few elite want us to be: totally subservient, submissive and obedient.


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    • justgrace1776 profile image

      justgrace1776 5 years ago

      Glad you are raising questions about the mainstream media! As a journalist watching them, I am amazed they can take up two hours in the mornings discussing absolutely nothing! I believe they are spoon fed the news, and on the other hand, I know newsrooms are emptying out to save money, so perhaps, that has something to do with it, plus advertising revenue. Consequently, they have taken the hunt and suspense out of the craft, and I wonder, what is the point of becoming a journo if they aren't going to report on the meat?

    • somethgblue profile image

      somethgblue 5 years ago from Shelbyville, Tennessee

      Now I haven't read all of your Hubs, not even close, but this is by far the ALL TIME BEST, really, really good!

      I would be willing to nominate it for an award. I had forgotten all about the passenger jet we shot down and never believed the Ghaddafi Libya/Lockerbie connection.

      My solution to all the lies was to sell my TV six years ago and start using critical thinking which allows me to concur with many of the insightful articles you publish.

      Hubbers and bloggers have now become the investigative reporters of this century, of course we are called conspiracy nutards by mainstream media.

      You should back link this to every site you can think of, it is really good.