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Race issue : a bad news

Updated on December 15, 2014

The worst of all : a damaged prestige

Is it true that some people are not treated equally under the law? This question arised after the grand juries of Ferguson and New York City had declined to indict two police officers. In the first case, Mike Brown, an unarmed black teenager of Ferguson was shot to death. In the second one, an officer of Staten Island was seen on the video girdling Mr. Garner’s neck in a chokehold. He threw him to the ground while pushing his head into the pavement. But the jurors at Ferguson (Missouri) and Staten Island (New York) decided in both cases that criminal charges were not appropriate. Therefore the two white police officers were not arraigned. Around the country, protesters fled into the streets to show their disappointment.

The answer to above question divides the country due to the lack of indictment in the two cases. No one is saying that the officers should be absolutely sentenced if there’s not sufficient evidence, but many legal analysts have agreed there’s enough in both cases to at least warrant a trial. If it is wrong for the country to have people thinking they don’t have the same rights, the worst thing is no doubt the fact that the image of the United States is tarnished since the entire world is watching the protesters claiming the justice to be done. Is the USA still the earth of justice and liberty? The recognition that makes the USA a great country is that here justice is fair, equitable and impartial. The scene showing people looking for justice in the streets hurts the country prestige as the first democracy.

It is a bad news to have people thinking that race issue takes a place in the way the justice is enacted, but the worst of all is to have around the world people questioning reasonably themselves about the Unites States legacy as the earth of justice. To get justice done, the USA doesn’t need demonstrators crying out in the streets with such shame signs: ‘’Once again no justice…Respect the human rights”. It is unfair to let people over the world think so because a damaged image is irreparable for the country.


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