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Random Ramblings: The State We Live in Today and How it Got This Way.

Updated on June 15, 2017

An Astounding Organ

The human brain is capable of the most amazing things.  So why don't we all use it?
The human brain is capable of the most amazing things. So why don't we all use it? | Source

It’s always a struggle, trying to figure out what we are doing here on this earth, whether what we are doing and the time we are spending here is being used the way it should. Do any of us really know what our purpose is? In all honesty, I don't think anyone does.

Yet, almost from the day we are born, we start to wonder about it: Why am I here?

Unlike most other life, we have a brain that allows us to think about these things. Philosophy, Metaphysics, Music, and Politics. We are capable of studying planets in outer space that are millions of miles away. Unlike most other life, we have a brain that allows us to create and to change our environment in miraculous and drastic ways. We can do amazing things.

But this same brain allows us to be amazingly stupid, too. Sometimes, we go beyond amazingly stupid.

For some reason, we feel the need to go to extremes. We can't be satisfied with anything, we have to see if we can break it. When we discover something that seems to be a good thing, we have to modify it and change it until the potency of it becomes so extreme that it's no longer useful to us, or may even become deadly. Or, we have to use it all up until it is gone, and can never be used again.

Extreme Fun

Doing these things are thrilling and fun and exhilarating - but when all is said and done, what is it that we accomplished in the doing of them? What is the legacy we are leaving behind, when we are gone?
Doing these things are thrilling and fun and exhilarating - but when all is said and done, what is it that we accomplished in the doing of them? What is the legacy we are leaving behind, when we are gone? | Source

Humanity has lived through many extremes. We've had religions where total sacrifice of self and service to our Gods was required, and where rules were so extreme that it eventually came around to people worshipping no God at all. Most people believe we live only one life, and in today's world, the mantra seems to be, "It’s my life, I’ll do what I want, and it’s all about me".

In the past, there were always these high expectations. We had to think, act, or behave in a certain way, or others would look down on us; sometimes that included our whole families. Everything we said or did had a riveting effect on everything around us. There was a time when the way we held our knives and forks at table was a way to determine our social status. We feel we are expected to give all of ourselves, our time, our creativity, our labor. We are expected to produce the best whether we are at school, in church, at work, or even when we are with friends. Rarely is there any forgiveness for failure, or for losing your cool. "Well, I know they were having trouble, but that's no excuse..."

It would also seem that those who work the hardest get the least amount of pay. The people who do the sewing, the transcribing, the set up, the logistics - these people aren't paid the same as the ones who designed, or wrote, or composed, or performed. There is a huge difference in what we perceive as being valuable. So quite often, we are expected to give the very best of ourselves for very little in return, and for this little bit of gain, we are often belittled and shamed when the work we do doesn't meet with the high expectation.

Balance the Center

Look at the right and the left in this picture.  Why is it so difficult to meet in the middle?
Look at the right and the left in this picture. Why is it so difficult to meet in the middle? | Source

The human animal is not a computer; we don't have the stamina to produce constantly, nor can we create a perfect product on the first try. we also have this thing computers don't - an emotional temperament.

Eventually, and rightfully so, the pendulum swings again, and we become unwilling to give anything of ourselves without asking, "What's in it for me?"

We create unions and start refusing to do almost everything unless our demands are met, and as usual, those demands will eventually swing to the extreme. We want someone to feed and clothe us, house not only us but our whole families. We want them to pay our medical bills, to furnish money for our entertainment, and plenty of time off so we can enjoy those entertainments, and we want all this for work that is of mediocre quality, produced in a safe environment, and is undemanding and stress free.

Why do we always have to swing to extremes? Left or right, all or nothing? Look at our country today. Our Government doesn’t function because it’s not in service to the people. It’s services money; production and wealth.

One side says, "Ask not what you can do for your country but what your country can do for you!"

One side says, "Ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country."

Neither side says, "Let's work hard for a country that works hard for us." Do you know why? Because both sides feel, with a system like that, they will end up getting the short end of the stick. Someone will be cheated, corruption will ensue. In short, someone will LOSE and the other will win because both parties feel the other isn't doing it's share. The other isn't sharing it's version of the wealth.

Factions or Sabotage?

Is it an "us" and "them" problem, really?  Or is there a third party, one that plays people against each other for their own gain?
Is it an "us" and "them" problem, really? Or is there a third party, one that plays people against each other for their own gain? | Source

Is it really THAT hard to balance both sides? Is it? Can we, as humanity, not be trusted to actually do our part without trying to find some shortcut or way to cheat the system? Because that is the main reason the middle always fails to thrive.

Religious or not, political or not, we all have to know that, deep down, our lives, our purpose isn’t all about me. It isn’t all about personal success; getting what we want out of life, enjoying it to the extreme, glutting ourselves on sex, drugs, rock and roll, money, fun, and convenience. Those things serve absolutely no purpose at all when you look at the big picture, we know that it's not about ANY of that.

We know this, because we aren't ever satisfied with it. No matter how much we have, no matter how many fun things we do, in the end we still want something more.

What will you work for, if it isn't money?

Breathing smoke and chemicals, wearing out our bodies, would you do this work to make someone else rich?  Would you do this work if you knew it would make a better future for All Life?
Breathing smoke and chemicals, wearing out our bodies, would you do this work to make someone else rich? Would you do this work if you knew it would make a better future for All Life? | Source

But living isn’t all about self sacrifice, either. We shouldn't have to die of starvation, we shouldn't have to break our backs pulling a block of rock across the sand to build a pyramid for some great God. We don’t have to beat and punish ourselves. We can enjoy our lives. WHILE WORKING.

We think way too much of ourselves, and watch too many sci-fi movies. We think we can do anything we want and suffer no consequence. We think if the world explodes, we will all just board a space ship and travel to a new world.

We all, our government, Congress, We the People, need to pull our heads out of our asses. Seriously. We can’t just sit here and watch. We have to change this word for the better of All Life.

We have something here we take for granted. Nowhere else in the universe does it exist, and if it does, it is rare beyond any other thing. And that’s life. We see it in abundance here and take it for granted. It dies, it is born, it dies again, it is born. It dies, it is born. It’s so frigging obvious that future generations are not future generations at all – they are US.

The legacy we are leaving for our children and grandchildren is for US. If you truly want to be selfish, think of it that way! What you do now is going to effect how YOU live, 600 years in the future. What do you want to come back to, when you are born again? Whether you believe in reincarnation or not, just for a minute, try it on; for a minute, try and really THINK about it in that way.

If you have to live on this earth, in the future. You. NOW how do you want to move forward in this life?

Well, I think that gives me plenty of time. If I have infinity to live, over and over again, what the Hell; I can put the work off until tomorrow.

Whatever you believe, in God, in no God, in self, in service, at this point in time, we all need to stop the apathy and we all need to stop just watching and allowing our futures to be driven for us. We need to participate in the shaping of our world and the future of all that lives.

Human Evolution

Yes, the earth is a rich resource from which we can make plenty of products that will make our lives easier and our wallets fat.  What will we do, when the resources are all gone, or too polluted to use?
Yes, the earth is a rich resource from which we can make plenty of products that will make our lives easier and our wallets fat. What will we do, when the resources are all gone, or too polluted to use? | Source

Humans have progressed to what we are today; there are lots and lots of history books you can read to learn the progression of our development. Whatever anyone might believe, we are still creatures produced by nature, and we still live by nature’s rules.

The main rule above all other rules: Survival of the Fittest. For billions of years, life has changed and shaped itself into forms that are more and more capable of adapting to different environments, and if they are unable to adapt, they die out. The ones that can adapt, do, and they continue changing to become more and more capable of doing so.

It would seem the human species alone has managed to progress in such a manner. We have evolved to live in extreme cold, humid jungle environments, extreme dry heat, and we can survive in environments that have all four seasons. But we all developed differently, depending on where we chose to settle on this earth. We developed, evolved, and adapted to suit very different environments.

And so, we have progressed to what we are today. The majority of humanity lives in a world of their own manufacture, developed environments that do not exist in the natural world. But there is some humanity that continues to exist outside of this synthetic boundary, people who wish to live in the world in it's natural state. Yet, these people are starving, dying from exposure and disease, killing each other in skirmishes and constant uprisings fighting over the resources they have.

We, of the developed world, look down upon these people and pity them, shaking our heads. We wonder if they will ever learn to assimilate into society. It's very obvious that they must, if they want to survive. If they don’t, they are slowly going to fade away into oblivion, along with all the plant and animal life that serves no purpose to our development and progress. It’s cruel and sad, but the world is never going to go back to the way it once was; they are just going to have to accept it.

Perhaps they will someday, we think, as we turn away from watching the news about someone far off dying from hunger and disease and war. We put down the remote and go on with the details of our own lives, in relative comfort.

We just have to be patient. Evolution will force them to either change, or fade away. That's Survival of the Fittest.

It is my belief, that all life emanates from one source, (you can call it God if you want). That means that all life is actually a piece of that source. All Life has struggled, since the first living cell, to create the perfect format in which to live, through the method of Survival of the Fittest. Millions of methods have been tried and thrown out, tweaked and modified. Experiments have been produced and run over million year cycles, run by nature itself, in order to find the best methods for life to thrive.

That’s right. I said it. Nature, as a whole, practices SCIENCE. God, that mythical, magical, omnipotent being, practices SCIENCE. Yeah, that’s what I said! I said it!

Undeveloped Country

Natural resources
Natural resources | Source

Nature as a whole practices science. Going by my beliefs, the energy that invades organic, inanimate matter and makes it breathe and move and speak is a sentient being, and it does have a purpose, a plan. The universe IS unfolding as it should.

This energy, over millennia, has managed to produce a life form that is capable of understanding these concepts, and many others. Unfortunately, this life form loses a lot in the translation from ethereal to physical. We are born with an empty brain. But no, we are not – like a computer, we are born with OS – and operating system. Instinct.

It’s not a specific purpose we are born with, but we are born with the desire to live and a yearning to do… something.

It has pretty much blundered it’s way up to this point in time. And that’s where we are now. Look at us. We’ve done incredibly amazing things! And, we’ve used it to draw a penis on Mars.

We spend a lot of time trying to make ourselves wealthy and famous, and physically comfortable. We strive to be individuals when in truth we should all be working together toward one purpose, one goal, one end.

We are supposed to be making life better. For life.

I’ve rambled on and on about that before, so I won’t continue. What I’d like to focus on is what we are doing now, and where we are going. I try to base my views on balance.

From Survival of the Fittest, we have developed this world into two factions; The developed world, and the undeveloped world.

Here is how the developed world views “third world” countries and wildlife. We send them food, clothing and money; build shelters for them, find clean water for them. If we leave cattle and sheep unattended, they will die, as will these people. We are frustrated by this lack of ability, to care for oneself, and we wonder, “Why won’t they help themselves?” Some people look at them and see them as a dying breed that will eventually fade into oblivion, and they wait patiently for this time, when the land can then be developed properly and the people who live there will then be happy.

Helping Others Survive

Why won't they just help themselves?
Why won't they just help themselves? | Source

Why can’t these people fend for themselves? Let’s look at it from a different aspect. Before the developed world came to be, these people DID fend for themselves. The world was rich in food and vegetation and fresh water. If it wasn’t, they simply migrated to a place where it was. They still died of all the same things people die from today, even in the developed world; disease, starvation, violence, parasites, injuries; but on the whole, they were mainly living a happy and healthy lifestyle. Some years were hard, just as they are now, in developed countries. But overall, they were content and happy.

Fending for Ourselves

Hunting and foraging used to easy, when everything didn't belong to someone.
Hunting and foraging used to easy, when everything didn't belong to someone. | Source

Then came the invading peoples; the developing peoples. They decided they owned the land. They cut down the trees and vegetation to make room for buildings, pasture, and crops. They dug mines, built great buildings, and diverted the water to suit their needs. They killed the people, animals and vegetation that interfered with their development and fenced in and cultivated the ones that were useful to them.

It was somewhere in here that the undeveloped people and animals stopped being able to care for themselves. The reasons why are blatantly obvious.

(And now, we, the "developed" people, will roll their eyes about the same old guilt trip that is always applied to those who live in the developed world. It is all our fault that people are starving and animals are going extinct, yeah, yeah, we know. We KNOW. We are tired of having fingers pointed at us. That was THEN, this is NOW.)

Just humor me. Let me set the stage.

Natural resources were completely assimilated and turned into developed resources, leaving no place for nature to evolve in these areas. Roads were built, sewage, water lines, gas lines put in, electric lines put in. Plants and animals were carefully cultivated and raised, surrounded by fencing and barns.

Developed Land

Developed Land. Where can you hunt and forage, here?
Developed Land. Where can you hunt and forage, here? | Source

Women couldn’t simply walk out in the morning and forage for food. All that food now belonged to somebody. Absolutely everything was owned. Imagine today, walking onto a farm and picking some corn and apples, and then simply walking away with it! In the developed world, this isn't something we would consider doing, and if we did, we would consider it theft.

Men could no longer simply go out to hunt and fish. Even the deer are considered to be owned by somebody. Imagine today, someone walking into a field and shooting a cow or a chicken, or throwing a line into a fish hatchery pond! These animals belong to someone and we would consider it theft to simply take them.

The undeveloped peoples could no longer live the way they once had, because the rules were changed to suit only the developing peoples. They complained of these things to the developers, but they were laughed at and told that the world would be a better place when they were done with all the building. They could be a part of it, too! Come join us.

A horrible picture is painted for the developing peoples; we took land that wasn't ours and had no respect that others were already living on it. We didn't seem to care that they didn't want to do things our way - we just did it anyway. But we were not truly bad, or evil, or self serving. We were trying to do what we are all supposed to do - make things better for all life. So, we did stop to listen to these people. We stopped, we listened, we argued and cajoled, and we totally and completely did not understand how anyone could possibly want to live as one with raw nature.

How could living in the wild be better than living in the total comfort we can - and will - create for ourselves? And you! You can be a part of it, too! Join with us! Help us! But the undeveloped peoples liked their way of life as it was, and so in the end, we simply shook our heads and continued to progress. They would see we were right eventually, and they would come around to our way of thinking.

What we did wasn’t wrong or right. It was nature, playing out Survival of the Fittest.

The developing peoples did make concessions. We said, okay, we will stop. You can have that bit of land over there, it’s all yours, do with it as you please. We thought what we were doing was fair, and it was, by our standards. But it wasn't, by other standards. If undeveloped peoples walked and talked and thought like we did, it might have been fair, but they didn’t.

Undeveloped peoples need extremely LARGE areas of land, in fact, pretty much all of it, to support wild produce, deer, bison and antelope herds, and it takes incredible amounts of land to allow the growth of the natural vegetation necessary to keep all these animals fed. So the land that was given was basically useless to them, for the purpose they wanted it to serve.

We waited for them to come around to our way of thinking and see that the world we were creating was a better place for everyone. They also waited, and continue to patiently wait for us to realize that we hadn't included everyone, and that we had made a serious error in our overall calculations. Nature is the scientist. Nature is the driver behind Survival of the Fittest. How do the Fittest survive, once they have destroyed all of Nature?

Life Without Nature?

It's taken us a Hell of a long time to realize that there might be a problem with this, whereas, the undeveloped peoples of the world have always known it to be true.  So, why do we still consider them to be primitive, or less intelligent?
It's taken us a Hell of a long time to realize that there might be a problem with this, whereas, the undeveloped peoples of the world have always known it to be true. So, why do we still consider them to be primitive, or less intelligent? | Source

In all honesty, we who are "guilty" in the world today; Hindsight is 20/20. The truth of it is, neither the developed nor the undeveloped peoples understood what it is that we needed, but we did understand that things were changing.

And so the undeveloped peoples moved to these areas of land designated to them, and there they died from disease and thirst and starvation and just plain misery for want of what they had and lost.

The people of the developed world felt deep heartache for them. They did! But they did not understand such mulish stubbornness. They offered charity; food, shelter, clothing. They sent in volunteers to teach these people how to build and cultivate for themselves.

But these people couldn’t understand such mulish stubbornness. They already knew how to take care of themselves in harmony with the natural world. The things the developing people wanted them to do were ridiculous. Sweat and burn in the sun to plow a field? Work at hard, physical labor, from dawn to dusk? Really? Why, when everything you need is already plentiful? The only labor you need do is pack your possessions and follow the herds. Now we can’t follow the herds, because you feel you own the land you walk on. Ridiculous.

These two factions of people have developed over time, and are completely incompatible. By Survival of the Fittest, the weaker will fade into oblivion. Isn’t it obvious which is the weaker?

Today's World

We've done amazing things.
We've done amazing things. | Source

Look at us today. Development is a wonderful thing. We have running hot and cold water, sewage control, heated and cooled shelters, convenient food and water supplies, electricity, refrigeration. And today, we don’t need to plow from dawn to dusk, and we don’t need to forage. Why hunt or forage when you can go to the store?


Some prefer different jobs to hunting and foraging.
Some prefer different jobs to hunting and foraging. | Source

Why hunt or forage when you can work at a job that uses all the other skills you might have available to you? Now you can be an artist, a carpenter, a doctor; the things you can be and do are endless possibilities. Why sweat and swat at flies, gut your own animals, smell all fishy, and get cut up and scratched gathering your own greens? Messy, dirty, tedious work. That sort of hard work we can leave to migrant workers, because that is what they have always done. Once again, we shake our heads at the thought of these peoples insisting on doing things the hard way.

Except that isn’t what they have always done. It’s what they do now, because the world has changed.

In today’s world, the figures speak for themselves; development is the best way to go. People live longer lives, there is less disease and death than there is in undeveloped parts of the world. People do not fight in constant uprisings in the developed world. People do not die of disease and hunger like they do in the undeveloped parts of the world.

But is that true? Yes, it’s true today. But what are the figures for the peoples that lived before the land was developed and changed? I would like to know the statistics for the life of Native Americans before a single developing foot was set on this continent.

Foraging for Food Today

Why hunt and gather, when you can simply go to the store?
Why hunt and gather, when you can simply go to the store? | Source

Developed nations have seen massive loss of life caused by starvation, plague, war; war which was brought on primarily because of religion or ownership of the land. People died from being worked to death during development. Over time, we learned and improved, and evolved, and now rarely do we die of starvation, exposure, or plague, and losses from war have become much less than they once were. As we evolve with development, life is becoming easier, and longer, for all.

Isn’t it? It is for some, to be sure. But if life is truly better for those of us who live in developed society, why is depression rampant? If life is so much better in societies that give only passing thought to religion, why do so many developed people – people who embrace development whole heartedly - feel so empty and desolate…and alone?

I have come to believe that it is true. The developing peoples are the ones that were meant to win Survival of the Fittest. The universe is unfolding as it should, and in this, the sentient energy that we are has tested and experimented, and the fact that we were MEANT to improve nature is obvious to me. Nature did all it could without physical hands to shape it further, and so it developed physical hands to do so. These hands shaped it into what we have today. Look at it. We live in an amazing, miraculous world.

Going to Extremes

Smog over city.
Smog over city. | Source

But once again, I come back to my usual harping point. Balance. Too much of a good thing can kill you. To much of a good thing can kill all of us. We are not finished with our work, we can’t sit back and enjoy the benefits of our labors because we haven’t even started yet! The developed world has truly existed a very short time, and already we are seeing that we have gone too far with metal and plastic and cement. We have polluted and changed the very climate of the whole planet.

We have to step back and balance this. These two worlds, developed and undeveloped, we have always looked on each other as completely incompatible. But are we?

It’s time for a revolution. It’s time to think about and change... Everything. We need to change what our government is, what money is, what possessions are, what nature and development are, what happiness is, what fulfillment is, and if indeed there is a way to restructure what we have so that it is compatible to all life, WE MUST. Because LIFE is the key word and should always be the key word in every goal we strive for.

Life is rare. Is it Fit to Survive?


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