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Republicans Are Guilty of Conspiring to Violate The 25th Amendment.

Updated on December 7, 2019

The 25th amendment is an amendment to the U.S. constitution that provides the government with the authority to remove the President from office if he is mentally ill. I believe that President Trump is mentally ill, and he needs to be removed from office immediately. On September 15, 2005, Trump was recorded while he was talking to a TV personality named Billy Bush, as part of a TV show called 'Access Hollywood'. Trump was talking about women and he said that it was okay to grab women by the pussy. A remark like that shows that Trump was mentally ill, and this remark would certainly encourage criminals to make more sexual attacks against women. The Republicans chose him to be their candidate, anyway.

When Trump was running for office in 2016, he made a remark that revealed another aspect of his mental illness. He said that if he walked down 5th Avenue in New York shooting people, he would still be getting plenty of votes. Hasn't Trump heard about mass shootings like the one at Columbine High School? Trump was certainly doing his best to encourage mass murder when he made his remark about shooting people in the middle of 5th Avenue. It's more evidence that Trump is mentally ill. Despite the fact that Trump is encouraging people to go on shooting sprees on 5th Avenue, the Republican party continued to support him. The Republican party was conspiring to install a mentally ill man as President, therefore violating the 25th amendment.

There was a petition circulated a few months ago that had the signatures of more than 40,000 psychiatrists and psychologists on it. The petition said that Trump was mentally ill and should be removed from office. I think the answer to the problem is to take the Republican party to court, and have them prosecuted for violating the 25th amendment. The 25th amendment guarantees the American people the right to have a sane President, and the 25th amendment guarantees the American people that an insane President will be removed from office. The Republicans are currently trying to obstruct any attempt to have Trump removed under the 25th amendment. I think all of Trump's supporters in the Republican should be held legally responsible for their conspiracy to violate the 25th amendment.

A lot of people don't understand what is at stake here. A mentally unbalanced President may encourage the U.S. military to start a nuclear war, and millions of people could be killed. Every Republican who supported Trump should have to pay damages, for putting all of us through this ordeal. The Republicans have used Trump as a tool to antagonize us, and the Republicans should be ordered by the court to pay damages to the Democratic party, and to others. Republicans who supported Trump should also serve time in prison.

You should remember that every rally for Trump's re-election is an illegal conspiracy against the 25th amendment. Every person who attends such a rally should be prosecuted for conspiracy to violate the 25th amendment. Any person who supports Trump's re-election campaign in any way should be prosecuted for conspiracy to violate the 25th amendment. If anyone makes a move to get Trump re-elected, he (or she) should be prosecuted for conspiracy to violate the 25th amendment. If you're worried that we don't have enough prisons to hold all of the Trump supporters in the entire country, I can assure you that pre-fabricated buildings are the answer. With pre-fabricated building technology, you could build prisons that are as large as cities and towns. If you want a mentally ill leader to have his finger on the nuclear button, you are part of the conspiracy to violate the 25th amendment, and you belong in prison!


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