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Role of Bureaucracy in Democracy

Updated on January 12, 2014

Position of Bureaucracy

Bureaucracy is an act in which an individual rules over a body of individuals. In case of a large scale industry, bureaucracy can be seen over a group of employees. These employees have to work according to their supervisor, which gets instructions from the management. Similarly each and every large scale business organisation has its own bureaucracy. These bureaucracies are different-different for government sectors as well as private sectors. Civil and military bureaucracies are the examples government bureaucracy. Here It is clear that, bureaucracy does not have elected politicians but it includes appointed officials.

* Bureaucracy as a Channel of Communication

Each society is the combine form of different units. These units are like landlords, workers, farmers,businessmen etc. These people have their own working platforms, in case they don't ,then it's our government's duty to provide them an interesting platform accordingly. Hence to solve these problems government have to communicate with these units. Aspirations and requirements and problems of the people can be solved by the government. This all happened by the bureaucracy policy.

* Bureaucracy as a Repository of Information

For formulating and implementing a new technique in the society, it is necessary to know the drawbacks and reasons of failure of existing policy or technique. Hence the formulation of a new technique require a lot of knowledge and information. Hence bureaucracy helps us to find these drawbacks as it keep records in files etc.

* Bureaucracy as a Group of Technical Advisers

Bureaucracy plays an important role in the formulation of a new policy. This policy requires a lot of knowledge and technical advice. This knowledge and technical advice is required for three main purpose...1 Growth and development of science, 2 expanding role of science, 3 increasing complexity of the administration. Bureaucracy has been proved as a technical adviser, as it provide the new concept to increase the production of existing system.

* Bureaucracy as an Impartial Adviser

Each society is a combination of several sections. These sections are related to each other for different purpose. So there should be a proper balance among them. For example Like an industry, The workers want to get more wages and the owner of that industry wants to pay less. Hence we see here is a requirement of making proper balance between both sides, so that each side will be satisfied.

Role of Bureaucracy in Policy Formulation & Policy Impementation

The main objective of bureaucracy is the policy formulation and policy implementation. Bureaucracy provides a driving force to the police after its successful implementation.This implementation is done under full control. It can say that, bureaucracy takes the responsibility for successful policy implementation.

Formulation of Projects and Programs

Policy is the combination of projects and a project is the combination of programs, and a program is the set of instructions and these instructions are the collected information. These all are connected. Hence to implement a policy,it is divided into projects. These projects have different-different programs. These projects could be setup according to the requirement as at same time and at same location or at different locations, according to the nature of policy.

Project Planning

Project planning is very important. Project planning should be according to the economic condition, weather condition,land conditions and available resources etc. For example to make a hospital we require all information about the location, transport facilities, type of hospital, economic investment etc. So the basic thing for project planning is the collection of information about it.

Preparation of Plan And Budget

In this session money received is divided into the sections like industry, hospitals,agriculture and schools. Some plans take a very long time to build like a flyover or dam etc so for such kind of projects a five year budget is prepared. Actually government provide limited money, so there is a need to plan a budget within the economic range.

Execution of The Program

Execution refers to the implementation of the project or came into effort. This is a step by step procedure. First of all raw material is purchased for the production and then manufacturing is done and then assembling after that rest of the extra work. So this is a similar process.

Review of Project and Programs

Review is the investigation of the project. It is necessary to ensure the fulfillment of objectives and to reduce the wastage of money and other capitals. There are so many levels of review. For example If an order passed by the government for a hospital the it will be review by the prime minister and the finance minister and by other higher authorities involving in this project.

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Relationship Between Government & Bureaucracy

Government and Bureaucracy both are connected to each other.Neither government nor bureaucracy can work properly without each other. For example Government sets a targets and bureaucracy fulfilled this target. The Government is responsible for the governance and administration. These both are the integral features of our society.Government is responsible for formulation, implementation, evaluation and monitoring its projects and programs.while bureaucracy have more knowledge ,experience, time and intergovernmental ties then the government. Hence both are related to each other they can't work in case of lake of one.

Growing Importance of Bureaucracy in Recent Times

1 Increasing Population

2 Industrial Development

3 The Growing Need of Welfare of People

4 Multifarious Activities of Modern State

5 Rising Expectations of People

6 Rural Development

7 Manufacturing Modernization

8 Education and Literacy

Growing Importance of Bureaucracy in Recent Times

Bureaucracy is responsible for implementing a policy. It is necessary to collect information,which is necessary to make a program. A number of programs make a project. And Several projects in combine form make a policy. So for the execution of these things bureaucracy is very much important. Bureaucracy plays a major role for providing jobs to the unemployment persons and for stable price and for regulating the growth of the country. Mostly for the developing country. Bureaucracy is responsible for fulfilling the goal of government. Bureaucracy involves in almost all the economic and social activities like science and technology,education,development,health and family welfare, infrastructure etc.

Increasing Population

If we will investigate at a national or international level then it came to know that the population is growing at a very rapid or we can say according to geometrical proportion. So Increasing population will require more food and land to live. But land is limited so we have to improve production to feed the population. So bureaucracy is required to take charge and handling the situation.

Industrial Development

Industrial development is necessary to improve the economic condition of a country.More industries will produce more production and hence it open the chance of export and trade with other countries.

The Growing Need of Welfare of People

Government is appointed for a limited time. Hence there are less chance of welfare of people. As government sometimes do not work honestly and accordingly. Hence Bureaucracy is the only options for the welfare of people.

Multifarious Activities of Modern State

Bureaucracy came in direct contact with the public and remains for a long time. Hence it become aware about the need of public. So it performs multifarious activities of modern states.

Rising Expectations of People

In present time people do not trust on the government as almost all the government are seeing unsuitable. There are so many cases of corruption and crimes. So people trust more on bureaucracy then government. Expectations of people are increasing day by day.

Assessment of Bureaucracy

Bureaucracy provides a scientific management for improving economic relations and economic growth. It implement some management principles like division of labor, equity of authority,discipline,etc.

Bureaucracy is like a tool which performs operations on the working material. This tool is responsible for the entire production and production quality, similarly Bureaucracy is important for health human society

.In Bureaucracy officials are selected on the basis of merit. These officials are responsible for coordinating and controlling their performance. Hence desired and better results are produced by the best persons.


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