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Romney Will Lose this Election

Updated on November 6, 2012

For what it‘s worth, Mitt Romney has very well shown that he truly believes that he deserves to be president and that he‘d do a wonderful job. Romney is a supremely confident man if nothing else.

If Obama wins either FL or NC, then it's a done deal.

But, I think Romney could possibly win FL, NC & CO as far as swing states. Each could go Red.

VA has defense contractors and coal, and should be close. NV has high unemployment, but I see VA, NV, & NH s being tough, but going blue in the end...

I see MI, PA, WI, IA, OH as deep Blue...

It is truly amazing to behold, the sheer and utter gall of this man, to think deep down that he is so entitled to the job of Leader of the Free World.

He doesn’t seem concerned with precedent. He doesn’t seem concerned with facts. He doesn’t seem concerned with integrity. Mitt Romney has no apparent core values. He has etcha-sketched his way through his political career.

He was a moderate in Massachusetts before he was "severely conservative" as a presidential candidate.

He proudly signed Romneycare, until Obama hired the authors of Romneycare to write Obamacare. Romney claimed to “like mandates” as a governor, that is until Obama agreed.

Romney was for an assault weapons ban as Governor Romney, before Nominee Romney was against it.

Gov. Romney was Pro-choice (after his mother) before he was pro-life in Utah, then back to pro-choice , then back again as the Rominee.

Governor Mitt was for Planned Parenthood before Rominee Mitt promised to defund Planned Parenthood.

Severely Conservative Romney repeatedly bragged in the Republican primary about a 20% tax cut across the board, until General Election Mitt said no rich folks would get a tax cut.

Mitt Romney wrote in a op-ed that Detroit should go bankrupt, then Chameleon Romney tried to claim credit for Obama giving government guarantees which saved the Detroit.

The Rominee was against a time-line for Afghanistan, then Chameleon Mitt embraced Obama’s timeline.

Rominee Mitt criticized Obama on foreign policy nearly across the board in his rhetoric, but he can’t name anything he’d do differently aside from speak louder. Chameleon Romney even agrees with the troop surge and drone policy and keeping Guantanamo open and “enhanced interrogation“.

Rominee Mitt held a press conference before the families of the deceased had been identified from the Benghazi attack, ahem... act of terrorism. He also criticized Obama for the statement the embassy released before the attacks occurred. He also used the deaths of Ambassador Stevens and Glen Doherty as a political football even as the families asked him not to do so.

Romney/Ryan would turn Medicare into a voucher program, and would price index and raise retirement age for Social Security.

Mitt Rominee is the first presidential candidate since before George Romney set the precedent in 1968, to release only a single year of his tax returns. Only Kerry and McCain tried to get away with only two years, both of them lost.

Romney refuses to name pay-fors in his tax plan (EIC, mortgage credit, charitable deduction...), which he claims is balanced but he won’t tell how exactly.

Romney lied about Obama supposedly removing the work requirement from welfare. In fact, Romney himself requested the change Obama enacted; states can have a schooling option only if they raise the work requirement 20%.

Romney lied about Jeep moving it’s operations to China. The Jeep CEO has come out against Romney about it.

Romney says “Corporations are people, my friend.”

Romney would block grant FEMA to the states.

Romney would cut PBS, and NPR, and the arts; while blaming this on China for owning 8% of our debt.

Romney lied about his "binders of women", the binders (of resumes) were prepared for him/his gubernatorial opponent in advance of taking office... he never sought them ought from women's groups like he'd claimed.

Romney said that 47% of Americans are "victims" who only want a free handout and wish to contribute nothing to society.

Romney would nominate Supreme Court Justices whom would overturn Roe v Wade.

Romney refuses to act like a man the way Sen. McCain did four years ago when he stood up against blatant racism from the crowd at a campaign event. From Sinunu, to Limbaugh, and to Akin and Mourdoch; Romney has had ample opportunity to show a backbone, and instead has cow-towed to the lowest common denominator in his party.

Romney really tried to steal the "change" slogan from Obama in his role as Chameleon Mitt...

If Obama wins either FL or NC, then it's a done deal.

But, I think Romney could possibly win FL, NC & CO as far as swing states. Each could go Red.

VA has defense contractors and coal, and should be close. NV has high unemployment, but I see VA, NV, & NH s being tough, but going blue in the end...

I see MI, PA, WI, IA, OH as deep Blue...

And so, barring some barrage of shenanigans by voter-suppression tactics and an army of lawyers...

Good riddance, Gov. Romney.


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