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Romney vs Obama, Second Debate

Updated on January 30, 2013
Barrack Obama Author: Elizabeth Cromwell, Creative Commons
Barrack Obama Author: Elizabeth Cromwell, Creative Commons | Source
Author: Gage Skidmore, Creative Commons
Author: Gage Skidmore, Creative Commons | Source
Author: Edward M. Pio Roda, Creative Commons
Author: Edward M. Pio Roda, Creative Commons | Source

Romney vs Obama, Round 2 - Will it be fodder for the media or will we finally get what we need to make our decision?

The Round 2 debate has already become a media circus over the moderator's ego running wild. One would think a journalist would understand the power of a press interview.

The networks have been engaged in crucifying Candy Crowley, the CNN journalist who will moderate the debate. Crowley reportedly mistated her authority to interject comments into the debate and the media went wild. Hopefully Corley will leave her ego at home and let the candidates debate the real issues. Time is too critical now to let superficial events derail this debate.

Hopefully, the Round 2 debate will be more than just political entertainment. Both camps have something to prove. Neither candidate received glowing reviews after the first debate. Is there hope that we will see a real debate during Round 2? We can hope.

Voter conversations are focusing on two primary questions as we approach debate time.

  • Which Romney will show up, the moderate or the conservative?
  • Will Obama bring his personality or will he appear distracted and despondent again?

Neither candidate can risk a repeat performance of the first debate. Viewers can hope for a charged and aggressive effort to sell a plan for the future from both candidates. Chances to sway public opinion and win votes are dwindling.

The Debate Forecast:

Obama will probably bring his A game to this debate but it will be so well scripted that it will bear little resemblance to the personable candidate many fell in love with in 2008.

Romney will most likely tell more truths than he did in Round 1 to avoid being slaughtered again by the fact checkers.

Crowley may be more subdued than she would have been without the recent criticism. If she steps over the line, her career and reputation could suffer. She won't let that happen so expect her to be a little less colorful than normal.

Author: Frank Plitt, Creative Commons
Author: Frank Plitt, Creative Commons | Source

Add Hillary to the mix.

There will be another undercurrent to this debate. Was Hilliary Clinton the sacrificial lamb when she took responsibility off of Obama for the death of Ambassador Chris Stevens in Libya. As Secretary of State, of course Clinton bears some responsibility. The entire country is saddened over the death of Ambassdor Stevens but playing the blame game in the public eye doesn't seem necessary, does it?

How will this play out in the Round 2 debate? Will the Romney camp use this to tout their claim that Obama is no leader? How will Obama counter if they do? With so much at stake and his obvious reliance on Bill Clinton to rally support, one would expect him to have Hillary's back. It should be interesting.


Time is running out for us to make our decision. There are many questions left unanswered from both candidates. According to the polls (if you have any faith in polls), these two guys are neck and neck. What do we need to hear tonight? Hopefully the audience will be well balanced and the questions will be serious and address the issues we care most about, the economy, jobs, Medicare, and taxes. We need real answers now, not more political rhetoric. If neither candidate can provide real answers tonight, it may not really matter who wins in November. We'll all lose.

© 2012 Linda Crist, All rights reserved.

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Follow up, the morning after

The debate is over and the media is buzzing. Romney exhibited some rather extreme bullying, was disrespectful both to the moderator and the President, and made a major mis-speak on the recent events in Libya. He also presented a fairly clear picture of how he perceives women as little less than domestic machines who also participate in the workforce. Obama, was clearly defensive and focused. In perhaps his best moment, he demonstrated profound indignation that anyone would politicize the death of US diplomats at the hands of terrorists.

Candy Crowley did a fair job of maintaining order but the got railroaded on a couple of occasions. The debate audience got the short end of the stick. Many did not get to ask their questions as a result of the continued posturing by both debators. Still, it was a decent debate.

Tell us what you think.

Who do you think won Round 2 of the Presidential Debate?

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