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Sacky: Romney Wasn't Breast Fed!

Updated on August 8, 2012

Terry: Sacky, it has been a long time. What have you been up to these past months?

Sacky: I’ve had writer’s block.

Terry: Sounds like a problem.

Sacky: Yep, I was trying to think of something good to write about the GOP!

Terry: Glad to see you haven’t lost your sarcastic attitude.

Sacky: Mitt Romney was at Liberty College today, the Jerry Falwell school in Lynchburg, Virginia. The late Mr. Falwell is famous for his many idiotic remarks such as : "I hope I live to see the day when, as in the early days of our country, we won't have any public schools. The churches will have taken them over again and Christians will be running them. What a happy day that will be!".

That is one of many disturbing comments that has spewed from the lips of radical right Christian Falwell and his flat earth society. I figure if they want a country run by religion they should move to Iran.

Terry: Aren't you born again?

Sacky: I was born right the first time! I am a militant Agnostic and You interrupted!

Terry: Sorry. Continue please.:

Sacky: Well Mitt was satisfying these religious zealots by proclaiming marriage is for one man and one woman. Surprise! How could anyone expect Romney to be tolerant. At the ripe age of 18, Romney led a group of prep school storm troopers to hunt down a young boy and take him to the ground because he was gay and they did not like his hair. Then Romney, yielding his scissors, clips off the boy’s hair while the boy lies crying and pleading. Looks like Romney was not provided sufficient breast feeding!

Terry: But that was a long time ago and Romney says he does not recall that incident.

Sacky: That is even more disgusting! Other members of the Prep School Warriors said they had difficulty forgetting it and were ashamed. Some of them even apologized over the years. If Romney really doesn’t remember he must not have a conscience. More likely he is just a liar. He just is not able to tolerate anyone that is different.

Terry: He certainly is not a free thinker or very tolerant of others. I get concerned when he mixes religion and politics. I am not a Christian and I don’t want to be subjugated to the will of any religion.

Sacky: And what about the poor dog Seamus that rode soaking wet on the roof of Romney’s car. Romney broke the law on that one and all he had to say was he thought the dog enjoyed being wet and riding on the roof. Then Romney just giggles like a school girl. What a SH**HEAD!

Terry: Not a real animal lover is he?

Sacky: Not a PETA member for sure! Not capable of any real empathy. You must ask how did Romney make his money. He made life better for his company, sometimes this meant companies were dissolved and workers lost their jobs. He was not a job creator, he was a vulture capitalist according to some members of his own party. At the helm of this country you can be sure the "Haves" and the "Have Mores" will be the only ones to prosper. I would like to bite him in the butt!

Terry: I cannot afford a law suit Sacky!

Sacky: Then the brazen bastard takes credit for things he did not do. Obama saved the American Automobile Industry and I have tapes of Romney saying it was wrong for Obama to bail them out. Now that the Auto Industry is a success Romney is trying to claim that Obama did what he recommended. My god I want to throw up. This proves he is a liar. He will say anything to get elected. He is not a man of principal or vision. He is a self-absorbed spoiled brat who will say anything to win favor. Mitt Romney is a buffoon who has profited off of outsourcing American jobs for profit, and as such, Romney represents an anti-American of great note, and another unelectable, habitual lying republican religious Kook.

Terry: You should tell us how you really feel!

Sacky: And he thinks teachers, firemen, police officers, and other everyday people need to pay more to help the richest of Americans. He believes it is fine to borrow money from China to give tax breaks to the richest people in America. Just blame the Liberals for spending too much. He endorses the Paul Ryan Budget which is a reverse Robin Hood philosophy. And one of Romney's favorite endorsers is the low life has been rocker Ted Nugent. Ted shows his machismo by killing animals in a captive environment. What a jerk! And Romney is proud to have his endorsement. But Ted is right with Romney on women's rights. They pretty much see eye to eye with the Taliban.

Terry: It frightens me when I hear in spite of all his failings he is running a tight race!

Sacky: Americans are stupid! In the Democratic Primary in West Virginia, TEN counties voted for a felon over Obama. That felon is still in jail in Texas! That’s right, they voted for a criminal over Obama. Statewide he got 40% of the vote in West Virginia.

Terry: You know some people say Obama has not been successful at job creation and consequently do not want to vote for him.

Sacky: Ask them if they have been living in a cave in Pakistan. When the Country was in the worst crisis since the Great Depression all the Republicans cared about was seeing that Obama failed. Recall Mitch McConnell famous words: “The single most important thing we want to achieve is for President Obama to be a one-term president.” The GOP was more concerned in ensuring Obama’s failure then in pulling the country out of the crisis. And it worked! In 2010 we elected Tea Party folks even more determined to make the Black President Fail.

Terry: You think race is a factor in the Tea Party?

Sacky: Do I think race is a factor in the Tea Party? For over a year before Obama took Office, George W. Bush was bailing out the economy. Bush inherited a surplus from Clinton, but he spent money hand over fist on two wars, one based on lies. After lack of regulation allowed the economy to tank, he bailed out Wall Street and the Banks. He passed out Stimulus checks; He bailed out Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. He signed the Troubled Asset Relief Act (TARP). The list goes on. He passed on to Obama a crippled Nation in need of repair and the Tea Party was nowhere to be seen. There was no Tea Party hollering socialism. There was no Tea Party crying about deficit spending. Over 11% unemployment and still no Tea Party rallies. You did not hear of the Tea Party under George W. Bush. Nope! But 38 days after Obama took Office here they come. So it seems Mitch had a good idea as far as the GOP is concerned. Make Obama fail regardless of the cost to the country and GOP will get elected. Did I say Americans are stupid?

Terry: What do we do if he Romney wins?

Sacky: I am moving to France where they do not allow wearing of any religious symbols in public, where they have passed a tax on the rich to help the economy, and where 6 week vacations are standard. Give me a bottle of wine and a baguette with some cheese! Romney was there as a Mormon Recruiter and they laughed at him.

Terry: But they like Jerry Lewis!

Sacky: I said it was better, not perfect!

Terry: I believe you are over your writer’s block. Good night Sacky.

Sacky: Kiss my belly!


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