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South East Bexar County Awareness: SISD MORE MONEY TO DISPENSE: JULY 16, 2013

Updated on June 23, 2014

The agenda posted; the board is ready to give away more money. The newly elected members of the board have been active for just two months and have spent Southside ISD funds at an alarming rate. If they continue down this path, the district will be as bankrupt as they left the Emergency Service District #6; where some of them were board members.

The following items were some of the items of interest to look at on the agenda.

  • Item number 6 is to appoint Mr. Chavez as the TIRZ #6 Liaison with Mission Del Lago away from Andrew Herrera, former ESD6 board president that served with Mr. Chavez.
  • Item number 7 to appoint Interim Superintendent, Mr. Vela as Investment Officer is typical of the position, as it is shown to have been the position of existing Superintendents as well.
  • Item number 17, Take Possible Action regarding ADDITIONAL Superintendent's Secretary. (the Superintendent already has a secretary, why would a Superintendent need two secretaries?) One to give "private or secret" responsibilities and one to give the day to day responsibilities? Since there has been little, if any transparency on the newly elected board, one has to wonder why this new position.
  • ITEM #18- Consider and take action regarding Compensation Salary Plan (This newly elected board just spent approx. $2 million dollars in salaries and compensations in the month of June, how much more do they plan to give away?)

Do you think a motion to give Alma Guzman-Estrada is ethical or even legal?

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Action Item A:

Consideration and Possible ACtion Regarding Pending Litigation and Possible SETTLEMENT of Civil Action No. 5:12CV-9, Alma Guzman-Estrada v. Southside Independent School District, in the United States District Court for the Western District of Texas, San Antonio Division; No. 13-50031, Alma- Guzman-Estrada v. Southside Independent School District, United States Court of Appeals, Fifth Judicial Circuit.

The lawsuit brought on by Alma Guzman-Estrada against the school district was well publicized in the media. It was found by two courts to be without merit. Ms. Guzman then chose to file an appeal, where the case is pending.

It is said, "nowhere" on the board minutes that the school board voted to "settle" at any time with Alma Guzman-Estrada. The media made it clear that the intentions of the board were to fight this case and not settle with Alma Guzman- Estrada who was asking for $650,00. On the contrary, the minutes state that the board will have the right to counter sue Ms. Guzman for damages if they so choose.

It is well known that Alma Guzman-Estrada campaigned for the newly elected board members and has had a relationship with all four of them; Mr. Cannon, Mr. Brewer, Mr. Chavez and Mr. Luna who served as her boss at the district.

How ethical or even legal is that?

If nothing else, it shows what lengths these tight knit five, who are being coached and supported by Ms. Mendelsohn, President of the ESD6 board, to advance their own agendas.


Maybe the board ran into a legal snag, or not enough votes, since not all members were present. The answer why is not known, but the one thing that is; the board will continue to pursue the coarse of settlement with Ms. Alma Guzman- Estrada.

One had to ask why? What law firm would advise their client to settle on a case that they are winning? Or is this a "team" of members that have chosen to ignore those that know best and follow their own agenda?


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