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Sarah Palin Book Tour

Updated on June 27, 2010

Sarah Palin Is Back!

Did she ever really go anywhere? Sarah Palin is back in the news daily now with the release of her book Going Rogue - An American Life. After resigning from the governorship of Alaska, Sarah has been giving speaches and working on her book that is just being released. Never far from the media's attention, she has periodically jumped into the headlines and now she is back again and getting more attention than ever.

Rumor has it that the book details her relationship with John McCain and his handlers and that it wasn't always a rosy picture. She had her own ideas during the campain and they often clashed with the more liberal McCain. This Sarah Palin book tour is likely to spill some of the beans and the title of her book shows that she is on her own path.

Sarah Palin On Oprah

One of the publicity stops she will be making is on the Oprah show. This is a very gutsy move and the interview will likely be full of tough questions and contention. Oprah has made no secret that she does not like Sarah Palin and I am sure Sarah doesn't like Oprah much either. How this interview will play out will be fascinating to see.

She will also be going on Bill O'Reilly's show on Fox as well as making many other stops around the country and on television. She will no doubt be interviewed by most talk radio shows as well so this is going to be a busy end of the year for Palin.

She has been paid well for this book so that might be one of the reasons she resigned from being the governor of Alaska. Sometimes you have to take advantage of a situation and milk it for all you can as she appears to be doing.

Sarah Is A Marketable Commodity

Since the time she burst onto the scene over a year ago, Sara Palin has gotten so much attention that the things she wears get lots of publicity. She wore some red shoes to her acceptance speech and suddenly everyone wanted to know what brand they were. it turns out they were Naughty Monkey Double Dare Pumps and they started flying off the shelves.

Likewise the Sarah Palin Glasses as they are called, were and still are hot and hard to find. Turns out they are Kawasaki 704's made in Japan and sold in only a few places here in the states. Suddenly there was a rush to get those glasses and they were sold out everywhere.

This all shows how marketable Sara is and everying she touches does well. Except maybe winning elections.

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    • profile image

      Tommy Cook 7 years ago

      Sarah, you and Governor Huckabee should run on the same ticket for President in 2012. God Speed!

    • profile image

      Joe Nino 8 years ago

      Ms Palin is a beautiful intelligent American woman with values and integrity. She was the only reason I voted for the MCain ticket. If she becomes a candidate I'm sure she'll expose Obama for the Muslim inexperience he is.... Go SarAH!!!!!!!!!!