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Sarah Palin's resignation

Updated on August 26, 2009

Sarah Palin's resignation

Sarah Palin's resignation

With Sarah Palin's announcement that she will transfer the power of Governor of Alaska to her Lieutenant Governor, many have speculated that she will enter the 2012 Presidential race. There are also those who have speculated that she quit because of the pressure that the media and Democrats have put on her.

I have 4 questions that I would like to address.

Was her resignation good for Alaska? There are many Democrats and main stream media that hate Sarah Palin. They have tried to accuse her of many scandals and allegations. It has taken over 2 million dollars of the tax payers money along with much time for Governor Palin to address these issues and prove them to be false. By stepping down as Governor, the allegations should subside which means this will save the tax payers money. Since the new Governor will not be battling these allegations, he will have more time to govern. The current Lieutenant Governor is on the same page as Governor Palin so he will be able to execute the same plan that Palin had. Resigning was a good move for Alaska.

Was this a good move for Sarah Palin's family? Governor Palin accumulated over $500,000 in legal fees battling the allegations of the liberal media and Democrats. As I stated earlier these allegations were false but she still had to prove them to be inaccurate. By resigning as Governor, Palin now frees up time to write a book and do speeches which will create money for her to pay her legal fees. Resigning was a good move for her family.

Was this a good move for her country? Governor Palin announce at her resignation that she would continue to be active in promoting the conservative agenda of less government and lower taxes. She did not specify how she would do that, whether it be privately or politically. She has historically drawn large crowds whenever she speaks. Getting more ideas out to the citizens of the United States is always good. Resigning was a good move for the country.

Was resigning a good move if Governor Palin wants to run for President in 2012? There are many people that love Sarah Palin and many that hate her. She could do pretty much anything and I don't think their opinions would change. If Governor Palin should decide to run for President, I don't think her resignation would have any effect on whether or not she won the Republican nomination. If she did win the nomination and was running against Barack Obama, there are only 2 ways she could win. If she could successfully convince the American voters that her resignation was a good move. This will be extremely difficult because the liberal media will do everything in their power to cover up any explanation she may have. The second way is if the American voters realize that President Obama and the current Democrats in power are really Socialists AND the voters are against Socialism. In that case the voters will be voting against Obama and pretty much any one that ran against him could win. This is basically how Obama and the Democrats won in 2008. Many voters hated President Bush and were voting against the Republicans. Resigning was not a good move for Palin's presidential aspirations.

In my opinion, Sarah Palin will not run for President. I think she will wind up either leading some conservative group or maybe have her own TV show like Mike Huckabee has done.


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