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Setting the record straight on Puerto Rico II

Updated on January 27, 2012

Seed loath reap hate

The following is in response to a writer from another website. She wrote in reference to Puerto Rico in, well, not a fair manner. I publish it here because their site allows for so many number of words... So here it goes...

Being a good writer should not prevent from doing some further research before sitting by the keyboard to portray what is really a lazy snapshot taken from a very narrow perspective.

With a taxi driver as reported first source, suffice it to say, the media you represent seems just as reliable as Wikipedia and The Examiner combined.

...Anyone able to put a sentence together can be successful there!

How about this for ignorant. A person from Argentina is an American. A Canadian is an American. A Puerto Rican, whether they'd be United States or free territory, will still be an American.


If it is all that bad, why go there on vacation?

Why don't we talk about the fact that the United States has the largest inmate community in all the planet?

This article is written in the classic pejorative tone expected from a person with limited culture, or worse, one that is convinced that self-reference is the new journalism. Still in 2012 we have to deal with basically biased remarks. It will never change. So Puerto Rico is small and people live on top of each other? All of Puerto Rico? Whoever reads this would think the writer stayed in Puerto Rico for a year.

I've lived in Puerto Rico for 44 years, and there are still places in this beautiful island that I've never been. Puerto Rico can indeed be small, but is nothing compared to some narrow minded people.

How do you spell irresponsible?

I do not even support our current political party and I have to interject further in pointing out the irresponsible comment of stating our Government cuts electricity to save on the bill.

I thought it was because the taxi driver told you that we stole miles and miles of copper wire.

There is not one single statistic or serious reference in this article.

Which black people the writer spoke to? Did she do a survey to state that "black people describe themselves as white"? Generalizations such as this belong to Facebook.

So there are no cartels in the United States...

How can the writer talk about the economy in Puerto Rico when superpower United States is on the brink of collapse close to printing China money? This is like daddy blaming its children.

Next time the writer wishes to portray drug trafficking, look first to the United States segregated, yes segregated areas of Southern California. Let the whole world know about your Crips and Bloods! Let the world know about your extortion plea bargains.

Or better yet, maybe she'd be able to find some reliable sources when writing a piece on Colombia.

In essence, next time the writer plans on visit Puerto Rico, she should make sure she leaves her loathsome trash home. We do not need any more trash here.


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    • CrazyGata profile image

      CrazyGata 6 years ago from Puerto Rico

      Well, we live in the northeast area... Caribbean Rainforest, beach, a couple a hubs... will make nice pictures for this community!

    • mio cid profile image

      mio cid 6 years ago from Uruguay

      would be delighted, if the opportunity presents itself, no doubt about it.

    • CrazyGata profile image

      CrazyGata 6 years ago from Puerto Rico

      I'll say... hey! our families should meet!

    • mio cid profile image

      mio cid 6 years ago from Uruguay

      I have yet to find a person who has traveled to Puerto Rico and doesn't want to go back and hasn't had an unforgettable vacation there,I myself have been wanting to travel there for years and I haven't had the opportunity yet but I hope I will soon,now that my wife and kids are permanent is possible that a person with a poor soul could even visit paradise and complain of what is lacking there unable to enjoy beauty and pleasure.