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Should Selling Drugs Be Legalized

Updated on October 13, 2009

The Drug Business Is Booming

    Drugs are one of the major problems in society today,people kill for it,steal for it,kill themselves over it,families break apart,and it produces crime at a high rate. But it seems that the illegal drug selling business is the only thing not affected by the economy as of now. The drug dealers should be hurting financially just as much as the rest of us are right? But they are not because if you have a addiction you are going to find some way of getting what you need,the street dealers know this as well as the politicians. So much government money is said to be put into drug bust operations each year to try to clean up the streets its completely a waste of time because its here,its been here and its not going anywhere. Many of you would probably not agree with what I am saying because there are neighborhoods where you dont see drug use or it merely does not exist to the public eye,you could be the richest peron alive living in a multi million dollar home but drug use and it doesnt matter what kind legal or not does exist everywhere. Police officers sworn to uphold the law use drugs,how do i know this? Pay attention to the story lines of teens reportedly being assaulted by cops and having drugs placed on them,or millions in drugs coming up missing from evidence rooms,do you think that some cops dont pocket cash or drugs during busts? If you're thinking like that its past due time for a wake up call.

    More than half a million people are in Jail on drug charges meaning more government money spent keeping them behind bars.  The reason behind this is that the sellers are getting locked up everyday but the suppliers are not getting caught. Why go after the small time sellers when if you really want to propose a drug war you could go directly after the suppliers?  Maybe its because nobody seems to know who the suppliers,maybe the person in charge is a government official,the local dentist,family doctor,your childs school teacher,the entertainer that your kids envy,your next door neighbor,or your grandmother Betty. Whoever it is they seem to be eluding the law and doing a great job at it while mantaining a multi billion dollar Business that we all know the government wants in on but wont come right out and say it.

$109,000 found by Border Patrol in California during a checkpoint

This is chump change to a big time dealer,but was seized by Border Patrol in California.
This is chump change to a big time dealer,but was seized by Border Patrol in California.

Would everyone suffer or profit from legalized drug selling?

Would everyone prosper from legalized drug selling,we know all the problems it would cost and has costed? If drugs were legalized where you could just go in the store and purchase cocain,exstacy,marijuana,heroin or any of the others we would see a drop in the street dealers killing each other to maximize profit,we would see a drop in federal or government money going towards keeping these street dealers behind bars,there would be more legal jobs created,there would be money being put back into the economy. This would mean that everyone would profit from this,except the little girl who is being neglected because her parents have a legal addiction,the high rise in crack addicted babies,a rise in robbery because some will definetely be making more than others,the little ten year old who's first job at a candy store would be handing out doritos and rocks, the school teacher who cant function enough to teach her class because she's legally strung out,the firemen who rushed off to put out the fire but left all the equipment at the station because they were getting high,the grandmother who is still raising her grandchildren alone due to the fact their parents are on a crack mission,the cta bus driver who is arriving late at every stop because he has to shoot up every hour,the people who's boss forgot to issue their paychecks or simply couldnt because he spent it all on dugs.

Okay I am sure you get the point now as to why some think it should be legalized and others think it can only hurt us more. But we would like to know what you think so please stop down and take our poll. We want to hear your comments as well so scroll to the bottom and let us know your experiences and feelings on this.

Drug Legalization Poll

Would drug legalization help or hurt us?

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      8 years ago from b.c

      it would help in the fact that no more street deallers


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