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Should We Demand A Referendum For Britain To Leave The EU?

Updated on May 16, 2012

Don't Fly The EU Flag For Britain

No More EU for Britain
No More EU for Britain

Get Britain Out of the EU

It is now almost a daily occurrence that we find the bullying Eurocrats interfering with our lives. We are told what shape our fruit has to be and even what colour paint we are allowed to use.They have even meddled with car insurance,when they outlawed risk assessments on a persons gender.

Those downright ridiculous and trivial things are nothing compared to the EU bureaucrats intrusions on our pensions and taxes.They are intent on bringing out rules and laws that will lower your pensions that you have worked hard for, whilst the taxes you pay will prop up the benefits and pensions of other desperate European Union members.

Light bulbs, balloons and we can't sell eggs by the dozen now, are just a few more of the many ridiculous and futile laws the meaningless EU leaders want to force on to us.You can also add the stifling political correctness that is driven by the EU.

All the Eu stands for undermines Britain's prosperity and democracy, if it continues Britain could be dragged into "The Third World",and this cannot be tolerated.

EU Threat To Democracy

The powers that be from Brussels and Germany have already replaced the Governments of Greece and Italy without elections as they failed to cope with the Euro fiasco.(Greece are now trying to fight back).Other counties that default are going to find themselves under the dictatorship of the interloping Eurocrat tormentors.

Now EU crackpots are secretly planning to abolish Britain and other member nations by creating a new unelected bureaucrat who will replace the presidents of the European Commision and Council.

Effectivley this is a conspiracy to create a "United States of Europe". This is nothing new to us, history will tellus of past attempts through wars, but now now we are being conned and bullied.

The only way out for Britain is to quit the European Union.

Demand a Referendum for Britain to Quit the EU

If a referendum had been held ten or even twenty years ago, I think the result would be the same, and that the people of Britain would want to get our Nation out of the European Union.Britain never wanted the Euro as it wanted to keep its independence and that is what Britain needs to vote for now and retain its independence as a Nation.

All governments in the past have resisted the clamour for a referendum, they know what the outcome would be.A referendum is now a must. The population realises that the EU is now costing Britain far too much,and that money that would be better off in Britains own economy.

What Do You Think?

Should Britain Quit The EU

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Britain Wants Referendum To Leave EU

You can sign the e-petition for Britain Wants Referendum To Leave EU by using the link below.

If you think Britain needs to quit the EU, then sign on and demand a referendum now!

A Referendum To Save Britain

Ever since I can remember the EU has took more out of Britain than we have given them.The EU has consistently ravaged Britain with its outageous laws, it has failed and failed Britain.Politicians must realize the Nation does not want the EU.

Britain must quit the European Union to bring back freedom and democracy, not just for this generation but for future generations.

Politicians need to recognize that public opinion matters, and demand a referendum now!


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    • ronaldoh profile image

      ronaldoh 6 years ago from England

      Thanks for your comment aethelthryth, the EU is destroying Britain,we cannot continue throwing good money after bad.

    • aethelthryth profile image

      aethelthryth 6 years ago from American Southwest

      A vote from "across the pond" - over 200 years ago we had a war with you-all to stop interference like this, and it seems it turned out pretty well and we're quite friendly today.

      You don't even have a European monarch (yet) you would be rebelling against. A referendum sounds a lot easier than a war. Get out now!