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Will the Euro Survive?-How Would the Demise of the Euro Affect the UK

Updated on August 15, 2012

The Euro

The European free market led to the set up of the euro as a single currency intended for the members of the European community.This of course would make trading much more simpler between the community members.

Does the euro still stands up as a strong currency?Many financial institutions and political commentators are dived on whether the demise of the Euro is imminent.

Is the Euro going to fail and will it affect the UK?

The Euro Benefits

The greedy incompetent bankers and the reckless wasteful extravagances of the European members governments are constantly being blamed for continual problems predicted for the euro.Yet the more resilient members of European Union such as Germany and France believe the euro is still a strong currency and believe the UK should be involved.

There is definitely an amount of haughtiness from certain commentators that have always reputed that the UK should not take on the euro, and the constant moaning of the British public make it inconceivable that the euro would ever take over the UK economy.

The euro is a robust currency for Germany and France who have sturdy and solid economies. They have reaped the benefits and so have some of their trading partners including the UK.

There are real benefits of a single currency , but are all the communities individual Nations strong enough and sensible enough, to ever make the euro work and make Europe prosper.

Euro Failures

The euro failure has caused the near collapse of Ireland and Spain, with Italy and Greece also staring at bankruptcy.The bail out of the countries in trouble is ongoing, and the UK is having to pay its share as well.

The problem for Britain is the EU has too much power over the UK goverment. Euro sceptics in the UK have long been telling us the euro will never be a success because of the huge differences in potency between the north and south of Europe.

Germany and France

History seems be repeating itself again as the astuteness of the "Big Two" countries have got together to diminish other countries in Europe including the UK, without going to war-just as Napolean and Hitler did previously.

If this is allowed to happen, the "Fat Cats" will get fatter, then Germany and France will become the big industrial Nations of Europe, aided an abetted by taxes from the UK.

Will the Euro Survive?

France and Germany certainly want the euro to survive, they are hell-bent on ensuring the rest of the European Community are there to prop up the failing members.

Greece would love to ditch the euro , and rid itself of the currency which is destroying its nation, sure they would still be shouldered with a heavy debt, but by reverting to the drachma they could set a currency rate to liberate themselves and, just possibly produce a success story.

The major players in Europe would not want this to happen, hence the constant bail outs. For them the euro has to succeed.

The Euro and the UK

I for one am happy that we never took the decision to take on the euro.The UK is big enough to survive without the euro and the EU as well.

It is a double edged sword for the UK, who will pay out whether the euro survives or not.It would pay out a lot less if the euro were to fail, and a lot less still it could free itself from the shackles of the domineering European Nations.


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    • maxoxam41 profile image

      Deforest 5 years ago from USA

      I don't see in what way the euro is at fault for the bankruptcies of Greece and Italy, what about bad investments from the governments as asserted by investigative journalist Greg Palast?

      However I never understood why countries with different economies, different social, political... backgrounds would apply a common currency besides facilitating trading!

      It is said that the dollar lost 96% since 1916, if a currency ha sto be watched, I suggest the U.S. dollar!