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Should the veto of the pipeline legislaton be overturned?

Updated on February 25, 2015

The recent veto of for the construction of the XL pipeline needs to be overturned by Congress. This is a first test of the current Congress and will undoubtedly not be the last. Congress needs to get some backbone and stand up for the American people beginning with overturning this legislation. Congress has a unique role as part of the checks and balance in our government and which that authority they must be responsible to put the people first not party politics or policy. This applies to both political parties.

The President has the responsibility to submit a budget to Congress for their examination and if the elements/proposals make sense to pass the appropriate legislation to put them in place. Congress must put the country and their constituents first in everything they do. The pass few legislative sessions and even the past few administrations the appearance which has been generated is that administrations and Congress care more about party politics and policy not their constituents.

The techniques used in tapping our energy resources, specifically oil and gas have been proven to be a viable technology which has seen little if any environmental impact. Many studies have been generated associated the technique of fracking currently used and the results are clear. The success of states using this technology has seen a resurgence of economic prosperity and income not to mention low unemployment.

Congress needs to get a backbone and stand up for the country and the people. The checks and balance are there for a reason and our founding fathers were wise in putting this principle in place. When any President, executive department or agency oversteps their jurisdiction Congress must act to reign in these actions. A good step to initiate associated with executive departments or agencies whether through legislative action or calling department or agencies heads before Congress they must hold them accountable for their actions/decisions. This I am sad to say has not been as prevalent in Congress as it should be. If rules and/or regulations are not specifically tied to legislative requirements they should be challenged by the appropriate committee or legislative body.

All the statistics about the methods being used in tapping our energy resources clearly have been proven. All members of Congress need to take bold action and push back on the veto of this legislative effort which would clearly benefit not only those individuals who are out of work but would provide additional revenue to help with our budget deficit. When individuals are working tax revenue is generated which goes to not only local and state governments but to the federal government. While some actions by federal departments and agencies have been questioned this it is the exception rather than the rule. Granted there needs to be some restraint so the function of any department or agency is not impacted but these entities are currently getting a free reign in the actions they are taking and should be questioned more than they are.

Congress has a responsibility to oversee the operations of the federal government at the executive level to ensure the laws they passed are properly being enforced. From some reports in the media decisions are being made which may be in conflict with the legislation they were created to address the decisions may be in conflict with the Constitution. When actions clearly are not within the power and authority of the federal government as defined in the Constitution they should be questioned. Congress should not back down with regards to accomplishing the responsibilities with which they are entrusted. The rights and privileges of the American people need to be protected from the overreach of government. Laws which benefit our country and citizens need to be fought for by Congress to ensure they are enacted through whatever means is available to Congress to make them happened. Overturning the veto of this legislation would be a great start by Congress in establishing a new philosophy of operations getting rid of the past culture which has plagued the inability of Congress to tackle tough decisions.


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