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Shut Up Scotland You have NO Rights

Updated on February 11, 2017

You have no right to complain. You voted NO.

You have no right to an Independence Referendum. You voted NO.

You have no right to speak in Parliament for more than a minute. You voted NO.

You have no right to an impartial media. You voted NO.

You have no right to set your own taxes. You voted NO.

You have no right to right to set your own immigration policy. You voted NO.

You have have no right to call your successful sportsmen Scottish. Only the losers. You voted NO.

You have no right to a separate Parliament. You voted NO.

You have NO RIGHTS. Got it?

What Westminster Allows Scotland

We will graciously let you design your own road signs. You voted NO.

We will graciously let you remain silent when Westminster screws you. You voted NO.

We will graciously let you subsidise England. You voted NO.

We will graciously let you pay more for electricity generated in Scotland than the English pay for the same Electricity shipped to England. You voted NO.

We will graciously let you vote NO if Westminster grants you an Independence Referendum. You voted NO.

We will graciously let you allow your NHS to be underfunded then privatised. You voted NO.

We will graciously let you hear Unionists tell lies about Scotland. You voted NO.

We will graciously let you accept an ever increasing state pension age. You voted NO.

We will graciously let you leave the EU, the Single Market, the European Court of Justice, You voted NO.

We will graciously let you abandon Human Rights and Workers Rights after Brexit. You voted NO.

What Is the Best Way for Scotland to Become Independent

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Just A Beautiful Photo
Just A Beautiful Photo

Naked Contempt for Scotland

This last week has shown the sheer contempt in which Westminster politicians and the English Establishment hold Scotland and made independence more likely.

Scotland’s elected representatives managed, by direct application to the speaker, to get a voice in the debate on the one page Brexit Bill presented by that paragon of immaculate planning Theresa May the Unelected carrying out the will of some 37% of the electorate and got a generous two minutes to present their case before being shut down and told, patronisingly, that the speaker had been very generous letting them speak at all.

To be fair 37% is larger than the share of the vote the Tories normally get and much larger than the share they will get until they, with the acquiescence of the party formerly known as Labour, now to be renamed the Abstainers gerrymander electoral boundaries to ensure a Tory government that will last a thousand years.

Our glorious Pry Minster presented a Brexit White Paper that demonstrated her commitment to transparent government and completely contradicted a key argument for Brexit. The paper was immediately seen through as having less detail then the surface of a pint of milk and more holes than a sieve. At least with a sieve some short sighted people can see more clearly when they look through one of the holes. Scotland was again ignored as were Wales and Northern Ireland

The View From Westminster

Look at things from the Westminster perspective, or at least the perspective of those not blinded by past imperial glory who are determined either to make a fortune or avoid losing one. The people who subtly guide the Labour-Tory grand coalition.

Oil is over valued, even at current prices. When the Carbon Bubble bursts no one knows what will happen. Renewables are getting cheaper almost by the day, despite the best efforts they make at preventing this, for example removing subsidies for Solar power. Soon the UK will not need Scotland’s oil, as oil is pretty useless for anything except burning. Oil companies will crash, the Saudi market for British weapons will crash and Nuclear power will change from a profit opportunity to a white elephant. Best to send Scotland on its way and let them sort out the mess. The Broad Shoulders of the UK should shrug and point them to the door.

And Wales, well they all now about Wales from the old rhyme that starts “Taffy was a Welshman, Taffy was a thief...”. Ok Prince, possibly later King Charles might object but he can keep the title and we can send them on their way.

Northern Ireland? They are just a waste of money and time. Without Scotland we won’t need unionist votes and once we are outside the EU they may well vote to rejoin Eire. Good riddance, let Dublin get the bombs.

With luck we may even lose Cornwall.

The Tory Plan

We can now see the Tory plan, one hidden from the foot soldiers and even most of the generals.

Do what it takes to keep banking in London. London tends to vote Labour so if it becomes a separate country, a kind of buffer state between England and the EU so much the better. We could build a wall round it.

Ensure Scotland leave in the way that lets us profit most from it. A referendum with a Better Together campaign headed by useful idiots Davison and Dugdale should do the job and if Scotland votes no despite all this we can anally rape them with blunt saw blades for ever. The useful idiots can be bought with the promise of a safe seat, a knighthood or a peerage. It worked with Beckham. Oil is small change compared to Finance but we need to strip whatever assets we can from Scotland. Ideally get them to declare UDI and hope the EU does not instantly recognise them as a country. Build another wall. It did not do the Romans much good and they tried it twice, but third time lucky. If it lasts as long as the Berlin Wall it will have done its job. Can we get Scotland to pay for it?

Make sure Eire gets the North of Ireland. Catholics are breeding like rabbits and will soon outnumber Protestants then we can say unionism is undemocratic.

Just to make sure, rig electoral boundaries for a permanent Tory majority with our poodles the Labstainers always the second largest party. Or maybe we can take it in turns to rule.

Britain is already a tax haven, but only for the rich. Private Eye exposed that long ago. Now make it official. No Corporation tax. Screw Scotland by doing what Dubai did – No personal income tax. That will make the plebs happy.

Trebles all round


The Tories are on course to take their country back, regain control and make it great again. Shame about the poor, disabled, uneducated and immigrants but you can’t make an omelette without breaking eggs.

In the process they are demonstrating their contempt for Scotland and to lesser extent their contempt for anyone not English. Wales and Northern Ireland are getting it light because the English only have a certain amount of energy to spare for xenophobia and it is currently used up on EU nationals, other immigrants and the Scots.

Hopefully they will let Scotland go its own way soon. Theresa May’s

Then we can take our country back, regain control and make it great again.

Lets use The Brexit themes and the Trump themes in our campaign before they start campaigning


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