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Social Issues: Finger Pointing

Updated on May 6, 2013

I’m tired of all the bickering. I'm tired of all the finger pointing. And I'm tired of all the blame.

I’m sick and tired of everyone blaming the President for the problems facing our nation. If one man did all this damage, then why is it one man can’t fix it? If one man did it, then surely an entire Congress can fix it.

Now, doesn’t that sound stupid?

The Blame Game

This blame game that is being played serves no one. We are all guilty to some extent for the problems in this world. We’ve been greedy, selfish, stubborn, and spoiled. We’ve turned our heads and looked the other way, closed our eyes to what we didn’t want to see, and ignored what we didn’t want to hear. We’ve elected people to positions of authority and never held them accountable. We say we want a smaller government yet we want stricter regulation. We can’t have it both ways.

Congress blames the President and the President blames Congress. Whites blame the blacks and blacks blame the whites. Christians blame the Muslims and the Muslims blame the Christians. The rich blame the poor and the poor blame the rich. Gays blame the straights and the straights blame the gays. Environmentalists blame science and scientists blame the environment. With that much blame being thrown around, it seems like we could all share in a piece of it.

One man can’t fix what is wrong in this world. An entire Congress can’t fix it all either. The truth is, it will take every single person doing their small part to even get us slightly back on track.

The Power of "We"

There is no magic wand to wave and make all these problems go away.

We have a debt problem, racial tension, extreme weather patterns, and we are still at war.

We have children committing murder, women prostituting for drugs, and men running guns across our borders.

We are watching our elderly choose food over medicine, mothers letting someone else raise their babies while they work two jobs, and men who can’t find a job.

We have an entire generation of young people who have a formal education but no common sense and kids with plenty of common sense and no money to pay for an education. We watch as our city parks become home to the homeless and the beauty of our national parks is neglected.

We demand more and are willing to give less.

Self inspection and self-reliance

I don’t want to hear it anymore - that it’s someone else’s fault. Maybe it’s time we started asking ourselves why we didn’t do something before it got this bad. That might be interesting, don’t you think? Oh, but then we might have to admit we waited too long. Did we really think someone else would fix it and we wouldn’t have to do anything differently? Are we really that arrogant? Maybe we are.

I don’t want or need someone else to fix my problems. They are mine to fix. And if I fix them, I won’t be a burden on the system. I won’t be waiting for my neighbor or the President, or even Congress to fix it for me. But it’s a lot easier to wait for someone else, isn’t it? If I wait, I can keep on being greedy and selfish and stubborn and spoiled. Or can I?

No, if I don’t tackle my own problems when I identify them, they will only escalate and eventually spin out of control. I’m not stupid. I know when I’ve spent too much. I’m smart enough to know when I’ve neglected the care of my vehicle or home. I’m smart enough to know when my diet isn’t healthy or economical and I know the price I will pay both in health and finances. I don’t need to be a genius to know that I can’t spend more than I make and that if I walk around with a chip on my shoulder, sooner or later someone is going to knock it off.

Are we so foolish?

I’m no fool and I don't think you are either. I know that if I don’t care about others, chances are they won’t care about me either. If I don’t speak up for the child being bullied, that child might grow up angry and kill my neighbor’s grandchildren. If I don’t treat everyone equally, regardless of the color of their skin or the religion of their choice, then I may be ridiculed for my own. If I cannot find it in my heart to care about the elderly, can I expect to be cared for when I am old and gray? If I do not treat the mentally ill or handicapped with kindness, can I expect kindness if I should one day stand in their shoes?

All this blame just seems to be a foolish waste of time. We need to start fixing things ourselves, in our own homes and neighborhoods.

It is said that when you point a finger, you have three fingers pointing back at yourself. Think about it.

© 2013 Linda Crist, All rights reserved.


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