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Something Strange is Happening on the Moon

Updated on November 30, 2017

Officially the Moon is Uninteresting

Ever since Humans first lifted our heads out of primordial unconsciousness we have been contemplating the strange orb that appears in the night sky after the Sun goes down. Officially, there is nothing unusual or strange about the Moon. Nothing out of the ordinary is going on, or has ever happened concerning the Moon. Officially, the Moon is just a battered, beaten, cratered, barren, lifeless mass endlessly orbiting Earth. Apparently, there is nothing at all of any interest whatsoever concerning Earth's Moon. However, that is only the official version of things. How often have we found much more going on than what is contained within the official story?

Isaac Asimov
Isaac Asimov

"We cannot help but come to the conclusion that the Moon by rights ought not to be there. The fact that it is, is one of the strokes of luck almost too good to accept. Small planets, such as Earth, with weak gravitational fields, might well lack satellites. In general then, when a planet does have satellites, those satellites are much smaller than the planet itself. Therefore, even if the Earth has a satellite, there would be every reason to suspect that at best it would be a tiny world, perhaps 30 miles in diameter. But that is not so. Earth not only has a satellite, but it is a giant satellite, 2160 miles in diameter. How is it then, that tiny Earth has one? Amazing." - Isaac Asimov

No one Understands the Moon

There have been many theories and opinions, but no one really knows where the Moon came from. There are no definitive answers as to what it is, how it formed, or how it arrived in its location. Most people believe that all the answers were worked out and settled long ago, but it is not so.

The official theory suggests the Moon was once part of Earth. According to this, over 4 billion years ago a giant planetary body the size of Mars slammed into Earth ejecting a huge mass into space that eventually became the Moon. This theory is called the Giant-impact Hypothesis. The theory works well until we consider that some of the rocks brought back to Earth from the Apollo missions are twice as old as anything on Earth. These are not rocks from outer space that landed on the Moon, they are rocks that were always part of the Moon. If the Moon is twice as old as Earth, how could it have ever been part of Earth?

Another theory, the Capture Theory, suggests Earth's gravity captured the Moon as it was going by, but this cannot be. If the Moon was captured by Earth's gravity it would have an elliptical orbit, but it does not. The orbit of the Moon is nearly a perfect circle around the equator with one side always facing Earth. This would not be true if Earth's gravity captured it. There have been numerous other theories as well, but there are problems with all of them. The truth is, no one knows for certain how the Moon formed, what it is, or where it came from.

Christopher Knight

The Moon is a UFO

As seen from Earth, the Moon is precisely positioned to perfectly cover the Sun during a solar eclipse. This means the Moon is the exact distance from Earth necessary to produce an astoundingly perfect eclipse. How did this happen? No other body in the solar system, or anything known in the entire universe, is as perfectly located as our Moon. Life would not be as we know it if the Moon was not exactly, precisely, and specifically where it is. How can this be? This kind of precision does not happen naturally in nature. Nothing could be so precise, so exact, or so perfect unless it was intelligently placed exactly where it is for a specific purpose. Somebody put the Moon exactly where it is and It is not a natural occurring formation. Many people believe the Moon is an artificial satellite put into place by extremely technologically scientifically advanced extraterrestrials. If this is true, the Moon is a UFO.

This explanation works just as well as any of the other explanations. If someone did put the Moon where it is, who could have done something like that? How advanced would they have to be to do such a thing? What must the Moon actually be in order for this idea to be true? Considering the possibilities might provide a fantastic reward for those who are brave enough to consider incredible things.

Maria and Mascons

There are many other fascinating mysteries about the Moon as well. The dark areas visible on the surface of the Moon are called maria, which means "seas" in Latin. When astronomers were first looking at the Moon they thought the dark areas were actual seas of water, so this became their name. After astronomers realized there were no actual seas on the Moon, maria were thought to be the result of volcanic activity. They thought maria were caused by molten lava that had risen to the surface then cooled and hardened. This explanation may have been possible if lava or volcanic activity existed anywhere inside of or on the surface of the Moon, but it does not. There is no proper explanation for lunar maria. Centrally located in maria regions are strange objects known as mascons. Mascons consist of material so dense that the gravitational field of the Moon is altered by their presence.

Scientist, astronomers, and astronauts originally thought they would find volcanoes on the Moon, but they found the Moon void of any volcanic activity. Upon this discovery, the explanation for maria and mascons fell apart. Mascons and maria remain a mystery and continue to elude any conclusive explanation.

NASA Ignores Certain Things

Before landing, astronauts from Apollo 11 reported seeing illuminated areas on the surface of the Moon. They thought they were seeing volcanoes. The information was released, but this was before it was realized the Moon had no volcanic activity. If the bright areas were not volcanoes, what did the astronauts see?

At the time, Buzz Aldrin said the bright spots in the craters were the brightest thing he could see. After it was discovered and revealed that there are no volcanoes on the Moon, the illuminated areas were never mentioned again. Because there are no volcanoes, the astronauts did not see bright areas, right?

This just goes to show, if something does not fit into NASA's official version of reality, they will ignore it and pretend it did not happen. What else might they have ignored? What has NASA discovered and then pretended did not exist?

Earth-like Tracks on the Moon

People have seen odd things on or around the Moon for as long as they have been looking at it. For centuries people have seen lights, clouds, and dust moving around on or near the Moon. Official NASA photographs of the Moon have captured long cigar shaped objects, pyramids, and saucer shaped UFOs.

Comparisons of sequential images have revealed that something is actually moving on the surface of the Moon. When an object is photographed in a particular location, then that same object is later photographed in a new location with tracks behind it, It is no longer a theory or an opinion, it's a fact. Something is moving around on the Moon. These tracks look exactly the same as those left by vehicles traveling through deserts on Earth. The tracks appear, fade, and reappear over time exactly as if Earth-like activities were happening on the Moon.

Pyramids on the Moon

NASA Moon photographs have revealed structures that can only be described as pyramids. The configuration of these pyramids on the Moon match perfectly with the pyramids at Giza. Many locations on Earth have pyramids in this same layout. If these pyramids are real, how did they get there? It is impossible for pyramids on the Moon to be in precise alignment with pyramids on Earth unless somebody put them that way. Who put them there? Who did that?

Many believe it was aliens, others believe it was our ancient ancestors. Could this have been a very ancient advanced race of Humans from a place called Atlantis? Is it possible someone from that time still lives on the Moon? Some people think so. How ever it goes, it does appear that somebody, other than who we know about, has been to the Moon.

Moon Mining

Some people believe there have been mining operations on the Moon for many years. It is believed that these activities have been hidden from the public, the media, and even from Congress. According to this, all public NASA expeditions to the Moon have been a cover to conceal the true nature of what is actually happening. Some theories even suggest that since the early 1960's NASA has been traveling, not only to the Moon, but throughout the entire solar system as well. Some people believe that evidence of Moon mining can be seen in official NASA photographs. Those who make these claims assert that what is being seen is something that is happening currently, and has been going on for a very long time. If this is true, why have we never been informed about any of it? If all of this is really going on, what would be the reason for the secrecy? Why not just tell us? If it's true, the Human race can certainly handle being told the truth about it.

Lomonosov Crater
Lomonosov Crater

Fascinating Possibilities

Pictures of Lomonosov crater show something that looks like a city. Photographs of Copernicus crater show something that looks exactly like a mining operation. Some NASA images show objects standing miles high above the surface of the Moon. Other pictures show things that could only be described as cranes and heavy machinery used in mining operations. People have seen cities, space ports, lights, transport tubes, and even vegetation in pictures from the Apollo missions.

Of course, people can see what they want to see and make anything into anything else if they try, but this is a lot of people. How many people have to see the same thing before we start to seriously consider it as a possibility? If any of this is true, it is absolutely amazing. Who could do something like this? Who could actually have something like a mining operation on the Moon? Humans? Aliens?

As insane as this sounds, an astonishing number of very genuine, honest, educated, and otherwise rational people believe it is absolutely true. Although it has not been proven, considering the possibility is profoundly fascinating.

Copernicus Crater
Copernicus Crater

Aliens and Humans Work Together

Based on the technology we are aware of, it seems extremely unlikely that Humans would be capable of having a mining operation on the Moon. Either there is technology that we know nothing about, or a super advanced highly technological race of extraterrestrials is responsible for whatever may be happening. Other ideas suggest it could be a combination of both.

According to so-called insiders, there is an entire civilization on the Moon. Apparently, there are secretive joint operations between those on the Moon and those on Earth. According to these insiders, Antarctica is where the secret launches and everything else dealing with the Moon take place. Antarctica is out of the view of nearly everyone on the planet, so it would be a good place to hide a giant secret. Some theories conclude this is the reason for so much secrecy and military activity surrounding Antarctica. If there was a secret space program doing secret things, Antarctica would certainly be the place to do it. No one would ever see anything.

NASA Airbrushes

Many people believe this is all true and that the whole thing has been covered up. NASA stands accused of airbrushing photos, lying, and concealing information. Close examination of photographs absolutely suggests that NASA has airbrushed photographs since the 1970s. Researchers in this area claim you can verify this for yourself simply by having a look through a telescope.

If what you can see with your own eyes through a telescope is different than what is in NASA photographs, how is this explained? If things can be seen through a telescope, but cannot be seen in NASA photographs, what must have happened?

Aristarchus Crater
Aristarchus Crater

Look at Aristarchus through a Telescope

Aristarchus crater is the brightest area visible on the Moon. Official NASA images of Aristarchus appear uninteresting, but looking through a telescope might reveal that something is missing from NASA's photographs. Only through a telescope, with your own eyes, will you ever see the faint blue glow and the arched structure rising from the Moon's surface. Some people believe this is a nuclear reactor. This makes no sense at all unless there are many things we are not being told. Why would we be able to see more detail through a telescope than we can in official NASA photographs? Evidently, all of this has been going on the whole time without any of us ever knowing anything about it.

Helium-3 is Abundant on the Moon

If someone is mining the Moon, what could they possibly be mining for? What in this desolate barren place would they be digging around for?

Helium-3 has been found in abundance on the Moon and would be an excellent power source. There is enough Helium-3 on the Moon to power the whole Earth for many years, but unless it has been concealed we do not currently have the technology to use it. Nuclear fusion will be necessary to harvest the energy within Helium-3.

This is something that could be worth a huge amount of money, but somebody would have to own it to make money from it. Who can own the Helium-3 located on the Moon? How can anyone own that? Who does the Moon belong to?

According to the Universal Mineral Leases Registry, nearly all of the mineral resources of the Moon are owned by Joseph Resnick, Timothy O'Neill, and Guy Cramer. How did this happen? Space law does not allow any government on Earth to own anything in space, but individuals can, and do. How exactly does one go about owning part of space?

You can't buy something that is owned by no one, so they didn't pay any money for it. Can you just claim that something is yours and then own it? What arrogance is suggested by the idea that someone can own something in space. It's ridiculous. Apparently, we are fresh out of things to own on Earth, so it is time to own space. This sounds like a great idea. No one asked any of us who should own the mineral resources of the Moon.

They also didn't ask us when those same three guys decided that they might as well own the rest of the solar system too. They don't own the whole thing, but it's just three guys who own the majority of all the mineral resources in the entire solar system. Maybe they should just own the whole universe. If they are mining the Moon for Helium-3 and storing it up for future use, these three guys are going to make trillions upon trillions of dollars.

New Discoveries are Only Made with Open Minds

Many mysteries still remain concerning the Moon. We do not know everything there is to know. We don't have it all figured out and we should not pretend to. We still have a very long way to go before we ever even come close to really understanding things. We have not even explored and understood all of Earth, how could we possibly have a complete understanding of the Moon? Astronauts never ventured very far from the landing sites, so what makes us think we have it all figured out? That would be like landing on Antarctica and declaring Earth to be a frozen wasteland void of life.

We must move forward with an open mind and be willing to consider all possibilities, even when those possibilities seem impossible. New discoveries are never made by those who already have everything figured out. We do not have everything figured out and many discoveries are waiting to be discovered. If we look, what might we find? It could turn into an amazing adventure beyond anything we could have ever imagined. The possibilities are endless and fantastic.


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    • Jason Horne profile imageAUTHOR

      Jason Horne 

      3 years ago

      I will be coming to this a little later in my articles; I believe the Moon is nothing at all like we think it is. I don't think we actually have any idea in the world what it actually is, or how it came to be where it is. As far as my own personal opinion: I am absolutely convinced that the Moon is not a naturally occurring body. I believe the Moon is either a massive spacecraft, or some other "technology" that we don't know anything about -- specifically placed exactly where it is by intelligent nonhuman beings, a very long time ago -- for a specific purpose. I think the Moon has a fundamental role in the "reality" that humanity experiences, but this is all for another time, and another article. :)

    • Luke Holm profile image


      3 years ago

      Jason, this is a great synthesis of moon information. I really enjoyed the way you presented the information. In fact, I've skimmed through a few of your hubs and found them very interesting. What theory do you adhere to? Do you think the moon is a part of earth from an ancient collision, or do you think the moon is more of a spaceship sorta thing? Thanks for sharing. You've just acquired a new follower :)

    • wildbluefrontier profile image

      Nathan M 

      4 years ago from Tucson

      I think there is quite a bit about the moon which we don't know. Interesting hub!


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