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Somalia, Gangs and Pirates

Updated on October 10, 2010

Somalia, Under Seige

Somalia is completely ruled by gangs and criminals that exist by killing and robbing

the civilians. The government is non-existent, in a manner that we understand. The

entire country is a war-zone and Americans are a prize catch. If an American is taken

hostage, he or she, better be thin of stature or be able to obtain many dollars. Your

life depends on obtaining, in American dollars, the equivalence of your weight times

$1000. If your an American goes in Somalia you have to hire a small army to get around

and you don't want to start asking questions about what they think of America. What did

we do in Somalia. What do they expect ut of us and so on. It is the most dangerous

place in the world.

In a country where guns and violence are the standard everyone gets caught in the cross

fire. The civilians have abandoned their property and homes and are living as refugees.

There are hospitals located all over where the victims have been ghit by large caliper

gun fire and missing arms, legs, and many other major injuries and this is where some

of them stay because they are complete invalids dependent on medical assistance to

live. For example...people just driving in a car and minding their own business, can be

attacked at any time just because the gang wants to loot the

vehicle. Very dangerous place for sure. Women, children, men, there is no

descrimination on who is attacked and who is killed in the process. Some of the

Warlords are actually saying they are working on behalf of the Americans and if
someone is killed they always say Alquida did it.

The waters around Samolia are a haven for pirates and un-navigational by the weak at

heart. The ports can be shelled at any time by some warlord that thinks it should be

done. No actual reason. Just because. When you sre riding around the ports you could be

shelled by the Port Authority because they think you are the bad guy unless they find

out differently. Small vessals loaded with gun toting criminals are whats attacking the

ships and holding them for ransom. Death to these guys is not an issue.

Located in the coastal Benadir region on the Indian Ocean, Mogadishu, the nation's

capitol, in its present state is a time bomb just waiting to go off. Everywhere people

are toting guns, riding around in captured military vehicles and carrying captured

military weapons.It's nothing to see a child strapped with a M16 and a handful of money

captured from, God only knows who or where. Some areas are controlled by the "Islamic

Court" and other areas controlled by other groups.

The Horn Afric Media, Inc is the major news source in the area and this is a very

dangerous place to work. You might go to work and not go home. Four people in three

years has been killed while on the job. One woman reporter went to Afgooye to report

about a roadblock set up by taxi's because they were griping about some money that had

been taken by gangs while they were working and five minutes before her death she had

reported the issues on the radio then she was murdered. Since 1991 ten foreign

journalist have lost their lives in Somalia.

In 1992, Clinton's baby, the United spearheaded the United Nation Peacekeeping force to

humiliate themsleves by eventually losing two helicopters and other military craft and

got the hell out of there. There were not enough military sent in to get the job done

and it turned out to be a disaster. On October 4, 1993, American forces were finally
evacuated to Pakistan and 19 soldiers killed with 73 injured, afterwards one of our

dead was dragged through the streets of Mogadishu by crowds of local civilians and SNA

forces. And you thought Clinton did a good job! This was worse than what President

Carter tried in the middle East.

The agressiveness of the al-Shabab fighters has been attributed to the training

received from foreign fighters, veterans of the Iraq-Afghani conflict, who are to
blame for the two explosions in Mogadishu on August 21, 2010 killing a nu ber of


Why are the world governments worried about "Global Warming" and the like when issues

like this continue to exist. Al Gore's pockets are buldging with millions and the

United Nations is living it up in their plush hid-a-ways while these issues

consistantly go on. The people in Somalia want to exist. Someone needs to wake up.

Where is our "Kenya" President? I don't hear anything from Michelle about these kids starving,

getting raped and or murdered. Only that our kids are fat. Do you? We will talk about Kenya

next time my friends.

I love the US, believe in freedom of choice of how I spend my life. I do offer you a

better way of life by owning your own website and secondly, it is free my friends.

The uRL where you can grab a free 70 page, All Solution Website is:

Unlike those poor people in Somalia, we do have a choice. Make your now to set your goals

and reach them.


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