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Southeast Bexar County Awareness: Southside ISD Team -- Superintendent Ricardo Vela, a Ringer

Updated on June 5, 2015
Mr. Quebe, Mr. Rodriguez, Mr. Martinez, Ms. Lopez, Mr. Knapp, Dr. Juan Antonio Jasso
Mr. Quebe, Mr. Rodriguez, Mr. Martinez, Ms. Lopez, Mr. Knapp, Dr. Juan Antonio Jasso

No integrity on the Southside ISD board

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Little or no options for Superintendents Position

Southside ISD hired Dr. Juan Antonio Jasso to run the district. A job that he excelled in according to the history of Southside ISD's programs, vocational records and overall performance ratings.

The newly elected board saw fit to remove Dr. Jasso from the position and replace him with former employee, Ricardo Vela. Mr. Vela does not hold a degree in education, has only served in the capacity of finance at Southside ISD and Dripping Springs ISD to name a few. Since the removal of Dr. Jasso, Mr. Vela was hired as the Interim Superintendent and quickly given the position of Superintendent with over $200,000 in salary plus bonuses.

Interim Superintendent has no qualification in education. Former board member Lisa Salazar held same certificates.
Interim Superintendent has no qualification in education. Former board member Lisa Salazar held same certificates.

Who got to apply for the open position

The board had meetings to discuss the hiring of a permanent Superintendent. As a result, the position was posted on the Southside ISD website and could not find any other postings.

Past history has required the position of Superintendent to hold a Certificate of Superintendent training as required by law.

The board removed the stringent qualifications for the position to a Bachelor's degree and "knowledgeable" skills. It is the "requirements" that lead one to suspect that the board of trustees under the helm of President, Loren G. Brewer had already decided who they wanted and how to set it up to vote accordingly.


  • 15 years experience in public education
  • experience with Business and school finance
  • 3 or more years experience with Southside ISD.

The final requirement limits the applicant choices for the position. Outside applicants need not apply because they are excluded due to the final requirement by the Southside ISD board.

Other San Antonio School District Superintendent Qualifications:

San Antonio Independent School District Requirements:

  • 7 plus years in administration-leadership

  • valid Superintendent Certificate

  • Re-locate into the district or currently residing in the district

Northside Independent School District Requirements:

  • Superintendent Certificate
  • Live within the district
  • Educational background and degrees

South San Independent School District Requirements:

  • Masters degree in education
  • Superintendent Certificate
  • 5 years leadership experience in school administration

The one missing factor in the Southside ISD requirements is the certification and training that comes from having a Superintendent Certificate.

The qualifications that the "team" put forth for a Superintendent, lead the community to believe that the "team" did not want to hire a Superintendent that would rock the cradle, if you will, and continue in giving them sole power to run the district as they saw fit without accountability.

No longer on board

May 2015, the "team" of players that included all the members of the Southside ISD board, Brewer, Guzman, Cannon, Chavez, Wood, Rodriguez with the exception of the outcast, Sandoval, ran in a slate to hold on to the power of the board. The community had enough and voted five of them out by a record number of voters for that district.

The elected members took their oath on May 20, 2015 and worked swiftly to take control of the district and it's finances once again. Mr. Ricardo 'Richard" Vela was suspended indefinitely on June 4, 2015.

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