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Special 2017 Alabama Election: Roy Moore versus Doug Jones

Updated on December 7, 2017

Roy Moore

Roy Moore in July 2011
Roy Moore in July 2011 | Source

A Special Election in Alabama Dec. 12, 2017

The whole nation is watching as Alabama holds a special election for the Senate seat currently held by Luther Strange (R). Luther Strange was appointed by former Gov. Robert Bentley, who resigned from the office of Governor on April 10, 2017. Luther Strange ran against fellow Republicans Mo Brooks and Roy Moore, to win the GOP nomination. Ultimately Roy Moore won in the party run-off, and Mo Brooks backed Roy Moore because he was unhappy from all of the negative television ads paid for by Luther Strange.

Quick Recap of Former Governor Robert Bentley's Appointment

Before his resignation, former Governor Bentley awarded the Senate seat vacated by Jeff Sessions (R) to Luther Strange after Sessions accepted the position of Attorney General of the United States from Donald Trump. This appointment gave many citizens reason to believe that this appointment indicated corruption -- as the norm is to hold a special election to fill a vacated Senate seat. Shortly after appointing Luther Strange, Gov. Robert Bentley resigned after facing scrutiny from a "sex scandal" while serving as Governor. Kay Ivey was then appointed Governor in the state of Alabama.

The Candidates Roy Moore and Doug Jones

This Senate seat is being fought by candidates Roy Moore (R) and Doug Jones (D).

Doug Jones was a prosecutor that "brought Eric Rudolph to justice" according to his commercial.

Roy Moore was a judge, most known for his refusal to remove the 10 Commandments monument from the Alabama Supreme Court (a monument that he installed).

There is a third option - should you not like Roy Moore or Doug Jones - and that is ret. Colonel Lee Busby of Tuscaloosa, AL. He is running as the write in, but would serve as a Republican. Editor's comment: It is very unlikely that Lee Busby would get elected, given that he has very low name recognition in the state.

Roy Moore Accused of Sexual Misconduct

On Nov. 9, 4 women went to the Washington Post with allegations that Roy Moore "pursued them" as teenage girls. As of Dec. 7, 2017, there are 9 women that have now come forward with similar accusations. Source: Ponsot, Elizabeth. "These nine women have accused Roy Moore of sexual misconduct."

The timing could not be worse for Roy Moore supporters. When the allegations began, it was past the deadline for the GOP to replace Roy Moore with another candidate. Coincidence?

First Person Opinion: What do Alabamians Think?

As an Alabama resident, I hear on a daily basis what Alabama voters think, both Republicans and Democrats.

I have heard some Republicans say that they will not vote. But the staunch Republicans that do not believe the Roy Moore allegations that will go and vote.

I have heard some Democrats, and while against Roy Moore, they will also most likely not vote. I also see many more Doug Jones yard signs in my neighborhood, and have only seen one Roy Moore yard sign in my community.

Lastly, I have received numerous robocalls on a daily basis on my land line answering machine asking for my opinion. I have not taken any of these calls.

Disclaimer: This hub is not intended to endorse or show bias toward either candidate Roy Moore or Doug Jones.

FOX10 News Story on Doug Jones

Your Opinion: Roy Moore or Doug Jones

If given the option to vote, who would you choose?

See results

© 2017 Zack Love


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