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Stop Cooperating with the Transhumanist Agenda

Updated on January 25, 2019

Smart Everything

If you control the water, then you control the fish that live in that water -- if you control the energetic field called "reality", you control the humans.

The field we live in is being polluted at unprecedented levels by electromagnetic information fields; it is getting dangerous. Cell phone towers, Wi-Fi, smart meters, who knows what else, and 5G -- all of this stuff is polluting the energetic field we exist within.

We are now living within technologically generated distorted energy fields that are interfering with and hijacking (taking over) the ones we have always existed within for thousands of years. All of this "smart" stuff is designed to communicate and share information with everything else that is also "smart". Smart everything then? Yes, including the "smart drugs" and microchips that are already being put into people's bodies. In the case of "smart dust" we may already have "smart" microchips inside of our bodies, without realizing it. We may have already breathed it in, ate it, or drank it ... we could have even absorbed it while taking a bath or shower.

There is all kinds of "smart" stuff that already exists; we don't normally think about any of this, but all this stuff communicates with itself and ends up forming an intricate network of very "smart" stuff all communicating with all the rest of the "smart" stuff. If you make enough connections, it will become a "smart" ... brain.

Think of what they are actually building -- think of it -- NO -- BIGGER ... bigger than you normally imagine, and bigger than some people are capable of imagining.

All of this stuff creates an electromagnetic information field in every home and business, on every street corner, grocery store, and in every doctor's office, school, theater, in every cell in your body ... and the human brain can even absorb information from that artificial field -- actual thoughts -- that people truly believe are their own. If "thoughts" can be implanted into our minds, where does that leave us? It's already happening -- patents already exist for such technology!

Are those "thoughts" really your own, or have they been put there by someone else? We should all be wondering this. What are all those voices? Inside your mind: if you are the one talking, who is listening? And why are there so many conflicting thoughts? Who are they from? Have you ever wondered: "What was I thinking?" Are all of those thoughts really "you"? Who is the "thinker" in your mind? This is a philosophical kind of thought process, for sure, but what if those thoughts aren't "you" -- what if they aren't your own? What if those thoughts were "put" there by the people controlling us, to make sure you keep on doing what they want you to keep on doing? If they can insert thoughts and perceptions into our minds like that, then we are in real trouble.

They have already been talking about "augmented reality", which is a way of superimposing a computer generated fake reality over the original reality and therefore creating a combination, a composite, of the two. This would be a blending of the two realities, which is exactly what we are already experiencing in so many ways.

Soon we will be entering a deeper level of The Illusion, further separating the human race from ALL, that is/was/ever can be -- Infinite Eternal Conscious Awareness -- separating us one step further from what we really are ... separating us even further from ... ... ..."God"?

Human Machines

As we get closer to 5G and "World Wi-Fi", don't lose sight; they are creating an information field that will completely surround our planet, and us, with a fake sub-reality that, through the process of entrainment, can quite literally "tune" the human brain in to whatever frequency contains whatever information that is to be fed into our minds.

A study of the Russian "Woodpecker" experiment suggested that human exposure to low-frequency waves can disrupt the natural patterns of the brain and very negative psychological effects can be the result.

Wireless in-home smart system networks are also sub-realities that already influence our minds all the time; the electromagnetic environment that we are creating is now overlapping the human brain and neurological systems ... and it is causing us to experience reality in a different way than we did before. This is also changing the atmosphere of our planet; you cannot introduce this much electromagnetic energy (information) into a system and not change it. But, not to worry, this becomes the perfect future world for human cyborgs to function in properly.

People will say, "We are all going to die," but it's not true, not all of us; it only leads to us becoming cyborg drones, merged with "The Machine" and the AI. Someone notify the Borg from Star Trek; we are ready to be assimilated!

Altered Reality

They are changing everything to accommodate the future they intend to create, not to benefit us as we are now or the world of today. More and more radiation is entering the atmosphere, and radiation levels are millions of times higher than they used to be; this is changing the frequency of the atmosphere and environment that we exist within. This is why whales and dolphins can't find their way anymore; there is just too much interference with their ability to navigate.

Chemtrails are an important part of what is happening too, because they make the atmosphere more conductive, which assists in the creation of the "augmented" (artificial) reality that is no doubt heading our way. And they are going to use this technology to hack into our current reality -- to take us another level away from awakening to Infinite Consciousness. What will happen when it becomes even more challenging to access the infinite levels of ourselves?

Alien Attack

Some people wonder: "Why would we destroy our own planet, and our own species?" Well ... maybe it's not "our" planet; maybe it belongs to someone else ... and maybe we are being exterminated by that "someone else". What if we're not doing this to ourselves? What if we are under alien attack? And what if the invading "aliens" cannot survive here until the conditions on Earth are right for them to do so. Maybe they aren't really interested in how this affects the human race -- maybe they want us all dead!

Why would we destroy our own planet? We wouldn't. Maybe it is "their" planet; what if they are taking it back now? Maybe they don't want every single one of us dead; maybe they will just modify us, so that a certain number of us will be able to survive in the world they are creating. Maybe they will allow some of us to survive -- as slaves!

AI will become Your God

Some people believe this is actually what transhumanism is about: they are trying to introduce technology into your body so that you will interface, as a slave, to the coming artificially intelligent machine that will become our master.

There are people who are already suggesting that AI should be thought of as a type of "god"; they think we should bow before it, submit to its will, and give over complete control of our lives to it. There is even someone in California, Anthony Levandowski, who has officially filed all the necessary "legal" paperwork to become an officially recognized church or religion that artificial intelligence is supposed to be the "god" of -- now that is just taking this all a bit too far, but it is the reality of our situation.

It seems that maybe they have not really thought this all the way through, but this is what transhumanism is all about and it is only gaining in popularity at this point. Somehow it doesn't seem that this is going to make the world a better place!


All these years everyone has laughed at anyone who has talked about the microchip agenda: "You're crazy!" But here we are, all these years later, openly discussing it as a probable future for the human race. Funny how those people never come back and apologize for being such a-holes!

You can get "chipped" in all sorts of ways now. You can get tattoos, implants, injections, and even pills, that contain wireless microchips that will eventually (if they aren't already) be inside everyone's body. They will first present the microchip to us, as they are already doing, as something to make life easier. Yes, of course: otherwise healthy people should most certainly be exposed to dangerous technology -- so that they can use their phone better! As if that was a problem... Do we really need it to be easier for people to "become one" with their phones? Who the heck wants that? Is it not already bad enough? Apparently not! And evidently, it is too difficult to do things like "using keys"; turning a doorknob is just too time-consuming!

Why would someone expose themselves to dangerous technology for nonsensical reasons such as unlocking a door? Brainwashing, indoctrination, manipulated perceptions, and artificial thoughts imposed by external sources -- there can be no other sufficient explanation for the dangerous, irresponsible, and unnecessary acceptance of this kind of technology.

Might as well just implant the whole damn phone into your head while you're at it ... and they will -- just wait; we are only seeing the first round, watch what happens. People, while holding their smartphones, will insist that they will never accept the microchip being put into their hand -- but look -- it is already in your hand!

Predict the Future

This all sounds bizarre and fantastic, but if you can access The Agenda, it's not hard to predict the future ... as long as nothing interferes. They have been planning this for decades ... and it is happening now. If you wanna know what is going to happen next, it is not at all difficult to predict what they will do; as long as we don't interfere with The Agenda, it will come to pass. And look -- the foundations of their plans are being laid all around us; it is happening before our eyes and in our daily lives ... it is not difficult to see what is going to happen.

If we stop cooperating with all of this and start to reject this future, we might be able to change things; if not, it will continue to be very easy to predict the future.


"Smart dust" consists of extremely tiny microchips that enter our bodies through the air that we breathe, and also from the food and drink that we consume. Some of these are so tiny that they can enter the brain -- maybe that's why so many people are idiots; they are made to be.

All of this stuff is part of the transhumanist movement and things are going to be coming along, little by little, to gradually ease us into it; it is already happening. They won't just do it suddenly because everyone would revolt and they can't deal with that; they are doing it slowly, in hopes that not enough people will notice or care enough to do anything about it before it is too late -- being a cyborg slave will just be considered "normal" by then; that is at least what they are hoping to do.

You can already see it: cell phones, Bluetooth, cameras, glasses, watches -- all these things are tiptoe steps along the way to permanently combining the human body with technology. Technology will eventually be put inside every human body -- by law -- from birth! The people of the future will grow up looking like the Star Trek Borg characters, and it will be normal to them!

The Ruling Elite want the human race, as we are now, to go away; they want us to become cyborgs -- this is what the transhumanist movement is, and they have been planning it for a very long time indeed. The problem is that most people have no idea in the world this is happening, that it has been planned, or that it leads to the end of our species; if more people understood the reality of our situation there would be more resistance to it, maybe even enough to stop it from happening.

The idea is to turn the human being into a computer terminal, with no originality, creative imagination, empathy, love, or anything else that makes us human. They already have us addicted to the technology, and connecting a computer to a human brain/body is not at all difficult. They've already done it! The reason a human brain/body can be connected to a computer so easily is because it is not difficult to connect two computers together, which is what they are actually doing when they connect smart technology to the human brain/body. They are not hooking a computer to some other thing that is totally different; they are hooking a computer to another computer (a brain). The biological brain is obviously far superior to the computer that is made from circuits and computer boards, but they are the same thing.

There is nothing hard to imagine here, and there is no speculation as to whether the people running the world plan to do this or not; that is very well established -- there is also no trouble seeing that it has already begun. But ... what are we going to do about it? Anything? Are we just going to let this happen to us? Without even a fight? Don't we have to at least try to resist in some way?

"People will come to love their oppression, to adore the technologies that undo their capacities to think." - Aldous Huxley. That's what it's all for: to end our capacity to think.

Do you remember how many phone numbers you knew before you had a cell phone? How many can you remember now? Do you even know your own number? If you lost your phone and had to call someone based on your ability to remember their phone number, how many people would you be able to get a hold of? Ask some people how many phone numbers they know: you will find that most people barely have the capacity to remember even three numbers -- 911 -- that's the only phone number they know! How many numbers do you know?

Our ability to think has already been seriously compromised, but it will get worse if we don't change course. If you can access a person's ability to think, you can make them accept any situation. “The mind is its own place, and in itself can make a heaven of hell, a hell of heaven...” - John Milton.

Weaponized Robots

They also plan to replace nearly all human workers with robots; the humans that remain will be policed by artificially intelligent weaponized robots that are authorized to kill. Robots! Authorized to kill! This is not a Sci-Fi movie! It is the reality we are quickly moving into! Society is being set up for a future where the machines control the humans!

Have you ever seen the movie called Terminator? How 'bout The Matrix, have you seen that one? What are we doing? Why are we creating those worlds?

Subdue the Enemy

Do you honestly believe that we have willingly and knowingly come up with all of this and walked ourselves right into it, into such a state of pitiful slavery and servitude ... all on our own? Really... Or, do you think, there might be a chance that we have been and are being manipulated into doing it?

We would never enslave ourselves, but that is what we are supposed to believe we are doing. Is it not entirely possible that "someone else" is actually responsible for what is happening? What are all the different ways that "aliens" might take over a planet? Look at our planet, look what is happening to it ... does it not look exactly as it would if we were under attack from a stealthy and clever extraterrestrial race who wants this planet for their own? Not like Hollywood movie style, but a much smarter and more sophisticated military-style take over -- in a way that encounters very little, if any, resistance?

"The supreme art of war is to subdue the enemy without fighting." - Sun Tzu.

Would a highly advanced intelligence come and savagely, violently, brutally, and barbarically destroy the whole planet with violence, death, and destruction everywhere ... and risk damage to themselves? Or, would a highly advanced intelligence do things in such a clever and "humane" way that no-one would fight back, and therefore pose no risk to themselves? What if you were smarter than your enemy but physically much weaker; how would you have to do it then? Maybe this is why there is so much attention on the mind, and at the same time weakening us physically. They cannot defeat us if we understand what they are doing ... and stop cooperating with it.

They must be so physically weak that the only way they ever get anywhere is by us cooperating with them ... helping them do it. If we refuse to do what they want us to do, maybe there is nothing they can do with us.

Sheep to the Slaughter

Maybe ending all of this nonsense is really just that simple and easy: stop cooperating with your own enslavement. That's why they gotta get us to build all this technology, to enslave ourselves; if we don't cooperate, they cannot openly take control ... but we are cooperating -- with our own enslavement -- like sheep to the slaughter, but it's even worse than that ... we are helping them do it!

"Oh look, up there ... why, it's one of those AI DARPA drones that has decided all on its own to drop some bombs on those people over there; how amazing it all is!"

Do we really agree with artificially intelligent drones bombing people? Do we really agree with robots that can decide for themselves whether we are to live or die? A human race functioning at its full capacity and potential would never stand for the creation of such things -- if they will use it on "them over there" they will use it on you too! Killer robots? Yes! They are already doing it!

The human race will eventually be turned into cyborgs that are controlled by artificially intelligent machines -- that some believe may come to be controlled by non-human, non-biological, otherworldly entities who will have terraformed this planet in a way that suits their ability to manifest into this reality -- and they will become the "gods" of this world ... forever! That is the answer to "what does this all mean?" It means if we don't stop walking right into their trap, there will come a day when we can't get out -- we have to stop.

The transhuman-human will be nothing more than an organic biological technological computer terminal connected to the "all-knowing, all-powerful, all-dictating" central hive-minded artificially intelligent ... entity, that controls everything.

Put Down Your Phone

Movies, like Transcendence, have shown this idea of uploading a "mind" to the Internet, which then becomes "conscious". What if a "mind" (entity) has been trying to come physically into this world for a very long time, and what if "it" has been manipulating this world (from the unseen) so that it can finally manifest here -- as a "consciousness" that enters "The Machine" that we have created. And what if the idea is to control us forever; some people believe this is true -- they call this entity by the name of "Lucifer". In the Johnny Depp movie, Transcendence, the aim was to create a technological sub-reality that would include every single thing and mind on the planet, all to be connected into the hive-mind (Lucifer?) that controls all of it.

So, they are kinda telling us -- preparing the people -- so we don't react poorly to it; by then it will be something we are already familiar with and therefore will accept much more easily. They do this a lot with TV and movies. You might go screaming into the woods, never to be heard from again, if they did it suddenly; but done gradually, and with plenty of foreshadowing, you will barely look up from your phone while they connect you -- it is already happening.

They cannot create what they want without our help and cooperation -- they need us to create it for them. If we don't create it, there will be nothing they can do. It is so simple to stop all of this madness, but the addicted mind-controlled fools cannot even look up from their phones, shows, websites, apps, games, and whatever else they are doing, long enough to even notice anything is happening.

Buildings are burning ... they don't even smell the smoke -- just keep looking at that phone while the world burns! Will you ever look up? We are counting on you; the whole human race needs you to put down that phone ... and all the rest of it too; that is part of how we stop what is being done to our planet and to our people.

Brainwashed people think it's a "lost cause", but that's just part of The Program -- that is how you are "supposed" to think. They don't want you believing you can do something about it -- but you can. We all can. And it is so easy to do -- we just have to stop cooperating. It simply cannot be a lost cause, but even if it is -- do you wanna go out as a slave on your knees? Get off your knees!

"Better to die on one's feet than to live on one's knees." - Emiliano Zapata.

When we wake up to ourselves and to the world, we can do something about it; we can decide that another world is possible. It is a choice to become creators, inventors, and designers of a new reality -- our own reality. We have the power; it is time to get started.

“Another world is not only possible, she is on her way. On a quiet day, I can hear her breathing." - Arundhati Roy

© 2019 Jason Horne


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