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Gods' Wealth

Updated on April 5, 2011

A real, true pain, is a hangover

We swear not to drink again, ever.

No part of the body, acts correct

We will try to speak to God, direct.

Not even he will even listen

You become, almost to submission.

This will last almost through all the day

You forget this is the price you pay.

To enjoy your life, is never free

And God never said that it would be.

We do these things, on our own freewill

God never asks us to pay a bill.

God blessed us all, with our own device

Then left us The Bible, for advice.

Do not bother him, with your own sins

He is far too busy with other things.

So, hurt yourself, if you feel you must

But to hurt others, that would not be just.

Our own God loves us all equally

Though some, may call more frequently.

God gave us love, pleasure and pain

We must choose from which we will gain.

If you pray for others and not yourself

That is the way you will find Gods wealth


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