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THE SQUAD - An American's Awful Recap (7/21/2019)

Updated on July 20, 2019


This week started with the civil war going on inside the Democratic Party. Nancy has been very fickle when it comes to either her support or disgust for Alexandira Ocasio-Cortez and the fresh faces of the party. She attacked Cortez, then attacked the freshman, then called them out in a meeting.This led to Cortez getting triggered and now she’s calling Pelosi a racist. A little bit of a taste of her own medicine if you ask me due to all of the previous racist accusations she made to Republicans in the past.This led to congressional black caucus lashed back at Cortez, and started to defend Pelosi, I’m shocked they didn’t start calling her racist.

The Trump administration also pushed to end a lot of the protections given to migrants this past week. Migrants will have to stay in the first country they reach to seek asylum which makes logical sense. If they’re leaving a country as a refugee then why should they come only to the United States, could it be for other reasons, economic reasons?

Ayanna Pressley the forgotten side of the fresh faces also hopes in saying if you’re not a black leftist you should get out of the party, which is always great. There’s nothing like saying “I’m not a racist” to then attack your own race for not agreeing with you on certain issues.

This would’ve been an amazing week for Republicans, BUT Trump just had to ruin it. He went on to attack this fresh faces saying that they need to “go back to their country”. Funny thing is ¾ of them were born in the US. This is SO intensely stupid there’s apart of me that feels bad for Trump supporters for having to defend him in situations like these.

Now to be fair to Trump the fresh faces like Illhan Omar constantly says that America is an awful place, but what he said was absolutely zhenophobic and borderline racist.

Speaking of illhan omar she went onto to say Palestine is a peaceful place, tell that to Hamas officials that are calling to Palestians abroad to kill Jews. What a peaceful place.

ICE detention center was attacked this weekend too, the attack in Colorado finished with switching the American flag with the Mexican flag, I suppose the people attacking the center forgot what country they were in. Nothing says you’re proud to be an American more than replacing your own country flag.


Now the democrats simply had to not be crazy and they would’ve won this fight going on this week.Then they start to talk about impeachment.

Has everyone forgotten when Hillary Clinton did the basket of deplorables? Are we going to do the EXACT same thing expecting a different result? Do you really want Trump to win a second term that bad, that you are willing to screw over moderates in an attempt to push a more socialist agenda inside the party? This later culminated in all of the freshman Democrats refusing to condemn the ICE raids that happened during the weekend. You can disapprove of the camps in the southern border, ICE is a government agency, we should disapprove of an attack on any government agency. It is as if a Republican tried to raid the IRS, Democrats would go up in arms crying how evil it is.


Trump was out this week slamming the freshman democrats at a rally in North Carolina. a dark moment of the rally is when the crowd chants “send her back” about Ilhan Omar. He attacked Omar for Minimizing 9/11 and pushing for shorter sentences for ISIS MEMBERS.

More than two-thirds of those aware of the controversy, 68%, call Trump's tweets offensive. Among Republicans alone, 57% say they agree with tweets that told the congresswomen to go back to the countries "from which they came," and a third "strongly" agree with them.


House passes a bill to increase the federal minimum wage to $15 per hour. It’s questionable whether this will pass in the senate.

Trump condemned on Friday the chant send her back at his rally. He said he spoke out against it at the rally, but he didn’t really.

© 2019 Steven A Hall


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