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The Wars on America. Threats from within. They are here and they are real.

Updated on February 15, 2014

The constant tug of war

The people are in a constant tug of war with the corporate giants
The people are in a constant tug of war with the corporate giants | Source

Conspiracy theory - or the truth?

The threat from within

Conspiracy theory, terrorism, economic disasters - all real and present dangers to our world.

The war (on) America that is waged from (within).

It is here. It is real. It is happening now.

But who are the real enemies?

A frank look at politics in 2012 and beyond; and the disastrous aftermath of a Presidential election that changed nothing.

Make no mistake, my friends, there is a war going on inside of America and it is effecting every nation around the globe.

NO. It is not a war on terrorism, as we think about what is going on around the world today.

NO. It is not a war on homosexuality, as the fanatical right wingers would like you to think.

NO. It is not a war on religion, as the fanatical religious zealots would have you think.

Although these are real concerns, they are only being used as diversions from the truth.

The real war in America is the onslaught of devastation on the economy, the middle class and our very way of life.

The destruction of the American dream.

Headquarters of the Regime

Federal Hall and Wall Street
Federal Hall and Wall Street | Source

The collapse of America

The real enemies

A 'one sided assault' is being waged by Wall Street, Corporate America, and the wealthy.

The 'elite' that holds itself above the law of the people.

Those who make their own laws when current ones do not suit their purposes.

And the "elected" government politicians who carry them out for them.

Their war is against anyone who would threaten their control of the economy, the financial world, the government, the truth, and progression itself.

Wars on Americans

truth tellers are now criminals
truth tellers are now criminals | Source
No privacy for private citizens
No privacy for private citizens

Is this just a scare tactic by the Right wing?

The wars being waged

This attack on America is not as overtly visible, or as tangible, as one would expect a war to be.

It has become quotidian in our every day lives.

It is so insidiously established we are simply considering it an 'unavoidable fact of life' that we must accept, live with, and have little or no control over.

Its tangent has been progressively planned and executed by those who consider themselves to be the "elite few" who control the puppet strings of humanity.

The "out of control" fight between the left and the right, is not a fight between ideological based groups who view this dilemma as merely a vast irreconcilable contrast between conservative and progressive ideas.

The rich and the powerful do not care about our religious, or philosophical ideas, or beliefs.

They have no vested interest in the debate about what the bible, or any other religious book, means, or intends to portray; or any moral impact they have on our society.

They use the uneducated societal fringes to their own ends.

They 'buy' what they need to fulfill their own agenda.

They use people (politicians) like marionettes on a string, or like 'muppets', to speak their words for them as they make the puppets move with their proverbial hands/arms stuck up their butts.

Diversions of inane discussions of good versus evil takes the limelight off themselves. They work 'behind the scenes' - they are the virtual hand/arm of the puppet masters.

They have two major victories to be proudest of:

1. The purchase of the loyalty of the supreme court that gave corporations individual 'status' and therefore the camouflage to conceal their true intent.

2. The total infiltration of the republican party to give them voice to distract by using any means they can to offset their true enemies: the progressive, or so called 'liberals' , who want no part of their deceit, and the educated who see what they are actually doing.

The solution IS mass resistance


The Resistance - The Solution

It is common knowledge that the least educated people are the most religious. The most vulnerable. The easiest to be manipulated.

This knowledge is exploited to the fullest by the controllers.

Progress and education are the greatest enemies to the Wall Street controllers.

Their guise to simulate the "customary mode of behavior, or speaking" based on moral grounds is wearing mighty thin. And must be seen for what it is; and adamantly resisted by the public.

Fighting progression and denying equal rights is the last stand for these greedy bastards.

(the term bastards here is not meant as a swear word - I cannot think of a more appropriate word at this time, to describe 'something that is spurious, irregular, inferior, or of questionable origin" ).

Hiding the truth will prevail for a while longer, but sooner or later the pawns that they use to further their agenda will fall along the wayside, hopefully by exposure to the truths of reality, and in the light of day.

But will that final exposure be too late to spare the American people irreparable damages from the onslaught they are currently afflicting upon us?

We can only pray, and fervently hope, it is not already too late.

by: d.william 01/02/11

3 minutes to tell you that America is NOT the greatest country in the world anymore. (Great video - contains adult language)

© 2011 d.william


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