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Religious Fear in our Hearts. Strictly for Profit.

Updated on February 10, 2018

Exploiting religion

Strictly for profit

Should people be forced to live their lives in fear, ignorance, and the threat of eternal punishment so that religion can prosper?

Are these emotions really necessary to keep people "in line" all their lives?

Does religion go too far in controlling our lives?

Does religion really deserve this freedom to brainwash our kids?

The exploitation of our Creator for profit has gone unchallenged for far too long. This is a sin against our Creator and a sin against humanity itself.

I am neither a prophet, nor a seer; nor do i hear voices or hallucinate. But I will admit that i have found enlightenment through thought and through prayer. By prayer, i do not mean the conventional prayers of repetition, but through deep pragmatic sanction directly from the one that we call Creator. This is not a special gift bestowed upon me - it is universal and available to all that ask and believe in him. (I will refer to the Creator as 'The One' instead of putting false human gender attributes to denote its being).

The Creator is also not the 'god' of religion that you have been taught to worship, adore, and fear throughout the history of religion A.D. [and i use this time line only to denote the time frame of the exploitation of, and by, today's religious standards].

If you have read any history of modern day religions, you will have discovered by now, that Jesus was merely a man with a vision; ahead of his time, and aware of this connection to the universal creative forces. He was indeed a political rebel and knew (saw)(understood) how humanity was slipping away from the Creator and into the hands of the oppressors.

What Jesus stood for is still alive today but not through what religions have become by default.

Religions - including those that push 'Christianity' as the only way to heaven have been deceiving us for generation after generation, all the while raking in big profits and instilling fear and hatred to maintain their control over the masses.


choosing a person direction
choosing a person direction | Source

Knowing right from wrong

Man does not need an intermediary to know right from wrong, or another human being to give absolution for pay. The Creator gives us all absolution - for free !! Have a pure heart, without hatred, prejudices, intolerance and you will need no assistance to "pray" or "pay" your way into your conceived 'heaven'.

Enlightenment is not your enemy. Your continued beliefs based on fear and retribution are the enemies of all humans.

Those who profit from peddling "religion" are the ones who have instilled that "Fear in our Hearts" for no other reason than to have that 'control' over your life and your very soul. You alone are the guardian of that life and soul. Sinning on Saturday and praying for forgiveness on Sunday is not a very convincing apology for 'sinning'.

And while we are at it, let's look at the concept of "sinning". [Sin, by definition is: an offense against religious or moral law. A transgression of the law of god.]. Religion or moral laws - man made laws, man made rules. We do not need a religious emissary to tell us what is, or is not, a bad thing to commit. And what you believe to be a sin is only a sin for you. You cannot judge another person based on your limited perceptions of right or wrong. Religion has defined their ideas of sin for you without your input; without your consent. And you have accepted this as truth because? Because they speak for the Creator? Because they need to control us with threats of punishment by the Creator? Or to instill that all controlling "fear in our hearts" ?.

I think we all know the answers to those questions, but it is way easier being a lamb than a leader. A sheep for a shepherd to herd. The problem with turning that power and control over to a stranger - a wolf in sheep's clothing - you do not foresee the end of the road when those shepherds are leading you to the metaphorical slaughter. [Sort of takes the responsibility for our own actions off of us in a perverted sort of way]

We need to stop empowering others to pave the way to salvation for us. We are still responsible for our own destinies and it would be so much more enjoyable a journey to be your own master and your own guide. Trust yourself in knowing what is right or wrong for yourself and stop trying to direct the traffic flow of other peoples' lives when you can't even drive your own, on you own.

Get rid of that "fear in your heart" and let cosmic peace in - you will surely find it more rewarding when you realize that paying your way to salvation is only paying the way to a life of luxury for those that constantly affirm and enforce that "FEAR IN YOUR HEART".

Rules to live by

A few simple rules to live by that will provide us with inner peace and harmony:

  • Walk with the Creator of the Universe and not the god of base and corrupt religion.
  • Enjoy life, and love unconditionally.
  • Forgive others their trespasses against you - not revenge for what you perceive to be a wrong against you.
  • Accept everyone for who they are - individuals - not what you think they should be.
  • Be more concerned with the wrongs that you do to others, not what wrongs you think someone else is doing.
  • We as individuals are NOT the directors of the lives of others on this "theatrical stage of humanity".
  • Be more concerned about what comes out of your mouth than what goes in it.
  • We are ALL just 'passing through' this lifetime and need to pay attention to what we do while here, not what others are doing.
  • If our hearts are filled with love and forgiveness, there will be no more room for hatred and guilt in the world and this unnecessary "fear in our hearts".

by: d.william 03/18/11

Ship of fools

© 2011 d.william


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